Lady Gaga ARTPOP
It looks like there was more to Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP-exclusive set at the iTunes Music Festival than simply just sharing new music with her little monsters. About an hour ago, Jesus Kunst graced Twitter with her holy presence and asked fans to choose ARTPOP’s next single, complete with four songs to choose from. They are: “Sex Dreams,” “Swine,” “Aura,” and “Manicure” — arguably the four best cuts from her iTunes concert.

Here’s what I think about this: “Swine” and “Aura” are too jarring and aggressive to release now, so unless Gaga wants to change the name of her album to ALTPOP and suffer another second single “Judas” flop, they’re out. Then you’ve got “Sex Dreams,” which is obviously a perfect pop song, but is probably too epic to drop right now. It’s the kind of thing that should be saved until the fourth or fifth single, when the ARTPOP era is losing steam and needs a real jolt (think Kylie’s “Come Into My World” or Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been”). Gaga can dress up like Vanity in the video and masturbate and get tonnes of media attention and what not, so it’s best not to waste all that so early in the campaign.

That just leaves the awesome “Manicure.” It’s not dance-pop or EDM-influenced, and it’s a little edgy, but without being too edgy. The chorus is explosive, the production kind of sounds like a top forty version of Sleigh Bells, and it uses a lot of guitars, which seems to be in right now. So, my vote goes to “Manicure,” but I’ll accept “Sex Dreams” if Gaga is getting really desperate and just wants to rush out the obvious hit ASAP.

Let me know what you think.

In other news, The Guardian just interviewed Gaga and the fame whore basically admitted that she reads all her own press, everything fans say, checks her iTunes chart positions by the hour, and goes through her tour receipts with a magnifying glass. Remember, this the same woman who says she doesn’t care about money and commercial success. Okay.