Lana Del Rey Young and Beautiful Cedric Gervais
It was a little sad that Lana Del Rey didn’t get a top ten hit in America until someone made a dance remix of a song that had already charted across Europe an entire year before. But a hit’s a hit, right? Following the success of “Summertime Sadness,” Delegend is ready to return to the top of the charts once again with the official Cedric Gervais remix of “Young & Beautiful.”

The remix was first premièred back in July, but in a feature article on, Gervais revealed that they’re holding off on officially promoting it until closer to awards season (the Oscars and Grammys are held in February, FYI).

Co-written by Nowels and Del Rey, “Summertime Sadness” first appeared on Del Rey’s 2012 album “Born To Die” and was even released as a single in Europe that year. While Gervais was also asked to rework “Young and Beautiful,” the featured single from The Great Gatsby, promotion for that track is being held until awards season this winter.

This is amazing. Not only does the Cedric Gervais remix of “Young & Beautiful” shit on the “Summertime Sadness” remix, but THE DALAI LAMA IS COMING FOR THAT OSCAR!!! And GRAMMY!

Now when are we gonna get a remix for “Cola”?

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  • James Fluker

    The original slays my life, but this is good too. Definitely gun’ get my boogie on to this!

  • Literally love this song… But I still think the haunting original buries it

  • syhrn

    I can see the original version of Young & Beautiful bagging some awards. It truly is a great cinematic song. But the dance mix…? Not so sure about that!

  • Diogo Santos

    The Kaskade remix is soooooooooooooo much better

    • MIKEE

      Agreed! Kaskade>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Until we hear what the competition for awards season is, I would not put much hope into the song winning. I also fail to see why they would not capitalize now with an upbeat single not a remix!

    • Well the original would be the one nominated and performed, but the remix would be promoted at radio, iTunes etc


    Lana can do no wrong! This remix slays!! But it makes me kinda sad that the U.S. has pretty much rejected her and her all American glory. It really wouldn’t surprise me if she gets snubbed come award season.

  • Jason

    Would be cool if she got the Grammy and Oscar for Y&B. I think the song is worthy.

  • KingBeaArthur

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Francesco

    “Now when are we gonna get a remix for “Cola”?” You might like this!