Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Music Video
Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey have a lot more in common than you might think. First of all, they both share the same initials. Secondly, they’ve both mastered the ability to turn any music video into a soft core porno — especially when its a ballad. The only real difference is that Mimi’s blue movies look like vintage ’80s throwbacks filled with high-waisted thongs, teased wigs with too much hairspray, and cheesy saxophone music, while Miley’s are contemporary hipster porn for art students and potheads.

In the stunning visual for her latest single, “Wrecking Ball,” Milegend takes off her clothes and rides a –wait for it– WRECKING BALL, licks and strokes a hammer like she’s a teenage Beyonce feasting on Matthew Knowles’ cock, and at one point, wears a flimsy pair of white panties that appear to be stained by muddy douche water.

The talented Two and a Half Men guest star also serves Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2U” realness with some heart-wrenching “look at the camera while singing and crying” close-ups.  At this rate, she’ll be ripping up pictures of the Pope on national TV in no time!

What I’m really trying to say is that Milegend is the Mariah/Sinead/Madonna/Rick James of our generation, and anybody who denies that just can’t handle her edginess and should be sentenced to the chair (or the wrecking ball).

  • Kris

    Lead me to this said chair. This video has ruined the song for me. She’s such a try-hard it’s sad. That being said, I like her feature on that Mike Will Made It song.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Stunning song, stunning video. Can’t wait for #Bangerz!

  • Ahmed Heart-shapes

    She has earned a seat on my face <3

  • ICONI3

    Miley is a mess..but I feel like she’s the perfect formula of a Pop supastar. She’ll go far if she just tone it down a tad bit. It’s getting her huge exposure, but the public will tire of her if she keeps up the stunts for too long.

  • iAmAwesome

    I really like this song actually; fell asleep last night listening to it.

  • iAmAwesome

    How do y’all think she’ll do first week?

    As much as the public –including myself– can’t stand her, it’s impossible for her to do less than 400,000 with all this exposure.

    • I’m not good with sales but I think somewhere around 250-350k, but the album will hang around on the charts for a long time and end up selling a really big total.

      • iAmAwesome

        Yeah, I see it going double-platinum by it’s 1st birthday.

      • Burk Kyler

        I agree with your predictions, i’m guess 290k now

    • guest

      Her target demo buys albums?

      • iAmAwesome

        T-Swift has done 1,000,000+ back to back, so, yeah.

        • yosafbridge

          I highly doubt Miley’s and Taylor’s target audience closely overlap.

          • iAmAwesome

            twitter tweens…?

            Of course she’ll never sale as much as Taylor, cuz Taylor is America’s babysitter and she’s all do-gooder and she got that child and parent money on lock.

          • XXX

            which I, honestly, never understood. I mean, Taylor is such an undercover whore.. she slept with more men than miley and rihanna combined and wrote a song bout every one of them…

          • iAmAwesome

            It’s all part of the bitch’s plan

  • Justy

    Seeing her naked and licking that hammer was a bit of a turn off for me, but she looked good otherwise. I’m still not feeling the song though…

  • KingBeaArthur

    “like she’s a teenage Beyonce feasting on Matthew Knowles’ cock” :O TOO MUCH!!!!!! <3333

    My problem with Miley's OTT behavior is: didn't she already break her Hannah Montana image during her "Can't Be Tamed" era? I'm not really understanding why she's taking things so far. But hey, even a mess is more interesting then a boring lump nowadays. [see: Demi Lovato]

    • The thing is that it wouldn’t be shocking or so interesting if she didn’t take things as far as she has. The fact that she’s going that extra mile and doing the most is what makes it so totally outrageous, and is the reason she’s currently the most talked about pop star on the planet. She’ll keep going that extra mile for this album, then tone it down on the next one after she’s re-established as a proper pop star (a Rihanna, Britney, Katy etc), rather than just a Disney star (Demi, Selena, dem hoez).

      • KingBeaArthur

        No, I get that! But it’s at the point where it’s not shocking anymore for me and it’s reached overkill. At least someone like Rihanna (or Rih’s people, I should say) know how & when to make her just extreme enough and not have her be 1,000% 24/7 – not counting her shit on Twitter, etc. but concept and music wise.

