Britney Spears Work Bitch
Britney Spears’ upcoming eighth studio album has been touted by whoever runs her Twitter account as her “most personal album ever,” which is a pretty big call to make if you’ve ever heard Circus.

Released back in 2008 as Britney’s first post-breakdown album, Circus bravely addressed all the drama we’d seen play out in the tabloids over two relentless years. We got to hear from Britney the mother, the performer, the scorned lover, the paparazzi magnet, the troubled party animal, the emotionally-unavailable damaged goods, the emotionally-available damaged goods, the commanding sex kitten, and I’m not even going to try and figure out what she was trying to tell us with “Mmm Papi.”

But people don’t really care about Britney the human unless it’s a characterization in Us Weekly, so on her last album, Femme Fatale, we got the version of Britney that the majority deems acceptable: The no mess, no fuss Britney — the hot blonde with the sexy songs and little else. Femme Fatale was a collection of catchy come-ons and party anthems set to safe but still cutting-edge EDM. On the surface, Blackout –arguably one of the best pop albums of the past decade– can be described the same way, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the devil lurking beneath the Danja beats. Blackout murdered Britney Spears, dumped the body in an old railroad car, and replaced her with Laura Palmer. The one-dimensional Femme Fatale is more like a beautiful fuck buddy who gives great head but offers little in the way of interesting conversation.

So, it’s a shame to see that the soulless spirit of Femme Fatale is still very much alive on Britney’s new single, “Work Bitch.” The EDM thumper was produced by and the same guy who did Nicole Scherzinger’s “Boomerang”: the good news is that it doesn’t sound like “Boomerang”; but the bad news is that it does sound like

Let me explain this a bit better with a few different examples of what kind of song “Work Bitch” is.


Madonna MDNA

Imagine Madonna’s abysmal MDNA album, but not total crap. Like, a really hot version that you actually want to put on your gym playlist and run on the treadmill to.


2NE1 Gif

If 2NE1 ever ends up releasing that English-language album with that they’ve been talking about for the past ten years, the first single will probably sound like “Work Bitch,” except with an actual chorus — because if there’s one thing K-pop acts are good at, it’s hooks upon hooks upon hooks.

Paris Hilton & Heidi Montag

Paris Hilton GIF

If you’re objective, gay, a lil’ trashy, and under the age of 35, then you’ll probably agree that Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton’s debut albums are great pop records. (Most people prefer Paris, but Superficial is king for me because I view it as accidental art and an unintentional concept record on modern youth culture, but now isn’t the time to get into all that.) Because Paris and Heidi are reality TV stars and not pop stars, we don’t hold them to the same standards as the likes of Katy, Gaga, and Rihanna, so it’s much easier to be impressed when they release music. If either Paris or Heidi released “Work Bitch,” it’d be a 5/5 triumph in manufactured dance-pop and we’d all say things like, “Paris’ new single is better than Katy’s!” (Especially considering just how much “Work Bitch” sounds like it belongs on Paris’ upcoming EDM-driven sophomore album.)

But when it comes to someone like Britney –who has given us some of the greatest pop music ever made– the bar is set much higher. What’s excellent for Paris Hilton isn’t necessarily excellent for Britney Spears, because Britney is supposed to give you that extra something that just any bitch with a reality show cannot. “Hold It Against Me” wasn’t “Bohemian Rhapsody” or even “Umbrella,” but it did at least introduce the concept of the intrusive brostep breakdown into popular music. How many songs can you say started an entire trend like that? Not many! As for “Work Bitch,” it doesn’t deliver anything beyond something for queens and their drunken fag hags to lip sync to at the club — which would be perfectly acceptable for a second or third single, but as a lead single from the legendary Ms. Britney Spears, it’s a let down.

Luciana etc.

Luciana Gif

“Work Bitch” is the kind of thing that Luciana might release, except she’d shout every word. The whole thing feels very “for the clubs.” Considering how innovative –or at least, right on trend– Britney’s past music has been, it’s sad to hear her doing such an EDM-heavy record at a time when the sound is dying out in America. That brings me back to the Paris and Heidi point above: ‘Work Bitch” is perfect for any professional dance artist, reality TV star-turned-singer, or washed-up pop diva banking on her gay fanbase to sell a few records (Madonna, Cher), but Britney’s still too big and relevant to be singing something like this. At least, I thought she was.

