2NE1 2013 Feature
Oh 2NE1, how you continue to fail us all.
As expected, 2NE1 has not stuck to their promised schedule of releasing one new single every three weeks. Their last single, “Do You Love Me” dropped August 7, which means the follow-up should’ve been out on August 28. It’s now September 25 –almost an entire month later– and there’s still no word on when the next single is coming.

In the time between “Do You Love Me” and now, CL’s been seen partying with celebrities in the States and starring on SBS’ new singing competition, Super Match, while Bom made headlines after her botched chin job dislodged. While 2NE1’s activities were pushed aside without any explanation, YG Entertainment went and released Seungri’s second mini-album and G-Dragon’s sophomore album, the latter of which was led by no less than FOUR singles. YG’s also got a new Taeyang solo album dropping next month, and a new BIGBANG single the month after.

Dara GIF

I’m not against YG prioritizing BIGBANG over 2NE1 since BIGBANG is a much better group, but when YG confirms a schedule they should stick to it. This is hardly the first time that 2NE1’s been pushed back, either: “Falling In Love” was originally scheduled to drop last year after “I Love You,” but was instead pushed back for an entire year. 2NE1’s sophomore album was also due last year, too.

What’s going on, YG?

It’s not like 2NE1 is some random rookie act that can suffer serial delays without anyone caring. Up until this year, they were the second biggest girl group in Korea after Girls’ Generation. They were lucky last year when T-ara’s scandal stopped their spot from being taken (which it most definitely would’ve been had Hwayoung-gate never happened), but now SISTAR and f(x) have surpassed them on the charts. Hell, this year alone Girl’s Day, 4minute, SECRET, and A Pink all had much bigger hits than 2NE1 did.

Is the delay due to Park Bom’s plastic surgery addiction or some other behind-the-scenes issue, or does YG Entertainment no longer care about 2NE1 now that they’re under-performing on the charts? It’s no secret that CL’s flawless solo single tanked, and although “Falling In Love” opened with a blockbuster first-week, it was quick to slip from the top spot after that. (To put it into perspective, “Falling In Love” and T-ara N4’s “Countryside Life” had the same digital aggregator score by their respective eight week marks.) “Do You Love Me” has shown a similar lack of longevity after debuting at No. 3 (poor by 2NE1’s standards), and ranking behind the likes of EXO, Crayon Pop, f(x), and Bumkey on August’s monthly chart.

Whether you like 2NE1 or not, it’s clear that YG Entertainment has seriously dropped the ball with the group. At this point, they may as well just put the album out before the year ends and then pull a Wonder Girls and go on hiatus while all the members pursue solo activities. Dara, Minzy, and Bom are only holding CL back from what could be a huge solo career as a  professional socialite/singer, anyway.

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  • byoing~byoing.

    Duh, Bom’s rigorous plastic surgery social schedule got in the way.

  • KingBeaArthur

    When was the album due out anyway? October? November? YG seem more focused on mentally abusing potential rookies and paying off Baby Gri’s one night stands than they do on getting 2ne1 back to where they were.

    Shame, shame, shame.

    • norimix

      If they plan on coming back in Oct or Nov they have some pretty stiff competition.. IU, Tara, and rumors of SNSD’s Korean comeback on Halloween day.

      • KingBeaArthur

        :D Halloween?? I hope so! October is crazy packed!

  • I think it was meant to be a single every month until the end of the year or something but that’s not going to happen.

    I really don’t understand this promotion. Just do the usual YG 2/3 title tracks and release a goddam album. Like what they did with their first full album. These past two singles were so sub par compared to the rest of their stuff as well.

    I’m a big fan but I think they should just release one more album and then all go solo. I mean they were meant to be solo artists in the first place. I NEED a CL solo album. Bom can just release a few digital singles. Dara can go back to acting and Minzy… not sure.

    • Lin Misfits

      Bom should release a solo album ASAP. All of her solo singles were very successful. While she’s not an amazing singer live, she’s fantastic in the studio.
      CL is more amazing live, than she is in the studio.

      YG can easily make profit from those two artists/ idols.

      For Dara, she needs to appear on more variety shows, and Minzy could release a dance album. While she can sing and dance well, she’s boring.

  • Lin Misfits

    While JYP also dropped the ball on all of their artists, I’m glad they’re picking themselves up and released the dates for the future. If it all goes well, they should be able to catch up to YG and SM.

    YG should adopt a similar concept, and actually stick to it.
    While I’m a JYG (JYP and YG, not a fan of SM) fan-boy, I wish 2ne1 could find other producers. If they were to release an album that’s as good as Lee Hi’s (First Love; flawless), they could definitely rival SNSD.

    • norimix

      That’s pretty much a wishful thinking on your part. Latest count of the public broadcast wins by female idols show that 2ne1lags behind WG who isn’t even promoting anymore for the foreseeable future. Also fall waaaaaay short of ever catching up to SNSD’s wins..
      1: SNSD- 62 wins
      2: WG- 27 wins
      3: 2ne1- 23 wins

    • Yeah they could NEVER come close to SNSD. Even at their peak they couldn’t. Before they worry about SNSD they need to focus on getting past SISTAR and f(x), not to mention A Pink who are probably gonna be top tier within another 12 months.

