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The return of Legend P is almost upon us.

Ahead of the October 1st release of her huge comeback single, “Good Time,” the musical maven covered some Spanish magazine (looking fucking fantastic, might I add) and sat down with VIBE magazine to talk about her music career. Why VIBE, and not, say, Us Weekly or Rolling Stone, you ask? Well, Paris is now signed to Cash Money Records, and when you’re a Cash Money Princess, you talk to VIBE.

Legend P on signing with Cash Money:

I love being part of the Cash Money brand and I don’t care what anybody says because what we’re doing is amazing.

Legend P on the Afrojack-produced “Good Time”:

We wrote it together so it was a lot of fun coming up with the song,” she says. “The beat is incredible, the drop is so much fun. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Legend P on working with Lil’ Wayne:

It was so much fun working with Wayne. He’s so talented, so much fun, so down to earth and I was really excited to have him on my first single.

Legend P on the direction of her sophomore album:

The first one was more pop and this one is a lot more electro-pop, so it’s a lot of dance songs and a lot of EDM.”

Legend P on being signed to Cash Money (again):

I love being signed with Cash Money, they’re an amazing label.

Such a deep and thought-provoking interview from the definitive pop culture icon of our generation.

Are y’all ready to have a #GOODTIME on October 1st? Legend P is #CUMMING.