Ke$ha Fans Dr. Luke
The movement to free Ke$ha from Dr. Luke’s supposedly evil grasp is gathering some serious steam. The petition has already been written about on websites like Spin, Digital Spy, Popjustice, and Perez Hilton, and now one of Ke$ha’s main directors, Steven Greenstreet, has tweeted a photo of the singer’s fans holding up anti-Luke signs at a recent concert.

Greenstreet wrote, “It’s come to this. #KeshaFans,” followed by the photo. He then followed it up with another similar pic, just to drive the point home.

Greenstreet is the co-director of Ke$ha’s MTV reality series, My Crazy Beautiful Life, which fans have used as evidence of Ke$ha’s creativity being stifled in the official petition. He also put together some behind-the-scenes features from Ke$ha’s music videos and photoshoots, and was involved in her book (also titled My Crazy Beautiful Life), so it’s safe to say that he has a fairly close working relationship with the Warrior songstress and knows exactly what’s going on with her right now.

Hopefully this whole “Free Ke$ha” thing keeps growing so that we can get an official statement from Luke and Ke$ha. If it does, it looks like we might have a repeat of the iconic “Free Fiona” campaign on our hands.

P.S. Why is it always my faves that are enslaved by their record labels? Fiona Apple, Britney Spears, and now Ke$ha. It’s not fair!

Ke$ha Fans Dr Luke 2