        • Well it’s not shocking to us, but for middle America and the average person who knows her as Hannah Montana it definitely is. These are the kind of stunts that gets everyone riled up and talking. It’s definitely working in Miley’s favour now, and it helps because she’s got great music to back it all up.

          • KingBeaArthur

            Again, I get that. But are people forgetting she already technically did this for Can’t Be Tamed??

          • That album flopped though, and was really just the beginning of Miley’s transformation. The amount of media coverage she’s getting right now is insane. Her VMAs performance is the most talked about of the year next to Beyawnce’s Super Bowl (if not more talked about).

            She’s more talked about than Syria!


          • KingBeaArthur

            “She’s more talked about than Syria!” that’s insanely disheartening and makes me what to eat my feelings.

          • Fawoo

            Why boo? Short bite sized gossip >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> scenarios that involve critically thinking to properly digest.

            No need to feel disheartened, well not at least until a university in your city has a “rape chant” and “doesn’t think it’s making anyone uncomfortable”.

  • 364Leinad

    After watching recent interviews with Miley its fairly obvious its all just an act. She’s very professional and actually a hundred times better mannered than your fave is.

  • Question, I feel like she’s having her Christina Aguilera Stripped era moment in here right? xD Or am I the only one thinking about that? xD

    • SerferTJ

      Miley wishes…
      Stripped was amazing cuz even tho X-Tina was gettin DIRRTY and dancing around in a thong, she wasn’t doing it just to get attention, but to actually say that she’s a WOMAN who enjoys sex (“IIIII Wanna Get Dirrty”, “Let me get mine, You get yours”, “Can’t Hold Us Down”) and not just a sexual object for some man.

      The rest of the album talked about everything from women’s rights, self-empowerment, and speaking up for yourself. And it was all done in a way that was OTT, but still tactful and effective.

      I HIGHLY doubt #Bangers will have ANYWHERE near the depth of “Stripped”, or if it’ll have a message beyond “I can do what I want”.

      • ahhh I see xD coz I am an xtina fan but Im like really young when stripped came out and I live in a third world country so I had no idea what she was singing about xD. All I know is she’s the naked girl with singing chops xD

        But the media and public reaction for Miley and Xtina, were they the same? xD or the other is like more groundbreaking and shocking and intense than the other? xD

      • XXX

        you doubt it. but you dont know it, yet.
        you’ll never know. wrecking ball is amazing and lets just wait and see how the rest of the record will be. i mean, stripped is one of my all time favorites but to be honest, miley isn’t doing that bad. and who would have thought about such an amazing album by the time dirrty as a single came out?
        and dirrty – even though its amazing – was not tactful…assless chaps?

    • Bluebeat

      Nah..more like P!nk

  • Burk Kyler

    I think she is polarizing people with this new image, anyone her age in younger are either loving it or complain cause she being too edgy. For the rest of use, she is trying hard to being something she is not or coming off as very unoriginal… lucky the music, lyrics and production are all good. (She has always had decent music for her pop market.)

    kids grow up, shit happens…

  • SerferTJ

    I don’t think there are children in Africa that are as thirsty as Molly Cyrus…

  • Britney Lover

    Mi-ley… why did u have to go and make things so complicated? One scene you’re showing real emotions, other scene you’re licking a hammer…

  • kpopalypse

    10/10 would ball

  • Matthew Charlery-Smith

    Jacque, that comment about Beyoncé and her dad was too much. That’s someone’s daughter. Do you have siblings? Would you be laughing at someone suggesting your dad was molesting your sister?
    Anyway, I can’t bring myself to watch or pay attention to anything she’s done. It seems Miley Cyrus’ behavior is the result of parenting gone wrong; there’s too much freedom in the lives of these celebs and they raise heir children loosely and around anyone and anything. The result is they are grown (mentally) and their eyes are open before they are even mature enough to handle it, like Adam and Eve biting into that fruit. All that knowledge and experience but not knowing how to use it.
    Who said this album will go double Platinum? I doubt it. She’ll probably open with around 150-200k and go platinum by shipment. The general public is sick of media. However, Jacque, I don’t see you as normally too far off your predictions. We’ll see.