Scream & Shout

Scream & Shout

“Work Bitch” obviously has differences to “Scream & Shout,” but they’re still both dance records with mindless lyrics sung in British accents. On the bright side, “Scream & Shout” was only good during Britney’s parts, and since “Work Bitch” is all Britney’s parts, that makes it pretty damn good. Right?

Femme Fatale: The Complete Contraption

Hold It Against Me GIF

If Femme Fatale was re-released in 2012, “Work Bitch” would be the lead single. It would also fit the role of the “Do Somethin'” on Godney’s next greatest hits compilation.

Overall, “Work Bitch” feels like the final nail in the coffin of “old Britney,” who probably would’ve put out a timeless EDM record like “And Then We Kiss” instead.  That’s okay because it seems to be what most people want from her these days, but it’s disappointing that nobody really has any faith that Britney’s actually better than this. The Holy Spearit’s now like the corpse of a once fascinating pop star who gets dolled up by a mortification and then wheeled out for show and tell with a “fierce” song playing in the background, before being taken back to her dank tomb until it’s time for the next public performance. It’s both sad and boring.

Still, “Work Bitch” is one hell of a club banger, isn’t it?

Score: 3/5

P.S. Sweet and charming “Ooh La La” recorded for Britney’s beautiful kids >>>> “Work Bitch” recorded for trashy drunk bitches.

  • maximilla

    My score: 0. Total disappointment!!!

  • Guest

    YAYYYYY!! Proph prefer Applause to Work Bitch.

    That means it’s going to sell well! Everything Proph like flops. So i dont mind the hating.

    • That’s right <3

      My taste is too good for the mainstream hoes <3 My fave album of 2012 was Fiona Apple's Idler Wheel and I think it only sold like 100k or something LOL. And I bought it twice!

      • Lin Misfits

        Or maybe it means you have bad taste in music :P

        • No. The Idler Wheel was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of last year. “Roar” is currently the biggest song in America and it’s the most empty vapid piece of soulless shit.

          • Lin Misfits

            haha yeah, just messing with you Jacques <3

          • Khalifa BinSobeih

            one word: nonconformist bitch. ok two words.

      • GrannieBey

        What? I didn’t know Jacques liked everything Beyonce shat out after Single Ladies…

      • twerkdol


  • Legend X

    I agree that the song isnt groundbreaking, but it’s a great song, it has a lot of personality, and it’s not a “typical club song” in terms of its content. It’s literally about working to get what you want.

    I honestly think you’re being a little bit hyperbolic with those last statements,not all of Britney’s lead singles have been innovative IE: Womanizer and MATM and they largely followed trends because Britney needed a safe song. She needs another safe song now before she releases another Toxic, or Circus.

    • I don’t think MATM is that safe actually, I think it’s one of her songs that’s really underrated and underappreciated.

      You can spin it however you want with the lyrics but it’s still a typical club song to me. All people are gonna hear when it plays at the club or on the radio is, “work bitch…hot…work bitch…maserati…work work work work.”

      I don’t mind safe songs but I think people like Britney and Katy Perry are much better than the safe songs they have been releasing lately. HIAM was safe, but still very innovative.

      • Legend X

        I think you forget what the music climate in 2003 was, it was pretty much tailored to that hip hop market and “Toxic” was the actual innovative song.

        Yes , WB is safe in terms of production but it’s still a lot less of an obvious choice as a single as say roar or applause. Don’t count Britney out yet jacques! It’d simply be unfair to

        • I remember the climate and I agree Toxic was much more innovative but I still think MATM was with it’s complex drum patterns and back and forth between Britney and Madonna. That song is like Circus in that it didn’t get the love it deserved at all (although most of the Circus hate was from fans who said it’s boring and safe when it’s the opposite).

          I like Applause much better (ewwwwwwwww can’t believe I’m saying this) because the chorus is so addictive and fun, and the lyrics are a bit more interesting. When I hear “Work Bitch” I just think “yeah it’s a hot song” but I don’t feel blown away or anything like I normally would by a Britney song. But yeah, it obviously SHITS on “Roar,” which is the worst dullest thing.

