Ricki-Lee Come & Get In Trouble With Me
UPDATE: Unrestricted video link now added.

I was a huge fan of Ricki-Lee’slook at me I’m hot now!” comeback track, “Raining Diamonds,” but she totally lost me with the rest of the singles from her Fear & Freedom album. By the time the era wrapped up, I thought that Ricki-Lee’s time in the musical spotlight was probably up. I mean, she had a pretty good run for an Australian pop star, so I was ready to accept that this was it for her and just move on.

Then out of nowhere came “Come & Get In Trouble With Me,” which is probably the greatest Aussie pop single since whatever the hell Kylie’s last huge hit was.

Who woulda thought, right?

Ricki-Lee’s gone full top forty EDM on this one, but in the best way possible. There’s no derivative dubstep drops or any of that shit — it’s just damn good dance-pop from start to finish, even if it isn’t the most original song ever created.

It makes me so hot, burning up,” Ricki sings over pounding club beats. “I don’t give a fuck / wanna take it off and dance in the street / so baby, come and get in trouble with me.

Yes, Ricki-Lee uses the “F” word in the chorus of her new single, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the accompanying music video, she dances with topless strippers, and even gets naked herself. It’s like the combination of Stars on 54’s “If You Could Read My Mind,” T-ara’s “Roly Poly,” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” and it’s fucking incredible. It’s a homage to Studio 54 with a modern twist of ratchetness,  so one minute Ricki’s poppin’ bottles and pouring champagne over bikini-clad strippers, and the next she’s doing disco moves and riding a white horse naked through the middle of the club.

It’s so good that it’s iconic, and not in the overused blogosphere sense of the word. Like, literally iconic. Can you imagine if Rihanna or Katy Perry came out doing choreography this good with an epic disco-stripper concept and a smashingly good dance-pop song, on top of naked horse riding? It’d be the biggest thing ever.

A lot of the motivation behind this video is obviously the “Blurred Lines-style” shock factor, but who cares when the execution is so damn perfect? The funniest part is that Ricki-Lee’s done this more tastefully than a lot of pop videos where the artists are fully-clothed. I could rattle ten less-classy clips off the top of my head in a second!

“Come & Get In Trouble With Me” might be a little too racy for Australia, but hopefully it’ll go international. “Do It Like That” was a top ten hit in Japan, so anything’s possible!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This video is probably the best non-american video I’ve seen in a while, and it sure looks really expensive!!!
    Ricki looks radiant, glowing with confidence and joy. She’s a total babe <3
    The song is also generic yet still interesting. Well well done! <3

  • byoing~byoing.
  • James Smith III

    i loved raining diamonds and do it like that yassss

  • Nicole Naeun

    Loving the song, jamming to it!


    The song is great, Ricki-Lee doesn’t ever really seem to disappoint. But the video isn’t available in my country! Fuck America.

    • Sunny

      yeah i can’t watch the video either :/

  • T.

    the music is good, the video is better and the tits are gone-with-the-wind-fabulous!

    you go, gurl!!

  • UncleFan

    Had to set up a VPN to the UK to see it, but it was worth the trouble just for the the disco fashion :) When is VEVO going to figure out that they kill the social buzz whenever they block like this, and there’s no way to get that buzz back once the moment has passed?

  • milestokm

    been a fan of ms Coulter for many years, i’m hoping she can make the jump to the States. ‘Crazy’ was an exceptional video, and as soon as this is “available in my country” i’ll be even more excited for it

  • Fawoo

    Blocked in Canada. MKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK girl

    Anyways Jacques, you should to a super-review (or one at a time whatever works) and review John Legend, Ariana, and Tamar’s albums.

    Tamar’s album is so trashy but I can’t stop listening to it because she has such an amazing voice that all these “urban” (ahem) songs are killing me – not even a guest on Love & HH: Atlanta would record them.

  • KingBeaArthur

    NOOOO! I want to watch the mv but it’s blocked in the US :(

  • twerkdol

    that was HOT!!!! i’m slayed by the song, choreo & titties!!!

  • KingBeaArthur


    The song alone is amazing but the mv is another level entirely! It easily could have veered into sordid but it was able to remain classy even with the gold-plated nips. [or maybe it was just that one shirtless dancer to her left that mesmerized me… either way I loved it!]


    Holy Tits Batman!! Fucking epic!! Ok I hate America a little bit less now, but I love Australia that much more. Thanks Jacques! :-D

  • Alex

    Sorry but this song is bad. It doesn’t even sound like a song. It sounds like fragments of 5 other songs I can vaguely recall. It’s so forgettable I don’t even remember what it sounds like and I listened to it about 34 seconds ago. Her voice also sounds very unpleasant in this song, particularly in the verses. Whoever produced her vocals obviously has no clue. Raining Diamonds was a million times better than this.

    • Frankie Frankenstein

      Sounds like you really like the song!

  • Bluebeat

    The fact that she painted herself in gold while in the nude, reminded me of Rihanna’s Umbrella MV. But on Ricki’s video she really shows her nipples.

  • Guest

    How come the female strippers are nude but the male ones aren’t? WTF IS THIS SHIT!?!?

  • Lee James

    Call me naive, but what was shocking about Blurred Lines? It’s a while ago but I don’t remember seeing anything shocking in that video (though admittedly, I never pay as much attention to male singers as I do to female ones).

  • James Smith III

    “milkshake, burger, fries” iconic lyrics