    • Yes I would laugh at that. The South Park episode where Mr. Garrison is mad that his dad didn’t molest him as a child is one of my favorites. Just thinking of it now is cracking me up!

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith

        You’d make a very interesting case for a psychotherapist…
        I take it you’re an only child!

    • Lee James

      I don’t approve of cruel, slanderous methods, but it is surely good to discredit this terrible woman (Beyonce), who for too long has been given a platform by the media to bring disgraceful, evil values into the lives of impressionable children, all the while being heralded as some kind of heroine.

      I personally believe we need to support and promote artists of integrity, respect, humility and righteousness (who now in 2013 seem to be a minority), whilst exposing and opposing the wicked ones who corrupt young minds (like, most of the Western pop industry in 2013).

      IMHO, Beyonce and Miley are just about tied for most evil, demonic artists this side of the hip hop scene, especially given the extent of their influence and prominence. My hopes are now on Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony to take over the world and redress the balance in this industry saturated with nasty, slutty, arrogant, disrespectful female performers. (Yeah, I have nothing in common with Jacques, but I love him to bits.)

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith

        But then your first paragraph is a contradiction. You can’t slam Beyoncé et al for their immoral ways then justify Jacques horrendous statement about paedophilia, incest and child abuse. When has it become ok to make such jokes about these matters? I have to say, in my observation, only in the developed, mostly White, part of the world. In Africa, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia and South America you’d be risking your life by even suggesting such.

        Since you can acknowledge that much of the “art” we’re seeing is demonic in nature you must be able to recognise that there will not be a return to wholesome images until Godly values become the norm in society again. Remember Ariana’s first album cover? These artists are standing on an anti-God (and Anti-Christ) foundation; they are not equipped to turn the tide.

        After reading this blog for a considerable length of time I’ve come to the conclusion that the writer, Jacques, is enslaved to a spirit of lust and perversion which finds a way to divert his every expression into something sordid and extreme. Sex is a natural desire but it’s not to replace God’s place in our lives. Once we bow to it it controls us and brings us lower than we could have ever expected. I wouldn’t trust him around kids because he has a dirty mind and would introduce them to that they ought to not know. I do like Jacques however, so I’m praying his eyes are open to what he can’t see.

        • “horrendous statement about paedophilia, incest and child abuse…”

          Chill LOL! It was a crass joke –a la South Park, Howard Stern, Drawn Together– not a horrendous statement. You should know by now what you’re in for by reading this blog and not get shocked lol.

          • Lee James

            Ooh, is it too late for me to join in this conversation? SO MUCH to respond to here! Where to start! Very interesting comments you both made and some well made points by Matthew.

            First, to clarify, the only point I was making about Beyonce was that I oppose her career and influence on young minds. I want Beyonce to be stopped, but not through malicious means. I would never condone cruelty or crudity.

            Now believe it or not, South Park was always my favourite TV show! Unlike most shows, it takes on real moral issues with great intelligence and wit, and I still have great respect for its creators. But as for all that crudity and foul language? Yes, I loved all that too! I loved it! That is human nature. It’s the proof that sin is real and lives in us: why else would we all love doing what we know to be wrong?

            I used to call my girlfriend a “slut” and we fantasised about doing bad things to each other. I knew it was wrong, but I used to love it. My heart was wicked through and through. It’s called sin. And if it’s not perversion and sordidness, then it’s spite, it’s pride, it’s dishonesty, it’s selfishness, it’s sneakiness, manipulating people, mocking people, even hurting people you are supposed to love. Science may have found a way to explain creation, but can it explain why humans are all so messed up?

            So what changed for me? I reached a point where I admitted I was a sinner, and turned to Jesus and prayed and prayed. And after a while, to my surprise, I was changed. My spirit has been fundamentally renewed. I just no longer feel compatible with things like South Park. Or The Daily Show (which I used to watch, er, daily!) It’s not a deliberate change of lifestyle, just a new spirit that is in me now. The very thought of calling a woman such a horrible word as I used to, it sickens me. I have been drastically transformed by God.

