MiChi Eyes Wide Open
Fresh from the release of her amazing double A-side single, “INdependeNt GiRL? / Saturday Night,” MiChi has released the official cover art, tracklisting, and teaser video for her new studio album, Eyes Wide Open.

The teaser humbly bills the album as MiChi’s, “New Masterpiece!!,” which is actually hard to argue with considering the quality of the singles and the music heard in the teaser.

Eyes Wide Open drops October 2. Check out the tracklisting below, with links to hear all the released tracks. I hope we get a few more English tracks like “Saturday Night,” because all the English J-pop that’s been out lately from MiChi and Namie Amuro has been giving my non-Asian ass LIFE.

01.  MadNesS vol.4

02.  STARTING OVER (album mix)

03.  Saturday Night 

04.  Lighten the Fxxk Up

05.  Nearly Maybe…

06.  INdependeNt GiRL?

07.  Just because

08.  HEARTBEAT (album mix)

09.  still missing you

10.  Hello

11.  Journey (feat. Jake Shimabukuro)

12.  YOUR Life