Havana Brown Ba Bing
Havana Brown is the female Flo-rida, except super hot and Australian. Like Flo, all her music is horribly generic and uninspired, but a lot of it is catchy enough to work as a guilty pleasure. And did I mention that she’s super hot?

Next month, she’ll finally drop her first studio album, Flashing Lights. The title track –a flirty slice of post-“Get Lucky” disco funk– saw Havana heading in a more sophisticated direction, but the just leaked “Ba*Bing” takes the DJ-turned-singer right back to the serrated electro-house of “Get It.” “Ba*Bing” is much more sinister, though, with distorted vocals and rave-y snake charmer synthesizers. It kind of sounds like Lady Gaga’s “Aura” in parts, but way trashier and without any of the mad scientist creativity behind it. It’s still a total pussy popper, though.

If you want to get your hands on “Ba*Bing,” pre-order Flashing Lights on iTunes and you’ll get it as a bonus track or something.