            The old misconception is that Christianity is just another rule-based religion. Try to do this… try not to do that, and you can hopefully earn your way into God’s favour. But that is so totally wrong. What Jesus declares is much more radical: receiving his Holy Spirit and being changed INTERNALLY. Being “born again”. That’s why the apostles were so flawed and so “human”. Even after witnessing first-hand the miracles Jesus did, they still kept messing up. That was until the day of Pentecost, when the Spirit came upon them and they were changed. This is what has happened to me. I don’t live by any rules, I live by the Spirit of God. I am not perfect and I can still sin, but my values and priorities have been changed.

            So now I cannot stand disrespectful words or attitudes. This blog is hardly unique in that sense! Disrespect is everywhere. Of course it pervades the music industry, pop culture, and society as a whole. It’s in the hearts of my neighbours, my family (who are not Christians) and even my church. I see Christians insulting, mocking, arguing, laughing at offensive things. Some of them have no real faith; while others have yet to grow in the Spirit and be filled with God’s love. We are all growing and being filled. Jesus says “ask and you shall receive”! :)

            As much as I hate sin, I would never chastise anyone for their sin, because that is not the way of love. Yes, I believe I have a responsibility to encourage good and discourage bad and I try to do that. But for a Christian, that must ALWAYS be done in the spirit of love, compassion and humility. No exception.

            The Muslims just burnt down a Christian orphanage in Egypt. What did the Christians write in big letters across the ruins? “We forgive you!” :) That is our message to the world. That is why I pray for my two greatest enemies who have done so much damage to my life. Because when I was still the enemy of God, he sent his Son to die for me so I could be forgiven.

            Pointing out people’s faults and mistakes may improve their life slightly, but ultimately that is not what they really need. As Christians, we believe that it is the person of Jesus Christ that people need. There is no religion, no law, no knowledge, no philosophy, no psychology, no possession, no relationship that can offer what Jesus offers. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

            The Old Testament set the stage for the coming of Jesus, but it is in the Gospels where the voice of God can be heard most directly, and his love and mercy can be seen most clearly. If you ever read any part of the Bible, at least read the Gospel of John. That is really the beginning of faith. And if anyone is interested in knowing more I would strongly recommend the Alpha Course (, an introduction to Christ.

            Sorry to write so much, and I never set out to say so much about my faith. Hopefully this has clarified where I and other Christians are coming from, so maybe people will understand my “twisted views” a little better from now on. Or not?

            Love to all,
            Lee :)

        • OMG I just read the second part of your comment. That is insane. You would be very surprised if you knew the real me, and not the blog me LOL. To imply that I would abuse a child or something though is going too far, since you’re clearly NOT joking like I was with my crack.

          But what would I expect from you? You’re a Christian who believes in the illuminati, Satan, and a book of ludicrous fairy tales called the Bible. (No shade, Lee!) I studied Introduction To The Old Testament at university and the crap that’s in the Bible is far more tawdry, distasteful, and offensive than anything you’ll read on my blog.

          Matthew, If you really knew how ignorant you sound with your Christian rants on here you wouldn’t even be able to leave the house. The fact that are still people in the year 2013 carrying on about demons and spirits with all the scientific evidence that’s available to us is completely insane.

          I don’t agree with Lee’s views at all (I find them funny and somewhat charming in a twisted way) but at least he can take a joke and doesn’t preach at me or other readers.

          I know you mean well and you’re a good person which is why I’ve never called you out in the past, but saying I’m some perverted child molester is going WAY too far.

          • Matthew Charlery-Smith

            Jacques, I know this is your public personality, but this is the only YOU that everyone who reads this site sees. I personally believe in being one person, I think things get mentally muddled when we have to juggle personalities; it’s unreal (akin to schizophrenia).

            Anyway, I’m not sure what angle you studied the Bible from. It has so many detractors anyone seeking to understand it shouldn’t expect to learn its truths from lecturers who possibly have an agenda. I’ve studied in many different institutions and never been satisfied with any Religious Education, especially on the Bible, which, ironically, has built the very nations that are now slandering it. Being an Australian, Jacques, you can understand how easy it is for people to misrepresent your country: “Australia is a racist country which killed and oppressed the Aboriginal peoples and is full of the decendants of convicted criminals.”. There may be some truth in that, but it’s hardly a fair and balanced view on what your country actually is and the same goes for how the Bible is represented. Study Jesus’ life and teachings, it’ll make the Old Testament (which for the exception of Genesis is not the best place to get an understanding of Christianity) easier to comprehend.

