2NE1 2013 Feature
Oh 2NE1, how you continue to fail us all.
As expected, 2NE1 has not stuck to their promised schedule of releasing one new single every three weeks. Their last single, “Do You Love Me” dropped August 7, which means the follow-up should’ve been out on August 28. It’s now September 25 –almost an entire month later– and there’s still no word on when the next single is coming.

In the time between “Do You Love Me” and now, CL’s been seen partying with celebrities in the States and starring on SBS’ new singing competition, Super Match, while Bom made headlines after her botched chin job dislodged. While 2NE1’s activities were pushed aside without any explanation, YG Entertainment went and released Seungri’s second mini-album and G-Dragon’s sophomore album, the latter of which was led by no less than FOUR singles. YG’s also got a new Taeyang solo album dropping next month, and a new BIGBANG single the month after.

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I’m not against YG prioritizing BIGBANG over 2NE1 since BIGBANG is a much better group, but when YG confirms a schedule they should stick to it. This is hardly the first time that 2NE1’s been pushed back, either: “Falling In Love” was originally scheduled to drop last year after “I Love You,” but was instead pushed back for an entire year. 2NE1’s sophomore album was also due last year, too.

What’s going on, YG?

It’s not like 2NE1 is some random rookie act that can suffer serial delays without anyone caring. Up until this year, they were the second biggest girl group in Korea after Girls’ Generation. They were lucky last year when T-ara’s scandal stopped their spot from being taken (which it most definitely would’ve been had Hwayoung-gate never happened), but now SISTAR and f(x) have surpassed them on the charts. Hell, this year alone Girl’s Day, 4minute, SECRET, and A Pink all had much bigger hits than 2NE1 did.

Is the delay due to Park Bom’s plastic surgery addiction or some other behind-the-scenes issue, or does YG Entertainment no longer care about 2NE1 now that they’re under-performing on the charts? It’s no secret that CL’s flawless solo single tanked, and although “Falling In Love” opened with a blockbuster first-week, it was quick to slip from the top spot after that. (To put it into perspective, “Falling In Love” and T-ara N4’s “Countryside Life” had the same digital aggregator score by their respective eight week marks.) “Do You Love Me” has shown a similar lack of longevity after debuting at No. 3 (poor by 2NE1’s standards), and ranking behind the likes of EXO, Crayon Pop, f(x), and Bumkey on August’s monthly chart.

Whether you like 2NE1 or not, it’s clear that YG Entertainment has seriously dropped the ball with the group. At this point, they may as well just put the album out before the year ends and then pull a Wonder Girls and go on hiatus while all the members pursue solo activities. Dara, Minzy, and Bom are only holding CL back from what could be a huge solo career as a  professional socialite/singer, anyway.

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