          I’m looking forward to Britney’s new album because it’ll be fun catchy songs for the gym like Femme Fatale, but I don’t connect to her music any longer on a personal level like I used to. The old albums has more personality and charm. The new stuff is more like great dance music but nothing else…

          • Legend X

            I honestly don’t think her album is going to sound like what you think it is, and like Womanizer and MATM totally unrepresentative of the whole feel of their respective album. I know it sucks that her music or maybe her singles don’t speak to you as much anymore, but album eight is going to surprise you IMHO.

            Like I said, don’t count Britney out because she’s always been surprising.

  • Tanay Tiwary

    Say what you want, it’ll still top the charts and I’m gonna go dance my butt off to it in London tonight <3

  • TomLK89

    Honestly, it took a while but now I’m completely in love with it. I also strongly disagree that this is a safe choice because it hits incredibly hard. This, to me, is one of those songs that will either be massive or her Run This World. There simply is no inbetween.

    • Lin Misfits

      Agreed. I’m still not loving it, but the people on Tumblr and Twitter that I follow are completely slayed by it and they can’t contain their excitement. It may be because they’re bias fans, but they do genuinely seem to love it.

  • byoing~byoing.

    “Work Bitch” is a bubbling, popping and interesting piece of dance-pop that doesn’t really follow conventional means of the genre (looking at you, Katy).

    My problem with it is the ‘speak singing’ and the obvious ‘’ in the song. Will.I.Am is the worst thing about modern music. THERE I SAID IT. The other problem I have with it is that it’s not “her most personal work ever.” Seriously, ‘Hold It Against Me’ >> for personality in a video clip anyway. That being said, I’m looking forward to Drugney doing some half-ass kicks and some amazing jazz hands:

    That being said, “Work Bitch” is a mold breaker, like I said. It’s everywhere at once, yet it’s a straight forward track. To quote: “It sounds like both everything and nothing on the radio — it’s an EDM innovation.”

    She probably won’t outsell Katy, but regardless she’ll always be viewed as the princess of current pop music and this just reaffirms her position on the throne and another gem in her everlasting crown.

  • Jason

    This is the first time Britney disappointed me with a first single. Nothing in the song made my jaw drop like the dubstep breakdown in HIAM. This will probably smash as hard as Scram and Shit. So far, the only pop girl who delivered this year is ironically Milegend Cyrus. Fuck, thought he’d step it up for the Kween.

    • I completely agree! I didn’t expect this song as a first single…. especially since William Orbit has done a couple for her… I guess we should’ve known Will would put his collaboration out first. I don’t hate the song, but I agree, I was sooo much happier with ‘Hold It Against Me’

      and I REALLY hate to admit it, but you’re right about Miley Cyrus. She’s about the only one who’s actually done something totally out there and different. She may bug the hell out of me, but i’ll admit she’s got my interest peaked

  • Burk Kyler

    Britney being relevant for the past 14 years (we talking every year) is a blessing and a curse, because she can’t stay away from the industry, because of the “powers that be” won’t stop the money train.

    This is great for the fans because with every new single, every new album there is this sliver of hope that we would see the great Britney that once was. Blackout was the turning point… I honestly would rather no music than lifeless Britney making the employment anthem of 2013… either way the song is still go



    • byoing~byoing.

      Uh… honey, there was no negativity, just facts. An objective look at pop music is what Jacques has always done and that’s why anyone with common sense likes it that way. If you blindly lapped up all the mediocrity a lot of pop artists spat out like half chewed gristle, you wouldn’t be expecting more and we’d be living in a plastic, bland world of music.

      • Legend X

        There’s no way to be objective about music, that’s a stupid comment. That’s the whole point of reviews, to be subjective and give your opinion. There is an obvious difference between blatantly biased and being a flat out hater, and in this review Jacques is about as objective as he can get for this.

        • byoing~byoing.

          When used as an adjective, I feel objective is a suitable word to use. No need to hate on my use of adjectives gurl. I could say ‘IT’S HIS OPINION, DEAL WID IT U H9R’ but I like to keep my rebuttals slightly out of the gutter like certain CD sales by certain artists.

          • Legend X

            No need to Bring up X, keep it cute.

