KARA Runaway Music Core
Ever since dickless misogynistic netizens had the time of their lives burying T-ara last year, it’s now become a trend in Korea for female K-pop stars to be ritualistically sacrificed to the masses. IU and Hyosung were dragged to the gallows after T-ara, and now the iconic KARA are currently being burned at the stake following what was deemed by netizens to be a display of unacceptable behaviour during a recent variety show appearance.

While the haters hate, KARA have been busy blessing music programs with their divine grace and charm to perform their stunning new singles, “Runaway” and “Damaged Lady.”

As long as KARA lip sync and don’t sing live, their performances are always great to watch because they’re so beautiful and their choreography is so much fun. Their Full Bloom comeback has been especially enjoyable thanks to KARA’s dual concept: lush and feminine for “Runaway,” and dramatic and masculine for “Damaged Lady.” The live stages for “Runaway” are undeniably enchanting and some of the group’s best yet (words can’t express the perfection of Nicole’s vicious strut ‘n’ rap).

It’s sad that KARA’s flopping so badly this era. “Damaged Lady” isn’t their best single ever (that honour belongs to “Honey,” “Mister,” or “Lupin”), but when paired with “Runaway,” it makes the overall comeback just as good as any one they’ve made in recent years. I’m crossing my fingers that this is just a bump in the road and not the start of a downward spiral that KARA can never recover from. Maybe a solution would be for the group to do one of their fiercer K-pop-style singles in Japan for once, instead of the bubbly J-pop shtick that they’ve adopted for the Japanese market? It’d be worth a try.

  • T-ara the best

    i like that dickless part


    I wasn’t quite sure about either song at first but everything came together with the live performances. Their elegant, graceful, strong, empowered, classy, sexy, mature women. I get it now and I love it. They’ve really taken all the hate in stride an I’m glad their not backing down and hiding. I have to say I never really paid much attention to Seungyeon, but after she stood up for Hara she really gained my respect. Bad bitches gotta stick together ya know?

  • Marhaebwa

    …yet they are near obsessive with G-Dragon and his “craft”.

    I will NEVER understand K-floptizens.

    • that’s why i don’t even pay attention anymore. not even allkpop i’m reading…

    • UncleFan

      LOL, no kidding! KARA’s flops > G-Dragon’s hits.

      • Marhaebwa

        Even their Pandora fillers: Idiot and Miss U >>>>>> G-Dragon’s everything.

        P.S. Anyone listened to KARA’s ‘Way’ off Pandora? K-Pop gold.

        • Yes!!! I love Pandora mini <3

          • Marhaebwa

            Those tracks amassed a lot of plays on my iTunes. I live for Way and of course Pandora and I like how Miss U and Idiot alludes to their earlier days where their concept was the ‘DSP cute girl group’.

            “Full Blooming” is so very much consistent to that theme of becoming a more mature sound, while not forgetting their roots.

            Which is why I’m personally upset that they are not doing as well as they deserve to be doing chart-wise and that inevitably G-Tampon will be winning them shows.

            Can we also talk about how he’s basically throwing Seungri under the Hongdae Subway? Bad move YG.

  • Ozair Islam

    STEP was more flawless than all of the aforementioned singles, just sayin’.

  • 364Leinad

    I’mma post here what I posted on NB,
    What we have here folks, is a classic example of “Netizen Dehydration”. Ever since T-ARA went on their long job vacation around Asia the netizens are desperate for anything which can quench their thirst for being absolute cunts who insult everything. They’ve even stooped so low to the point that they’ve turned Clara’s recipe off Happy Together into a scandal. And I will remind you, that scandal was not based off anything Clara said with her own mouth, but what netizens used their own twisted logic to convince themselves she was implying.

    • Queen_Eunjungy

      Ah, you forgot the comment “T-ARA, Kara, Clara… Looks like all the -ras are rude b*tches!” /facepalm

      • 364Leinad

        I seem to recall that its was “1. [+544, -68] Clara, KARA, T-ara, Hara. All of the ‘Ra’ are fu*king rude, it seems.” Quite ironic considering that just a few weeks ago they were all shitting on Sulli for swearing.

  • KingBeaArthur

    This is just proof they should have promoted “1+1” instead. The “I can make you horny now” line would have calmed those savage netizens instantly!


  • yosafbridge

    I hate K-netizens sometimes…..

    • 364Leinad

      SOMETIMES!? JUST sometimes!?

  • Bluebeat

    Relax, Jac. Despite the title track flopping, their Full Bloom album is selling really well as it scored #1 on Hanteo on its first week of sales. Btw I checked Melon a while ago, GDragon’s Coup’de’wateva is #17, while Damaged Lady is #13 lol. Honestly, don’t let the whole ‘all-kill’ thing buy you. Its all ‘company-power’.

    • But you forget to mention that on Melon, Why You is No. 2, Black is No. 3, and Crooken is No. 7!

      • OfficialKARALover

        i posted the weekly gaon chart…
        If no GD? maybe KARA snatch 1 or 2…

  • Scandalous

    I am not a fan of KARA. I mean, i like mister too but only because I think Gyuri is pretty and she is just her unflappable self hehe. But I was reading along on akp or soompi and saw that their agency was agreeing that their behavior on the show was “disgraceful” or some word? I was actually disgusted. I mean c’mon, the girl tried to get the MC to stop talking about her love life, and obvi with her reaction the first time you can tell it was a mine field you are walking on. So what the hell. Then her darn agency saying this stuff? Defend your clients who make you money. Appeasing netizens my ass. If you don’t like them don’t buy them, and don’t watch them simple.

    • OfficialKARALover

      DSP you know…i think every person who follow kpop knows how suck DSP is

      • Scandalous

        I don’t know, but they don’t help there clients at all. I mean, I guess that the cultural thing is to always be humble–that’s good. But don’t let them sit there and people talk smack about them. That’s one reason I don’t wanna get into the kpop scene. Fans hold their favorite artist hostage.

        • OfficialKARALover

          well that’s DSP..

          just hoping for the best treatment for KARA ..

  • OfficialKARALover


  • OfficialKARALover

    You know about MIX French POP & ROCK genre?..
    that’s the Concept of DAMAGE LADY.

    We can talk all about jpop and kpop…

    just a question have you listen to throwback kpop? and jpop once? 90’s for example?…

    People think jpop=AKB48 sounds…dig up some research and its not all about them

  • OfficialKARALover

    I think i must keep on eye in this website now as well..with more calmer and balance opinion ..