            “Ludicrous fairy tales”? Jacques, the Bible records a significant amount of history; these people, kings, lands and kingdoms existed. Whether you believe the miracles or not is up to you, but you don’t sound very intelligent by neglecting to acknowledge that. Illuminati? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned them specifically, but since you’ve mentioned it, yes I do believe certain secret, powerful organisations exist. You don’t believe that the people always really have a say and that the Government always tells the truth do you, Jacques? I’m not someone who says, “Oh look, an eye, triangle and the number 6 appeared in 3 out of Rihanna’s 25 videos; she must be a witch of teh highest order!” neither do I believe every time a celebrity dies there is some conspiracy. We are each responsible for what we do with our lives and many celebs, it appears, have been the cause of their own demise.

            Scientific evidence? We have a snobbery in this technological culture which undermines the wisdom and knowledge of civilsations who lived LONG before us. When we are on the same level as the ancient Chinese, Phoenicians and Egyptians etc who had no access to the technology we do today yet still could plot the course of stars, build magnificent structures which still defy logic and mummify a body preserving it for thousands of years THEN I’ll be impressed.

            God is a spirit, yes I do believe there are good spirits, angels, and bad spirits, demons in existence. Many people who refute this are those who have some fascination with the supernatural, watch horror films excessively or won’t admit to feeling an uncomfortable, fearful presence when alone because they know there is more to this life than what we can see.

            I may sound ignorant but I certainly am not. I believe my thoughts are that of an intelligent man. I hardly live in a bubble and I’m not a teenager just figuring out the world.

            I’ve never said you’re a perverted child molester…just perverted! I do like you though, Jacques. You make me laugh!

        • KingBeaArthur

          Wait, wait, wait: so you’ve read his blog for “a considerable length of time” (I’m assuming more than a week) yet this one joke about Beyonce is what sets you off?? I smell a rat.

          Thump the Bible all you want, that’s your prerogative, but implying he would harm a child mentally is going way too far!

          • Matthew Charlery-Smith

            Yes, more than a year when it was The Prophet. Are you implying that I’m a Beyonce stan and ignoring the type of joke that was made why I commented on it in the first place? Continue smelling rodents then!

            You don’t have to do anything physical to child to harm them; you just have to make them see what they shouldn’t.

          • As if I would show anything bad to a child! That’s still a form of abuse!

          • Matthew Charlery-Smith

            But aren’t children reading this blog? Didn’t we have this conversation a few weeks ago?

          • Lee James

            Hi Matthew. :) Just wanted to say I made a huge reply to this discussion (below). Hope you get to see it, though I am never quite certain how this Disqus thing works! :)

            Just two more things I wanted to say to you:


            You make a big point about the incest joke, as though it was crossing some kind of taboo line. We have to be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that some sins are “too much”, while others are more acceptable. That God hates the murderers and rapists, but doesn’t really mind our “lesser” sins. That is dangerous thinking. In fact God is holy, and is utterly disgusted with the smallest of our sins, which is why we must repent. If you have ever disliked anyone and wanted to put them down with words, that is filthy in God’s eyes, along the same lines as murder. So I just wanted to make the point, I am no better than a murderer or rapist, and nor are you.

            I am sure that when the Lord Jesus was amongst his apostles he must have heard them say some terrible things. But still, he loved them and came to them, not to condemn the world but to save it.

            ARIANA GRANDE

            Also wanted to mention that Ariana Grande cover. I guess we will never completely agree, but that cover did not offend me at all. She is showing a bit of thigh, but that does not necessarily equate to sin. Christians don’t condone actual nudity because we believe God has a proper context for that to be seen (within marriage). But there are no “rules” about how much flesh is acceptable. Sin is always about the spirit, the intention, and the motivation—not the action. That is why many things such as anger, laughter and dancing can be either sinful or righteous depending on the motivation.

