Kelis Been Given a Morning
Update: Kelis has come out said this is an old leak. Details at the bottom of the post.

In case you haven’t been keeping up on Kelis this year, the trendsetting songstress has gone independent and signed with Dave Sitek’s Federal Prism label (home of Oh Land, Scarlett Johansson, CSS, and TV on the Radio). She’s got a new album (or EP) coming out later this year called FOOD (or F.O.O.D.), and the funky first single, “Jerk Ribs,” was released back in April.

As is customary with any new music from Kelis, she’s switched sounds yet again for FOOD’s next single, “Been Given a Morning.” This time she’s doing orchestral jazz, and it’s absolutely divine. The moody score sporadically threatens to fall into sinister Angelo Badalamenti territory, but the warmth in Kelis’ husky voice lifts it back into the light. In the final minute of the song, the horns and strings bleed into a blaze of distorted electronica that should sound oddly creepy, but doesn’t. It’s a beautiful finale that could’ve been dragged out for an extra 60 seconds of madness, but still works perfectly at its current running time.

Although “Been Given a Morning” sounds nothing like The Neptunes’ quirky beats of Kaleidoscope and Wanderland, it does evoke some of the same weird melancholy from those classic records. It’s like the young Kelis is all grown up and mature now, but still has a lot of introspective, contemplative moments when she’s alone.

It’s songs like these that show Kelis’ constant evolution and remind you that she’s truly one of the best pop artists of the past fifteen years.

Update: Kelis replied to a fan on instagram and slammed “Been Given a Morning.” She says it’s an old leak, and not a new single like The YBF and many other blogs reported it was.

She wrote: “given a morning” is nothing. It’s a song I wrote with nothing in mind about 5 years ago n now some thirsty producer has put it out without my consent or my knowing. Has nothing to do with my album or anything else. I wrote it for fun years ago. I never thought it would see the light of day cause it wasn’t supposed to.”

Kelis girl, you need to put this on your new album because it’s amazing and much better than “Jerk Ribs” (sorry K!).