  • Ich

    undeniable monster of a song

  • Guest

    This doesn’t sound like anything you say, thanks that I do a deep research before like 7 months ago that I did trying to found some influence of EDM music and rave stuff, I found myself with Swedish House Mafia and their song “Greyhound”, now listen to that song and listen to “Work Bitch” the fucking song is like a remix of the SHM song, which for me isn’t bad at all cause I actually like that song, it came to my mind when I remembered that two of the guys os that trio where rumored to be part of the co-workers on the song, after the 2nd listen I read that and I was like “WAIT A FUCKING SECOND…THIS IS A REMIX OF GREYHOUND OMG” it was like a sudden that came clear, if they aren’t collaborators (like one of them say, they didn’t work on that song), maybe Will.I.Am actually give them credit or he just copycating the thing, I don’t know, but I think is hot, not for first single, maybe as a fill up like “Mannequin” was or something, but for first single, it would hard to “work bitch” but since is her, people are going to eat it.

    PD:In case that any of you guys don’t know the song I’m talking about:

  • Andrew Rod

    This doesn’t sound like anything you say, thanks that I do a deep research that I did before like 7 months ago that trying to found some influence of EDM music and rave stuff, I found myself with Swedish House Mafia and their song “Greyhound”, now listen to that song and listen to “Work Bitch” the fucking song is like a remix of the SHM song, which for me isn’t bad at all cause I actually like that song, it came to my mind when I remembered that two of the guys os that trio where rumored to be part of the co-workers on the song, after the 2nd listen I read that and I was like “WAIT A FUCKING SECOND…THIS IS A REMIX OF GREYHOUND OMG” it was like a sudden that came clear, if they aren’t collaborators (like one of them say, they didn’t work on that song), maybe Will.I.Am actually give them credit or he just copycating the thing, I don’t know, but I think is hot, not for first single, maybe as a fill up like “Mannequin” was or something, but for first single, it would hard to “work bitch” but since is her, people are going to eat it.

    PD: In case that any of you guys don’t know the song I’m talking about, take a listen:

    • Josh Chinnery

      I see is on that plagiarism game again

      • FreakyFlyBri

        No, no he isn’t…a member of the SHM team actually had a hand in producing this. It’s right there in the writing/production credits that Britney tweeted a few days ago.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Twas a joke, my friend. Please, calm down.

          • FreakyFlyBri

            Looool at you for thinking I was bent up out of shape over that…simply correcting your fallacious statement, that’s all. :D

  • Josh Chinnery

    I have no love for this song; plain and simple

  • LizzyG

    Did that just happen to my ears?

    • LizzyG

      I’m mad that I was actually excited about this.. I knew in the back of my mind that nothing good would come of Britney working with Will. All I can hope for now is that she actually does dance her ass off in the video like she said she was doing – somehow redeem herself.. but I know I’m fooling myself there.

  • I hope that doesn’t do for Britney what he did for Cheryl Cole. She had so much potential and we got songs about floods ‘n’ shit.

  • UncleFan

    I like it. I listened to it several times while exercising today, and I’m still not sick of it. Having said that, it’s time for people to face reality: Miley Cyrus is the new shit, and she’s making everybody else look old and slow. Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez are Queen Miley’s competition, not old timers like Britney.

  • misterpolo

    Love it… better than Womanizer or that one where madonna was tacked on in the end. The video will make or break the song…with a title like that, her interpretive arm wave dancing won’t cut it.

  • SerferTJ

    I agree with all the comparisons, but for me it’s more like if you took the dance break-down of Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been”, looped it 300 times, and just talk-sang over it.

    It’s fun, but the song goes NOWHERE after the first minute. It’s so damn one-note and done-before.
    But the Queens will eat this up and it will sell like crazy, which is all it needs to do.

    • Akie_Of_Winterfell

      Stay pressed while this song is slaying everyone and your flop faves struggles to break the Hot 100.

      • SerferTJ

        I’m not pressed, it’s just not that good.
        I don’t care if this song sells more than X-Tina’s and Avril’s entire combined discography, it doesn’t make the song any better.
        I’m really not the kind of person who’s just gonna like something cuz everyone else is buying it.
        “If everyone else jumped off a bridge…”

        • Akie_Of_Winterfell

          However this song shits on Avril’s 2 flopped singles already. So there’s that.

          • Maybe to you but others can disagree including me.

          • Avril can sing. So can Brit… Oh, wait.

      • Slays? Gurl Miley Cyrus is still selling more.

