Avril Lavigne iHeartAss 2013

ARE YOU READY TO RAWWWCCCKKK?”  Avril Lavigne screeched to the packed crowd at the iHeartRadio festival before performing her Hot 100-charting smash, “Rock N Roll.”

Dressed in some garish Abbey Dawn ensemble with a Mad Max twist, Avrilegend fist pumped, head banged, and gave the finger like a true rock icon.

Iggy Pop, who?

Iggy Pop GIF

“Rock N Roll” has since fallen off the Hot 100 chart after its blistering debut at No. 91 a few weeks ago, but it’s about to make a major comeback. In addition to Avril’s badly-dressed iHeartRadio set, she’s also performed the single for an upcoming episode of Jimmy Kimmel.

Queen Lavigne is getting the promo that the VMAs denied her!

Plus, now that she performed at a Clear Channel event for free without so much as a styling or production budget to work with, perhaps radio will actually start playing “Rock N Roll”. Y’all know that this is how these shady motherfuckers work: “Perform at our concert and we’ll spin your new single; refuse and we’ll end your career faster than we ended Carly Rae Jepsen’s!”

“Rock N Roll” starts at 4:20 mark.