Katy B 5am Feature
Katy B’s deliciously dark ode to escapism on the dance floor, “5 AM,” just got a shiny new music video.

The eerie visual sees the 24-year-old’s personal demons brought to life as masked socialites at an Eyes Wide Shut-style midnight soiree. Katy gets sucked into the scary partygoers’ world for a while, but eventually escapes before dawn into a car chauffeured by a man almost as terrifying as the people she left behind.

It’s definitely one of the best videos (if not THE best) that Katy’s ever done, and leaves the impression that Columbia’s finally ready to put some real weight behind “5 AM”. As I said when I first posted the single, there really hasn’t been nearly enough promo around Katy B’s sophomore album era, but hopefully that’s all about to change. “5 AM” has all the makings of a hit, it just needs the right support to get it there.

Guys, if this bombs like MKS while The Saturdays and Rita Ora are getting number ones, we have to declare war on the UK. Deal?