            The spirit of sexual sin can clearly be seen in many pop stars who are fully clothed. Promiscuity, illicitness, sleaziness, aggression, vulgarity, whoredom and orgies. All this sin is written on their faces and clearly heard in the music and their voices. Lyrics are actually far less relevant. Sin is spiritual, it goes beyond what is “done”. Sin is something the Holy Spirit can sense, and is grieved by. When I look at Beyonce, or Miley. I am overwhelmed by the spirit of sin. It doesn’t matter how many clothes they have on, that is not the point.

            But Ariana is not that kind of performer (or perhaps rather, she has been protected from that kind of director) and I hope she will remain that way. I am not offended by women who wear shorts and show their thighs. Even wives wearing bikinis on the beach doesn’t offend me very much, since this kind of adultery usually takes place in complete innocence. Now if Ariana were doing what the girls are doing in Colette Carr’s “Ham” video, then that would be a very different story.

            Also, Ariana is still only quite young and not married, putting her distinctly under the biblical category of “virgin”. Scripture and biblical culture makes a significant distinction between wives and virgins, as does the Holy Spirit. Wives BELONG to a husband, and their beauty is generally not something they should be deliberately flaunting. Virgins, on the other hand, are seeking a husband, and though traditionally a lot of marriages were arranged by parents, there was also a strong element of physical attraction, of the man being taken by the beauty of the virgin. There is a tremendous Biblical precedent for the notion of a virgin’s beauty being a wonderful and godly thing.

            So I see absolutely nothing sinful at all about a young, unmarried girl showing off her beauty towards young, unmarried men. The only danger would be if a married man was watching. Though frankly, married Christian men should not be going anywhere near music videos since the music industry is so saturated with sexuality. Is there any modern pop music act that contains no sexual element? I haven’t seen one. (For the record, I am a single man and when I get married I would consider watching pop music videos completely out of bounds because my heart, and my eyes, will belong to one woman only.)

          • Matthew Charlery-Smith

            Hi Lee, I’ve decided to reply because I think you’ve missed the point of what I was saying. It wasn’t about whether murder or rape is worse than an incest joke, neither was it about whether I am a bigger sinner than Jacques. I was referring to the impact such words will have on his young readers who flock to the net trying to find out anything about their favourite artist. Yes, all sin is despicable in God’s eyes but remember the Bible says in 1 John 5:17 that not all sin leads to death. You can’t say that theft of office equipment is the same as committing murder. Or tax fraud the same as peadophilia.

            In regards to Ariana, I wasn’t really saying anything was drastically wrong with it; I was trying to bring attention to what such imagery implied to her followers and parents. I do believe some overreacted but it’s been changed now so it’s a non-issue, lesson learned.

            I’m not sure how old you are; I’m nearly 30 and my experience in this industry shows me that very few, almost none, retain their innocent edge. Are you old enough to remember Destiny’s Child’s debut? How about Britney’s? Christina’s etc? It always starts innocent, virginal and kid-friendly to gain followers of each age and THEN it suddenly changes. This is the world’s system. Although artists may try to change it they are are fighting a system (which they are standing on) who’s platform is not Christ so it won’t work.

            The woman’s body is to be celebrated, adored and enjoyed. The latter two by her husband alone. These acts are promoting that as long as you are in love sex is ok but this dangerous.

            Funny we’re having this conversation; Celine Dion was just on Access Hollywood today saying that artists like Miley are selling their souls.

          • Lee James

            Dear Matthew, thanks for your excellent reply :) Glad to hear what Celine Dion said!

            Now the only thing I want to pick up on is this thing about not all sin leading to death. Romans says a lot about this. Romans is very confusing, but this is where we can find the answers to these fundamental questions about the faith. Two famous verses for example are “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (chapter 3) and “the wages of sin is death” (chapter 6). I think it is very important to understand both that ALL humans have sinned, being sinful by nature, and that we all thoroughly deserve to die, because all sin is offensive to God and even the smallest sin has no place in his perfect Kingdom.

            Of course while all sins are offensive to God, not all sins are EQUALLY offensive to him. The three most offensive sins are probably blasphemy, idolatry, and lack of love (hatred). I can’t think of anything more detestable and offensive to God than those TV evangelist conmen who blaspheme the name of Jesus to make money. Surely their punishment will be more severe than anyone else’s? Likewise, those who hate murderers and rapists with no compassion or forgiveness will surely receive much harsher punishment than the criminals themselves? It is central to our faith to extend the mercy and compassion to others that the Lord Jesus has shown to us. This is why we have the parable of the unforgiving debtor, and why even the Lord’s Prayer reminds us to forgive our enemies.

