Katy B 5am Artwork
Is it just me, or is the promo for Katy B’s sophomore album era really lacking? The first album was so big that I expected the marketing for the new one to be huge. Last year she dropped the Danger EP (featuring the spectacular Jessie Ware duet, “Aaliyah”), but it was kind of unclear if it was supposed to be a proper charting kind of thing, or just a quiet release for the blogs and clubs. Then in July we got her official new single, “What Love Is Made Of,” which just appeared somewhere one day — there wasn’t a big fuss like one would expect for a release of this calibre.

Who do I have to kick up the cunt to get Katy B some proper promo?

Anyway, Kween Katy is back with a new single called “5AM,” and fortunately it already seems to be getting a lot of blog buzz. It follows the standard Katy B formula of Garage-flavoured ’90s house and silky smooth vocals, but with some seriously dark lyrics that detail a depressingly lonely night out at the club.

I need somebody to calm me down / A little loving like Valium/ I need somebody to knock me out,” she sings. “I don’t know what I’m running from / But when the sun comes up it won’t be wrong.

Easily the best song I’ve heard since… What was the last amazing song I heard? Blood Orange’s “Chamakay”!

By the way, how badly does MKS need to hook up with Katy’s producers? Like, seriously. It needs to happen.

  • T.

    I lose my fucking shit at her flawlessness!

  • Josh Chinnery

    Oh Katy, you just know how to slay me to death just right. I NEED MOAR OF DIS, ALRIGHT?!?!?!?!

  • KingBeaArthur

    It’s been too long since “On A Mission”! This song is a knockout! That chorus is *O*

  • Nicole Naeun

    This is hot! I never followed her regularly, only heard a few songs of On A Mission, but this is good!


    I didn’t even know she released anything after the perfect On A Mission! Damn this is amazing! More please!

  • Kris

    Yes princess of alt club Katy B is giving it to me!!! On a Mission was a flawless record and I have no idea why her promo is so shitty this time around…

  • reone

    This song is…amazing. Hooked.

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    Oh my god yas! MKS with this sound >>>>>>>>>>>
    But it’s also so much Katy B that it could be weird. Hopefully 5AM turns into a hit for her cause it totally deserves t.

  • Andrew Rod

    YASSS Katy B YAAAAS, from “What Love Is Made Of” to this, I’m hooked this era, I must say I wasn’t hooked with her first album, I love “Wichets Brew” and “Easy Please Me”, but this two new tracks, I like them a lot, can’t wait to heard more.

  • Luke

    THANK you… I love this girl and she’s amazing but her label need to pull their fingers out and get that promo booked! She totally reminds me of oldschool Sugababes too which is great, I think she worked with them on their new album?