Haim Days Are Gone
Haim’s Days Are Gone leaked a couple of weeks ago, but it only just hit stores today. Naturally, I’ve had it on repeat since the leak just like any decent pop fan should, and have been quietly praying for it to get the huge sales that it deserves. The sister act is already plugging the disc on the cover of Spin and NME, so that’s a good sign, but they lost Q to the Arctic Monkeys (damn you and your sexy face, Alex Turner!).

I’ve been wanting to highlight a specific track for those of you that haven’t been blessed by the Holy Haim yet, but I’ve had trouble deciding which one because they’re all so fucking good. I was leaning towards the title track, co-written by Jessie Ware, but decided to go the easy route with the catchy “If I Could Change Your Mind.” It’s definitely one of the safer cuts from the already super poppy album, but it’s an instant earworm that sounds like it was just plucked straight off an ’80s soundtrack. It’s got some serious single potential and would serve as a great follow up to “The Wire.”

Speaking of “The Wire,” now that it’s doing so well, I hope Haim eventually re-releases “Forever” or “Don’t Save Me” since they didn’t get the recognition they deserved the first time ’round. Knowing the weird, slow, late as phuck way the American charts work, it wouldn’t be at all odd to see either one of them make it big in the States next year. It happened to Ellie Goulding, so it can happen to Haim.