  • cde

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts of Britney. This is the nail in the
    coffin for me to ever expect a deep introspective thought provoking
    self reflecting piece of music from the artist that is Britney Spears.
    She was always closer to a producers vessel for me. A commodity. A product. Made by and for the masses. But after her breakdown and fall to pieces
    as far as her craft she is a literally a shell unwilling or unable to
    express any shred of humanity in her work.I don’t know which anymore?

    This is a vapid piece of
    sound that literally could be anyone person talking into a microphone in
    a million dollar studio.

    This is why pop music gets a bad rap. This is not pop. Pop does not
    mean soulless, vapid, empty, glossed over at least not all the time. And I’m all for vapid glossed over, generic if the artist at hand is self aware enough and decides to create such a tune. Does Britney have a hand in creating anything she does? Has she ever? Or does she just walk into the studio get handed a demo tape and copies her voice to the sound? This music is as generic and
    Photoshopped as that damn single cover. So sad indeed

    • Legend X

      Laughing at you, how are you getting so worked up over something as trivial as Britney Spears and pop music? Chill, bro.

      • cde

        Worked up? never? Just spilling the true tea

    • DJacob

      It’s getting annoying hearing people say they want a personal album and personal lyrics from Britney. She is the queen of pop music and doesn’t take everything so serious, her music has always been vapid and fun and that’s why we love her.

  • cde

    I hope this is a leaked unmastered demo cause I couldn;t get through the whole song it sounds BASIC in every way. I feel the same way Britney poses on that cover. Tired. Unbothered.Unfazed. uninterested. Over and done with it. Where is the exit. #I’mBooked

  • Lee James

    This is weird. Sheep can’t normally talk.

  • ICONI3

    You know, when I first saw the single cover I didn’t understand why they made her look so bored. Now after hearing “Work bitch” I get it now.

    Britney Spears, the popstar who once had a pure passion for music has died. What we see now is just dolled up remains of what was once human. All Britney cares about is loving her children. I feel so bad for her because I honestly believe her handlers forced that vegas gig on her.

    As for the song..I hated it when it first leaked, but the official version makes me like it a little more.

    • Legend X

      I hate when people make asinine, uninformed, and unintelligent comments such as these. She’s been wanting to do Vegas since 2005, there are the receipts, and even tried to do one in 2007, 2008. She’s not being forced to do anything and has been busting her ass all year. Don’t talk shit without even knowing what you’re talking about.

      • ICONI3

        Oh yeah because an almost 10 year old statement is really relevant in 2013. Britney clearly ain’t the same Britney from 2005. I guess she really wanted to do the xfactor too which is why she always looked as if she was ready to fall out at the judging panel.

        You can call me a hater if you want, but Britney clearly isn’t running the show.

        • Legend X

          You honestly think her team would want her to go to Vegas when they could get her to go on a world tour? Use your fucking brain. She’s clearly doing it for her kids because Vegas is less than an hour away from her kids and like I mentioned before she tried to do residencies in 2007 and 2008. Continue being ignorant and dramatic though.

          • ICONI3

            What’s dramatic is you wasted your time searching up an old stale receipt. Point is Britney isn’t as passionate about her career as she once was. If it was up to Britney I doubt she would go tour or Vegas period. At this point Britney is only still in the industry because her team won’t let her leave. Stop being in denial hun.

            The end.

  • Thanks for telling the truth unlike the heads up their ass American bloggers who will stan for anything she puts out and review it like she is Godney, she didn’t bring it and that is fact!

    • Legend X

      It’s an opinion can dislike the song but dont present your thoughts as fact, thanks :)

  • Kokokaykay

    DEATH. You’re doing a bit too much stretching with Circus as a personal albums. This song is hot though.

    • It is and people don’t give it credit. If you listen to the lyrics almost every song relates to her life and the things she went through during the breakdown years.

  • Adam

    I just don’t get how anybody could prefer the soulless HIAM over this song? I prefer this to both Womanizer and HIAM personally. I haven’t liked a song instantly in a long time, and have not really been interested in anyone this year other that Ariana and Mariah. But Britney has brought out a banger of a tune filled with more personality than any single post Blackout.

    I get that not everyone will like it, I just can’t agree with your critiques at all. The points you make to criticise it are completely opposite to my own main points I love it. It’s unique, it’s progression, it’s attitude, it’s in your face, it’s everything a lead Britney Spears single hasn’t been for years.

