Avril Lavigne Rock N Roll Jimmy Kimmel
The VMAs didn’t let Avril Lavigne perform, while iHeartRadio let her on stage, but refused to televise it. Luckily, third time’s a charm for Avril, who was able to perform her new single, “Rock N Roll,” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, AND have it put on the TV, too!

Being the punk rock pioneer that she is, Avrilegend rebelled against the norm by kicking off her performance in Kimmel’s parking lot with a BearShark by her side. The heavy metal icon then made her way to the stage, where she head-banged so hard that her goggles were hurtled from her head.

Much love to Avril’s stylist for not giving us a repeat of the Abby Dawn ensemble from the iHeartRadio gig. Queen Lavigne looked perfect.

Sadly, Avril’s groundbreaking performance hasn’t done anything to get “Rock N Roll” back into the iTunes top 100, but whatever. Avril’s not in the music business for the sales or the awards. The art is enough for her. She doesn’t need lousy number ones like “Roar” and “Royals” and whatever else the MAINSTREAM is listening to right now. The First Lady of Rawck remains unbothered by the impending flop of her new album, so don’t even try bring her down ‘coz it won’t work. EVERYTHING IS JUST FINE OK?!?!

Avril Lavigne GIF