      Just last year T-ara already equalled 2NE1’s level and were about to surpass them with “Sexy Love” until the scandal happened. If that scandal never happened, “Sexy Love” would’ve smashed so hard, similar to the way that “Lovey-Dovey” dominated after “Cry Cry”. “Day by day” was released as the warm up for “Sexy Love,”

      • norimix

        According to the idol broadcast win chart Sistar is nipping at 2ne1’s heels. Sistar has 18 wins to 2ne1’s 23 wins.. Sistar is could over take them with just one monster hit.. XD

        • The wins doesn’t matter that much since they’re fake anyway (like how 2NE1 beat Crayon Pop even though Crayon Pop had much higher sales). SISTAR had TWO of the biggest-selling songs of last year, and currently has TWO of the biggest-selling songs of 2013 (“Gone, Not Around Any Longer” is second after “Gentleman”). When you factor that in, in addition to the group’s CFs, popularity, and individual member activities (Bora’s burgeoning variety career, Soyu and Hyorin’s solo music, and Dasom’s acting career), they are most definitely ahead of 2NE1 now.

          • norimix

            I would still enjoy watching BJs squirm a bit and eat some humble pie when a fairly new group can snatch 2ne1’s brass crown off their heads with broadcast wins. I would also love to see IU and Tara comeback to their top forms again.

          • ZeeHang

            You know what, here’s some <3 <3 <3 for you as you really acknowledged SISTAR's achievements in Kpop scene :)))

          • Quang Phạm

            Remember how Sistar was compared to 2NE1 because they have 4 members and 2NE1’s rumored name before their debut was Sistar…

        • I would say internationally 2NE1 has more fans and is more well known but Sistar are definitely bigger in Korea atm.

      • Lin Misfits

        I’m more so stating that 2ne1 has a large fan base, much bigger than SISTAR, f(x) etc.

        Therefore, if they have a successful single, people will hype it up and say they’ve surpassed or almost equal with SNSD.

  • ICONI3

    2NE1 is only still alive because of the fans demand for them. I thought it was pretty obvious that YG wanted to throw 2NE1 away since last year.

  • norimix

    LMFAO.. XD

  • JammySmoochie

    You actually believed YG’s words? LMAO

    Latest news that I got is that their Japanese choreographer instagrammed a photo of her working with YG dancers (plus a photo of Dara’s gift to her), so yeah, their still gonna promote but with the expected delay.


    I completely forgot about 2NE1 tbh. Gurl BYE!

    • hahaha love you MIKE! taken the words outta my fingertips!

      • MIKEE

        Lmao! <3 There's so much great music just around the corner…I do not have time for their mess.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Y’all are some shady ass hoes, you know that XD

          • MIKEE

            Lol! Btw y’all 9MUSES 1st full length album “PRIMADONNA” is out 10/14/13 along with their single “GUN!” Support good music and not recycled trash like 2NE1 and Tiffany16 are trying to fool you into buying please! #PhuckYoShamelessPromo

          • Josh Chinnery

            Like I said, shady XD

          • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY 9MUSES!! i just saw the album artwork and it seems so beautiful and classy!

            this year’s been amazing for the girl groups and really, 2NE1 is not missed at all. for every “do you love me” crap there have been “dolls”, “expect me”, “wild”, “nonono” and god even kim sori’s january flop “dual life” is better than what YG has put out for their supposed stellar girl group this year.

            now…what’s tiffany16?

          • MIKEE

            I LIVE for Nine Muses! Dual Life seriously slays, way underrated! I mean even Apink caught my attention and I’m not a fan of theirs at all. I mostly into girl groups so I was very satisfied this year.

            As far as messy ass YG goes I’m only here for BIGBANG, solo Seungri, and solo T.O.P. Lee Hi is way overrated imo. And Tiffany16…well this should explain things lol http://allkflop.tumblr.com/post/62233659494/tiffany16-finally-releases-japanese-re-debut-single

  • Where’s that new girl group YG? Management seems like a mess

  • Andi

    I started to lose interest in 2NE1 right around the time they released Ugly, and my disinterest has only grown larger with every release after that (except for Scream, which is absolutely flawless). They feel so uninspired as a group, which is sad to say because 2NE1 was such a breath of fresh air in the K-pop industry when they debuted; their debut stages remain some of their best. At this point, I think there’s nothing for them to do but to split as a group and go their own ways.

  • Josh Chinnery

    “As expected, 2NE1 has not stuck to their promised schedule of releasing one new single every three weeks.”

    I assumed it was once every month till their album or mini or whatever it is they’re doing drops in October… You’re right that they need to drop the third single, though. This is ridiculous XD

  • Sunny

    Can they please disband them already?

  • Matheus Torres

    This whole “new single very month” was also done two years ago, wasn’t it? They released all their 2nd mini songs separately as digital singles, until the actual release – although not exactly one per month.

    Perhaps the audience has finally realized 2NE1 is nothing really special? It’s a lot of production (not necessarily GOOD production) and a decent frontwoman (CL). They had a lot of potential from their Fire/I Don’t Care days, but just didn’t develop it.

  • GV

    Ughhhh i was wondering what was goin on with them :/ This bums me out but Bom’s facial complications/ addictions would make sense of what is holding things up? Hope they get that shit together and release thier album cuz I use to be a hardcore “blackjack” but they’ve been out of it so i kinda dont care anymore :/

  • Honey Siobal


    • cant_sleep

      Aw, delulu BJs are so cute! :P Grow up, sweetheart. They’re done.

    • Teffany Marie

      yeah !! 2ne1 number snsd number fx number 3 and t-ara number 4,, according to fans world wide,, google it

  • Honey Siobal


  • JJangJjang

    ffs I love 2ne1 but they’re really becoming the neglected pet of YG-entertainment… CL just go solo and take on the world

  • Flipin Flopper

    Wow the hate here for 2NE1? And to what purpose? Maybe some BJ`s can be OTT, but come on, that`s the same in any fandom. Reserve the Hate for the Management Company, where it rightly belongs or swallow your insecurity, which is not necessary anyway. At least they have released a Teaser last night which looks good.