Teen Vogue Avril Usher
Avril Lavigne (seen above slaying the 2004 issue of Teen Vogue with Usher) has blasted back onto the Billboard Hot 100 — not with a whimper, but with a BANG! The talented musician’s latest smash ~Rock N Roll~ debuts at No. 91 this week, becoming the 17th Hot 100 entry of her career.

Not only did “Rock N Roll” debut higher than Juicy J’s “Bounce It,” but at No. 91 it’s also higher than Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl,” which slums it at No. 97 this week.

Buurrrrnnn, Bonnie. Burn!

Avril Lavigne GIF

~Rock N Roll~ has since fallen out of the iTunes top 100, but I’m sure it’ll bounce back once the American public finally wakes up and stops getting drunk off of Katy Perry’s poison breast milk.

In other news, Queen Lavigne has collaborated with fellow rock icons, Marilyn Manson and Chad Kroeger, on her upcoming self-titled album. King Kroeger features on a track called “Let Me Go,” while Manson appears on the boldly-titled “Bad Girl.” Other tracks on the new album include “Bitchin’ Summer,” “Sippin’ On Sunshine,” and “Hello Kitty,” which Avrilegend has previously described as her first ELECTRONIC song.

The musical diversity… Avril Lavigne is coming for ARTPOP’s matted mermaid wig!!!

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