            Now when Jesus healed on the Sabbath, he was definitely not sinning. Jesus was the perfect representation of God in human form and therefore was completely sinless (2 Cor 5:21, 1 John 3:5). Jesus had to be sinless or the sacrifice he offered on behalf of would not have been valid.

            Rather he was revealing the true meaning of the Law and the commandments. When the commandments were first put in place, they were merely a set of physical rules to be obeyed in a practical way. But Jesus came to shed the true spiritual light on the commandments. He came to turn them from a crude set of instructions into deep spiritual truths, which is made possible by the Holy Spirit: they are spiritual principles, and therefore sometimes one takes precedent over another.

            Jesus said there is no greater commandment than to love the LORD God with all your heart and all your soul, and the second commandment to love your neighbour likewise. These laws of love are the overriding governing principles of God’s heart and the Holy Spirit living in our hearts. By the Holy Spirit, and by Jesus’ teaching and example, we can see that the Sabbath is wonderful and good and right and it is good to observe it as a way of honouring God. But the law of love is the highest law, that can override any law. It is the love of God that allowed sinners like you and me to become righteous in God’s sight.

            One last word about paedophelia. I don’t like that word as it is vague. If we mean child abuse, this is obviously a terrible sin. But remember that the biblical age of marriage was always 13 and often virgins would marry much older men. So if we are going to discriminate against older men being attracted to young girls then that is not biblical. I also have a huge problem when teenage pregnancy is stigmatised, even within the church. That is utterly not biblical.

            Lee :)

          • Lee, I want to hear more about your sinful, pre-born again days!

          • Lee James

            LOL! :) My greatest sin—the greatest sin ever committed—was rebellion against God. When the terrible day came that He brought me to repentance, I woke up one morning in tears. I knew I was a terrible sinner, condemned and hopeless. And there was this eerie song playing in my head. At first I didn’t understand why THAT song, but later when I listened to the lyrics, I realised this light-hearted pop song actually says all about sin that needs to be said. The song was none other than “No Good Advice” by Girls Aloud! I don’t quite know what happened to me. I had become broken and desperate, going my own way. I had screwed my life up and I was in darkness. But from that day on, I stopped going my own way and instead turned to the “good advice” of Jesus. And my soul has found peace. :) I can’t tell you if good people will go to heaven. I don’t know any good people. As for lousy, rotten people like me, we have a chance, if we come to our senses.

          • Well I’m glad you found something that works for you. It sounds like you were depressed or addicted to something, so whatever helps you get right is a good thing. Even though I don’t believe in God, I don’t have anything against any religion. People say religion causes so much misery and suffering which it does, but it also makes a lot of people happy and I think without it the world would be even worse and more chaotic.

          • Lee James

            Hi Jacques! Thank you for your respect :) Gay people and people of faith don’t always see eye to eye (putting it mildly!) so I am so pleased with the level of respect between us even though we are worlds apart. Just for the record, I really LOVE and care about gay people. So does Jesus. That’s not to say any of us is without sin, or that God condones all our sexual acts—just that He loves us anyway, as shown by him shedding his blood on the cross for us.

            Now just to clarify, I do not consider myself “religious”. If “religion” means believing in God then yes, that makes me religious. But to me, the term “religion” denotes a way of life based on rules, rituals and compulsions. A way of “trying to be a good enough” so God will accept you.

            It’s that kind of religion which Jesus came to abolish and to set us free from. He said HE is the way to the father, and if we believe in him, we are saved. No religion required. Though people still find ways to turn Jesus into a religion. Two examples are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. They’re highly motivated to knock on your door because they can’t accept salvation as a free gift, they think it must be “earned”! Sad!

            To be a Christian certainly means to be changed. I have put my trust in God and opened my heart to him, and he has given me new attitudes and new convictions. But I don’t live under rules and I am free to do anything I like. I just love God, and he loves me and any “good thing” I do is done out of love and gratitude, not religious compulsion. And because I have been so sinful, my gratitude is all the more!

