Girls' Generation Galaxy Supernova
I gave Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single, “Galaxy Supernova,” a pretty lukewarm write-up, but it’s grown on me a lot since then. However, it’s nothing compared to its glittery b-side, “Do The Catwalk,” which just took a leak earlier today.

Like the twisty “I Got a Boy,” “Do The Catwalk” is a bit of a musical transformer. The Divine Nine strut their way through excessively effervescent J-pop and chopped & screwed sax-driven euro-pop. The old whistle hook technique is used, but SNSD flips it into a wolf whistle and layer it with endless “doo dahs” like they’re a charming retro act. It’s occasionally hard to tell if you’re listening to J-pop, K-pop, ABBA, or all of the above.

I know the general consensus is that we’re only supposed to like Girls’ Generation’s “edgy” songs nowadays, but c’mon! This is just so fun and cute and tooth ache-y!