    • These are actually unique arguments… I still agree with Jacques that the song is far beneath what Brit should be releasing, but I completely see your point of this being the most off the wall, ballsy first single she’s released in a LONG time. I mean, ‘Womanizer’ was great for me…. ‘Hold It Against Me’ was soooo much better (In my opinion), but ‘Work Bitch’ is definitely a different, and much more aggressive lead for her.

  • iAmAwesome

    Lol, everyone but people in this site seem to love it, hmmmm?

    • SerferTJ

      A Britney fan…trying to call some one else a mindless sheep?

      If anything, doesn’t being the few people who aren’t immediately like
      makes us the black sheep of the pack???

      The commenters on this blog usually provide a lot more unique and realistic opinions than most pop blog commenters. That’s why people actually have discussions here, as apposed to attacking people for not having the same ideas.
      You can save this sheep gif for MuuMuse or ThatPruneDrank…

      • iAmAwesome

        Omg a xtuna fan trying to call me out when they were just praising Bionic as to be this hidden diamond in the dirt. I won’t even entertain that, you’re not eligible. ✋

        But please, Jaques could claim Lindsay is the new Elizabeth Taylor and you guys won’t even say shit. Not that I have any problems with you guys not licking it, it is what it is. It’s just been an observation of this blog I’ve had for a while.

        Lol, I don’t know those blogs so I can’t answer for them.

        • SerferTJ

          lol, but I never said Bionic was flawless or anything. I just genuinely think Bionic was a very risky and interesting album with SEVERAL great tracks on it.
          The problem is that she released NMT first, and that song just wasn’t that good, and she didn’t have a good radio-ready 2nd single to follow up with. Then people didn’t even bother to actually listen to the album before they wrote it off as terrible or whatever cuz the sheep of pop music already decided they hated her cuz X-Tina’s “so mean” and “trying to be like GaGa”.
          Not the best album, but not as “bad” as people pretend it is.

          And with all these lengthy comments in this post alone, It’s safe to say people actually have opinions and reasoning to back em up. Both agreeing and disagreeing.
          We some free B*tches Baby! #PhuckDaPhlock #WeBadYouMad?

          • Legend X

            You need to stop embarrassing Xtina fans, seriously. Not all of us are as vicious and delusional as you.

          • Haha stop fighting with @SerferTJ:disqus. You’re both good and rational people and you’ve both made some really fair points.

          • iAmAwesome

            It’s okay bb, I can separate the good ones from the bad ones. He’s just so easy to tease tho lol (no hate intended, but he keeps coming for godney)

          • You still call her Godney after this? I’d say she’s losing her almighty crown. Let’s hope the rest of Album 8 isn’t will-i-am phucked.

          • iAmAwesome

            Hell yeah! She single handely is reviving the economy by sending all your faves back to work!

          • SerferTJ

            I’m not even gonna bother arguing with u, cuz us few X-Tina Fighters need to RISE UP and bond together.
            Lighten up hun. It’s just a blog. It’s supposed to be fun! :)


          • iAmAwesome

            LMAO! this is what I’m not gonna do. I’m not gonna sit here and read your thesis essay analysis for why a flop album flopped! But you keep your blindfolds on if it helps you sleep better.

            Now get to work bitch!

          • SerferTJ

            I mean that’s cool, you don’t have to read it.
            Just don’t forecast my opinion on something, cuz I never said Bionic was some diamond. LOL

            Buenas noches tho.Besos

          • iAmAwesome

            I might have stretch the truth… lol

            Que sueñes con Diósney.


  • Michele

    I can’t even call it a song. Where’s the melody? It’s just beats and a chick talking in an absurd accent over it. Is this what we should call “Pop” these days?

    *Plays ‘Piece of Me’*

  • This is a hot song! But yeah it is not a lead single type of song. She should’ve just sang Kylie Minogue’s Skirt OMG that would be much better for her than this one.

    • DJacob

      OMG! I totally agree that Skirt would’ve fit Britney more than Kylie

  • iAmAwesome

    So how can I continue to follow your prophecies when you’re telling me Ooh La La is better than this work force anthem? This breaks my heart. I can’t.