            I still have my sense of humour intact though. South Park is really no longer my kind of show (it doesn’t really sit well with me). But I am still free to watch it if I want. I sat and watched it with my friend recently and we had a good laugh together. It is very funny! The Bible says what we eat, watch, or consume is not what makes us sinful, it’s what’s in our heart that makes us sinful. So religion is concerned with our lifestyles, but Jesus is concerned with our hearts.

            I think I’ve gone slightly off topic because this has nothing to do with Miley!

            By the way I probably seem like such a preacher but I am not trying to be! I just have all this stuff to say about things I care about, like anyone has anything to say about anything they care about. I would love for people to come to know Jesus, but whatever people think of my Lord, they still have my love, respect and compassion. Whatever anyone says to me, I love them. No one can change that.

          • I don’t think you sound like a crazy preacher haha. Honestly, if you can read this website with all the trashy things I say and not be bothered, you’re obviously not that uptight! And honestly, South Park really jumped the shark so you got out in time LOL.

          • Lee James

            Cool. :)

          • KingBeaArthur

            I wasn’t directly implying you were a Beyonce stan but if the shoe fits. I also don’t internalize every single thing I read. Making a joke about murder, rape, molestation, etc. doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the seriousness of the subject matter. Some people can just handle darker senses of humor than others.

            But he’s written more offensive things in the past, always in jest. Why have you stuck around if something like this is enough to upset you?

          • Matthew Charlery-Smith

            I am a music journalist of sorts and I like to follow the opinions of different writers to get a more rounded view on a subject rather than just my own. Jacques is funny and has a unique slant on his work being a White Australian guy who often writes about Black Urban culture.

            “Jokes” about rape and molestation aren’t really jokes are they? We’ve just become desensitized to the seriousness of such, but Jacques must understand some of his readers have possibly experienced some of these things and making light of a subject that has ruined many peoples lives (and in many cases ended it) is out of order,insensitive, immature, and unwise.

            I’ll tell you what, if something happens to your child or niece/nephew (if you have any). Come back on here and tell me if this is “dark humour” or just “sick humour”. I personally think you have to be mentally imbalanced to laugh at such. The world is Godless.

            The point is I think Jacques is more talented than this. Such foolishness belies his talent.

  • Bojan Goranović

    I thought Ariana is the official new Mariah. Whatever. Glad that you can find some Mimi in all these girls.
    Anyway, “Don’t forget about us” still remains my favorite MC’s soft core porno.

  • Bluebeat

    Miley channeling the Vanity Fair cover she did when she was only 14.

    • iAmAwesome


  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    Ok now…this song is fucking brilliant! I hadn’t listened to it yet cause the whole Bangerz thing threw me off a bit but I’m totally back on board! How did she even manage to get something this good?? I mean Every rose has its thorn was great and no one cared! it’s amazing what showing some skin and opening your legs can do for their careers…pop music is f****d up :-/ the video is great too but it would fit an Evax commercial lol but I can see this havin much more longevity than WCS and it’ll carry her album sales for a while (which I predict will reach around 2x platinum!)

  • I don’t find her attractive at all.

  • MinaK.

    The only thing that bothered me about this video was her licking the hammer. Other than that, I love the concept of the video and how she’s just comfortable being completely nude in front of people. 4.5/5

  • Fantasy

    Actually it is very artistic and symbolic. You see the wrecking ball
    represents society and its ability to destroy, and her nakedness shows
    her vulnerability and………ah who am I kidding she went for the shock
    value / cheap publicity lol

  • Scandalous

    I actually waited to check this out, was doing homework for once. Got on YouTube after submitting papers, saw the start and thought “aw bet….t”. The er didn’t even come out. I paused YouTube and came on here to see what you would say.

    Haha MILEY. I do love her, I do. only think that came out of disney that didnt peeve me off. But really this vid makes me uncomfortable. All I could think was…Robin Thicke made it OK for women to be nekked. Its not OK. All I thought was “gosh she must be chafing”, and “put on your granny panties again”.

    I’m not crazy about the video, but I think it fits the song. And someone done did break her heart…..Baaaaaaddd—if she wrote it that is. Otherwise, 50/50 why she picked it.