Ke$ha Pitbull 2013
I still stand by Ke$ha’s Warrior and maintain that it’s one of the better commercial pop albums of the past year (minus the trash title track), so it pains my heart to see the frosty reception it’s received on the charts and the direction that Ke$ha’s career has taken. If it wasn’t already bad enough that was stuck on “Crazy Kids” and God$ha had to go on a co-headlining tour with Shitbull, she’s now set to collaborate with Mr. Worldwide for a THIRD time on his upcoming single, “Timber.”

I get that when times are a little rough a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to stay relevant, but continuing to align herself with Pitbull just reinforces the misconception that Ke$ha is the female equivalent of him, when in fact she’s so much more than that. These little tricks work well in the short-term, but Ke$ha runs the risk off further hurting her image if she keeps seeking out these quick-fix solutions.

Hopefully the rumours of Lipsha –Ke$ha’s joint-album with The Flaming Lips– are true, so she can balance out the top forty ringtone Ke$ha with the credible talented Ke$ha.

Things are still a little sketchy for the Kween right now, but there’s some good stuff in the works. She’s got season 2 of her MTV reality show premièring at the end of next month, and a fan petition to free her from Dr. Luke’s control is being talked about all over the web.

I still think the issue with Warrior not smashing was due to the timing, rather than the actual music. It would’ve been huge had it been released a year earlier than it was so it could’ve avoided being caught in the awkward period when mainstream EDM was starting to transition over to more alternative and urban-based music. Additionally, had she released a slightly-tweaked version of Warrior some time this year and led it with either “Thinking of You” or “Only Wanna Dance With You,” it would’ve slayed and y’all know it.

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