Ke$ha Fans Dr. Luke
The movement to free Ke$ha from Dr. Luke’s supposedly evil grasp is gathering some serious steam. The petition has already been written about on websites like Spin, Digital Spy, Popjustice, and Perez Hilton, and now one of Ke$ha’s main directors, Steven Greenstreet, has tweeted a photo of the singer’s fans holding up anti-Luke signs at a recent concert.

Greenstreet wrote, “It’s come to this. #KeshaFans,” followed by the photo. He then followed it up with another similar pic, just to drive the point home.

Greenstreet is the co-director of Ke$ha’s MTV reality series, My Crazy Beautiful Life, which fans have used as evidence of Ke$ha’s creativity being stifled in the official petition. He also put together some behind-the-scenes features from Ke$ha’s music videos and photoshoots, and was involved in her book (also titled My Crazy Beautiful Life), so it’s safe to say that he has a fairly close working relationship with the Warrior songstress and knows exactly what’s going on with her right now.

Hopefully this whole “Free Ke$ha” thing keeps growing so that we can get an official statement from Luke and Ke$ha. If it does, it looks like we might have a repeat of the iconic “Free Fiona” campaign on our hands.

P.S. Why is it always my faves that are enslaved by their record labels? Fiona Apple, Britney Spears, and now Ke$ha. It’s not fair!

Ke$ha Fans Dr Luke 2

  • Lin Misfits

    But don’t they make good music together?
    What’s the story behind this? Is Dr. Luke not letting Kesha have creative control and confining her pop potential?

  • Hoochie

    I’d love to shit on Dr Luke in light of all the evidence stacked against him, but the fact of the matter is I still loved “Warrior” when I first heard it, during which time I already knew it was a compromised project.

    With that being said, I hope this petition thing works. Her demos are amazing and it’s her more rock-oriented tracks that have stuck to me lately.

    • Honestly, I love her top forty Dr. Luke stuff AND her rock stuff and unreleased tunes. I’m pretty much good with anything she puts out.

      • Hoochie

        I love it all too, but her demos demonstrate her range so much better than her actual albums. Don’t get me wrong, “Warrior” is diverse, mostly brilliant and covers a lot of ground, but she was excelling in hip-hop tracks like the Juvenile-sampling Three Six Mafia collabo “Slow Motion” and “Boom Boom Bang” looooong before slaying with “Sleazy”; her country songs showed off her voice AND songwriting skills whilst still remaining catchy and “deep”; and songs like “Machine Gun Love” and “Dancing with the Devil” are so much stronger than most of the tracks on her album, no matter how much I love them.

        “Crazy Kids” and “C’Mon” – generic or not – had all the means to slay the charts, which is why I am surprised they more-or-less flopped / underperformed by her standards, but more than anything, her talent is definitely being misrepresented.

        I do love all her stuff, though.

  • CY

    I loved Warrior the way it was, and A lot of the credit goes to Dr. Luke. This wouldn’t be happening if K$ was still smashing, the fans just don’t know who to blame for it.

  • I went and bought a physical copy of Warrior when it came out in the holidays and it has pretty much been my go-to-album pretty much until two days ago when Lorde’s Pure Heroine came out. I don’t know how Die Young & C’Mon weren’t bigger and better received than they were – such great tracks, Dr. Luke or not. So I don’t actually think that Warrior was at all bad, but the Crazy Kids remix (and single release with William) was very unnecessary.

    Who the fk knows what “the public” is going to receive these days. A world where Rihanna can remain relevant, yet Lorde can shoot up the American charts upon the coattails of a New Zealand produced LP is a world I clearly don’t understand.

    Ke$ha clearly knew what she was doing writing songs for other artists like Britney, so maybe she still does have a few songwriting clues in regards to what’s relevant. Hard to know what on Warrior she’s for and what she’s not. I give up…

  • lol all those artists you mentioned are signed to Sony Music
    I love Warrior, I just rediscovered it on Spotify and it’s fantastic. I really don’t see the harm in Dr Luke, in small doses that is.

    • Omg they are all on Sony LOL. And Kelly Clarkson too right?

  • Johnnyyy

    All i know is that Warrior is an amazing record. #BuyDieYoungoniTunes

  • Burk Kyler

    I’m still confused why Dr. Luke is the bad guy, even though i’m quite tired of him making the same songs over again e.g. tik tok, cali gurls… but I checked out the previous post, and didn’t see anything.

    Keshia is a singles artist so her selling tons of albums isn’t a surprise to me. The other issue is the unlucky timing and single choices, not sure why supernatural was never release as the follow up to Die Young…

    • Siberian Slut

      Dr. Luke basically told Kesha that she had to sing a bunch of songs she didn’t want (examples include Crazy Kids, Die Young and Wherever You Are) or else he would remove all the songs she wrote with her mom as well as cancel the TV Show. Oh and according to her mom and her brother, he mistreats her in the studio and if she revolts he says im not making the album anymore (note shes signed to an 8 album deal TO HIM DIRECTLY [she was warned not to sign it but she was like 18 at the time and did it anyway], so if this happened, her contract locks and she basically won’t have a job till the day she dies). Dr. Luke also has done other things like put his name onto everything he possibly can even though he wasn’t responsible for it just so he can get more royalties than he deserved (examples her mom said were Engineering credits, Writing Credits and a couple Co-Producer credits). Oh and to add on top of that, her mom said that Kesha barely gets any royalties because Dr Luke takes them all for himself.

      The singles issue thing is also Dr Luke’s fault, he chooses the songs that become singles, if Ke$ha had the right to choose singles, it would be pretty clear that the Animal era would have had Animal as a single, Cannibal era would had Harold Song as a single and the Warrior era would have had Dirty Love and Love Into The Light as singles.

      • Burk Kyler

        O_O 8 album deal… the hell, and she is only on LP 2 which seemed like it had issues getting off the ground.

      • Bluebeat

        I never would’ve thought that getting a record deal could be a dream come true but could also be a nightmare turned reality o_0
        The same is happening to JoJo as well. She wants to be freed from her record label since they’re doing nothing about her music career. She wants to move forward since time is short and she’s not getting any younger now but they won’t let her.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Wait, what? Can someone explain what went down? I’m seriously behind.