    • That’s the thing with britney stans. They always just want sexy and fierce songs from britney and nothing else. People trash ooh la la because it’s cute and not “edgy,” but what’s wrong with cute? Ooh la la is adorable. It’s better than songs about clubbing and hooking with hot guys which was the entire femme fatale album, even though that isn’t reflective of Britney’s life at all. Ooh llala had a lot of personality; you could tell britney had fun making it for her bot.s

      • iAmAwesome

        I sure as hell don’t want a fucking “Criminal” for a first single, what’s wrong with that?! It’s not that I (who does not represent the entire fan base btw) don’t like her ballads and soft core stuff, but this is just superior. One of my fave tracks from Blackout was “Why Should I Be Sad” if anything.

        Plus, this song sounds like a “I’m 31 and this is how u do it” than an “I’m trying to pussy pop at the club,” how is that irrelevant to her life? How is womanizer and matm more relevant? It’s just great pop music, which is what she perfectly does. But your here putting it under a Smurf sequel soundtrack that doesn’t reflect her life at all. Like, what?

  • #tag

    One word #awful

  • Sunny

    I agreed with your rating. TBH I was expecting something much better but this song is alright i guess.

  • Fajar Zakhri

    I completely agree with this review. I’m surprised people don’t quite hold Me Against The Music in high regards. It still sounds fresh and exciting to this day, and I completely agree with what Jacques said about that song being underrated and under-appreciated, because it is. I wasn’t very excited about Womanizer or Hold It Against Me, but I did warm up to them eventually, because they DO have that ‘something’ about them. While this? It’s indeed a hot club banger, but it doesn’t really move her forward. It’s not even THAT exciting. I hate to compare, but heck, even Cheryl Cole’s “Call My Name” is more exciting (don’t judge me, that track is fierce.)

  • Bluebeat

    HaHa Robotney. I love her and this song but I agree. This ain’t gonna get her a Grammy..I wanna see her try a new genre or mix-it-up with her pop music. Like country, I think she can pull that off. Not this electro-pop crap that’s too common in the charts nowadays.


    Once again another Will.i.Could.Never creation that completely left me with blue balls. Not first single material, this left me more disappointed than Katy’s Snore. Probably because its Brit and I expected a game changer. Oh well at least Gaga and Natalia have their shit together! Bai, imma go Work Bitch!

  • Bobs

    I love Femme Fatale, and don’t really think Circus was that personal of an album… nothing can top Piece of Me.

    WORK BITCH is the worst lead single from Britney EVER.

    It’s not as bad a roar.. but certainly Mylie and Gaga have round 1 on lock for lead single from the Ratchet bitch club. Will.I,Am is poison. I would love him to join Sandra Bullock, and get Lost in Space forever.

  • Britney, Britney, Britney ….. and the shade throwing begins… Honestly, i’m about 90% with Jacques on this one. ‘Work Bitch’ is catchy as shit, i’ll give that, but it’s nowhere near the level of Epic Brit, will, and their respective teams have been promising. This is the most generic club banger she’s released yet. It’s like a house disco, bass thumping Black Eyed Peas leftover.

    Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T hate it, and i’ll save my judgment for this era till the rest of the Album finds it’s way to shelves. Honestly though, if this is what Album 8 is going to sound like, then i’m afraid a cheap Vegas act is all Britney Spears will become. I think at this point i’ve just about given up on her ever having the originality to top her iconic hits. We’ve waited through two decent, yet generic albums in a row, and here we go all over again …. it’s just not looking bright.

    AS FOR the 10% I disagree with, Jacques! GET THE FUCK off of MDNA! Aight? That album may be generic and blah, but there were some damn decent tracks on it, many of which BURY ‘Work Bitch’, and let’s remember how well the 55 year old Madge still moves. Britney on her best day is nowhere near it.

    I love Brit, I really do. My TiVo is set for GMA on Tuesday… and I hope (still ….) to be slayed…. but let’s be honest, it’s not likely.

  • a_chan

    I would like this more if it was a bit more inspired. Namie’s Alive and BoA’s Action destroy Work Bitch in every way. Hopefully the follow up single will be better.

  • Britney Lover

    One thing I despise about the song is because it’s so fundamentally Will.I.Shit song. UGH!!! I miss Danja already :(

  • Ich

    This song’s huge, I’m dissapointed that Jacques keeps going against the tide, no matter what – as happended with Applause, for instance.

