Jhene Aiko Bed Peace
Jhené Aiko is one of those singers that’s easy to feel sorry for. She was doing the indie alt-urban thing before it blew up in the mainstream like it has now, and she had the whole “female Drake” sound down before Cassie and every other female R&B star in the game started doing it. She’s a classic case of an artist who simply came out too early before people were ready, and now that everyone has finally caught up, all the rookie buzz is gone. Most of Jhené’s press now comes from the hip-hop blog community (Rap-Up, etc), when she should actually be getting tonnes of love from the indie blogs, too.

Anyway, at the end of October, she’ll drop her long-overdue debut EP, Sail Out. The Childish Gambino-assisted lead single, “Bed Peace,” is a sweet ode to fucking and smoking set to acoustic R&B and trap beats.

If I had it my way I’d roll out of bed / Say, ’bout 2:30 mid day,” she coos. “Hit the blunt / then hit you up to come over to my place / You show up right away / We make love then and then we fuck / And then you’d give me my space.

Who told Jhené about my idea of heaven and then got her to write an entire song about it? Hmm?

No, but seriously, this song is perfect. I can already see Rihanna recording it, sticking it on her next album (due out this year), releasing it as the second single, and then scoring a “What’s Your Name”-sized smash from it. As for Jhené’s version, the only people who are gonna hear it are the readers of Rap-Up and arcadey.

Sail Out drops October 29, and features collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Ab-Soul, and Kendrick Lamar.