  • Riley Biers

    I have to admit as a Brit stan that this is definitely my least favorite single from her so far. I really don’t see this charting. It’s waaaay too generic. Fuck you, I will hate you forever..

  • Louisxvi

    I think this needs to be looked at differently. While this song is not perfect, it is a song that is easy to market an album concept around a give it good presentation. The k pop model probably applies here, since as much as it sucks Britney has no control so management people are pretty much making all the choices. Wolf and I got a Boy come to mind, they are wacky songs (I love them both but lots of people don’t), but the presentation and concepts were enough to market an album. You can imagine the sick video and performances that this will have, Britney may not dance but the song’s high octane energy and the hot dancers will distract us from her dead eyes. There you go, this is a song to market a concept, we can only hope that the album has way better songs than this.

  • KingBeaArthur

    My feelings were pretty much summed up in the Paris Hilton section.

    I don’t hate this song by any means but it’s definitely my least favorite lead single she’s ever released. I’m still anticipating her new album (I’ll probably skip this one most listens, sadly).

  • Akie_Of_Winterfell

    You can stay pressed all you want but the truth and the matter is Work Bicth shat on Menoplause and Snoar. This is the best pop song from pop superstar this year. The beat is sick and it is hard-hitting.

    Y’all can hate as much as you want. But y’all can’t rain on our parade. This is a good day to be a B-Army!

    • iAmAwesome


    • Um I hardly hated… I said countless good things about the song and gave it an above average score. No need for you to be delusional just because I didn’t do some hyperbolic review screaming about how epic this track is. And everyone knows you’re a hardcore Britney stan and Gaga hater so you can’t be trusted to be objective.

      In my opinion, neither Snore, Applause, OR Work Bitch are the best pop songs this year.

      • iAmAwesome

        As much as it gives me cancer, but Wrecking Ball >>>>

        • Wrecking Ball? SERIOUSLY?

          • iAmAwesome

            Yyyhes! Itz sew gud!!

        • Akie_Of_Winterfell

          We need to destroy Licking Balls ASAP

          • iAmAwesome

            But how? Brit isn’t releasing that video for another week(s) and Molly Virus is still riding her VMA-attention wave.

            It’s a smash already tho so I’m fine.

    • Was this morning a good time to be a fan? Good morning America, my album comes out December 3…. Bye!

      No performance.
      Sun shades so we can’t see her dead eyes.
      No energy.
      No preview of choreography for Vegas gig.


  • misteriousveiwerwoman

    You sound jaded?

  • Nicole Naeun

    Well, I never had high expectation for this release, especially since and that Boomerang guy did it. I actually thought it would be a complete garbage, but this is good enough in a kinda fun, dragtastic, pop song way.

    And I never take Robotney’s songs as personal, and deep and whatnot, so I think “Work Bitch” is a fun pop song. That’s it.

    And so far, Miley still comes on top for this pop diva battle, followed by GaGa. So can’t wait for Bangerz!

  • ethan_de_vil

    When idolator reported that brit might sample RuPaul’s supermodel (you better work) I was SO looking forward to hearing this. The rumours obvs weren’t true but with Ru’s trashfabulous single in the convo, work bitch just sounds like an iffy appropriation. LOL. I would have LIVED for this if she so much as tacked his spoken “you better work” onto this, I mean the song is so obviously channelling supermodel. But I guess a britney lead single is never gonna concede inspiration from fucking RuPaul.

    I still love this tho. I mean Istanned for this before the fucking second chorus. There may not be any actual sampling, but it lets me know what they were going for and I like it. It might be generic EDM to tragic club rats and soccer moms, but fuck them. Any sober adult can hear that this song is a statement, nobody’s gonna hear this and not ask WHY. After this I’m somehow sure this era won’t feel as contrived/souless as FF.

    WERK BITCH!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    My question is why does Britney need to constantly need to break new ground…seems kinda hard and tiring

  • carlos d

    Im sorry but work bitch is still number 2 on itunes….

  • Josh Chinnery

    Even though I love your shadiness Jacques, I’m surprised the Blackjacks haven’t lit your ass on fire for that subtle crack at 2NE1. Seems like the are *always* on patrol for anyone saying something “bad” about their kweens XD