Girls' Generation Galaxy Supernova
I gave Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single, “Galaxy Supernova,” a pretty lukewarm write-up, but it’s grown on me a lot since then. However, it’s nothing compared to its glittery b-side, “Do The Catwalk,” which just took a leak earlier today.

Like the twisty “I Got a Boy,” “Do The Catwalk” is a bit of a musical transformer. The Divine Nine strut their way through excessively effervescent J-pop and chopped & screwed sax-driven euro-pop. The old whistle hook technique is used, but SNSD flips it into a wolf whistle and layer it with endless “doo dahs” like they’re a charming retro act. It’s occasionally hard to tell if you’re listening to J-pop, K-pop, ABBA, or all of the above.

I know the general consensus is that we’re only supposed to like Girls’ Generation’s “edgy” songs nowadays, but c’mon! This is just so fun and cute and tooth ache-y!

  • UncleFan

    “I know the general consensus is…”

    I never concurred with that consensus! #JusticeForBeepBeep

    • twerkdol

      sigh…we are never getting that damn full pv. it’s been locked in the sm basement along with the IGAB dance practice.

      • Josh Chinnery

        They can keep the Beep Beep PV; the only thing I liked about it was Hyoyeon looking like she was ready to brandish a knife and go full ratchet on a hoe >_>

      • um

        sm only gives a shit about shinee and exo dance practices. i’ve been thristing for the sexy free and single practice for over a year.

    • Lmao, neither did I, but people are always complaining how SNSD is too cute and should only do music like their first Japanese album and nothing else.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Loving this! Most of SNSD’s b-sides are amazing like Beep Beep, All My Love…, Lingua Franca, and this!

  • Andi

    I totally expected Do The Catwalk to be a sassy dance pop song based on the title alone (along the lines of Paparazzi), but it’s so much more! Still not my favorite J-pop song by a Korean girl group this year though; that honor goes to After School’s Heaven, with T-ara’s Target as a close second.

    • Omg yes, Target and Heaven! <3

      • Andi

        Both such underrated pop gems!

    • truth

      Target my #1

  • Justy

    I feel like “Do The Catwalk” would have made a better A-side single than “Supernova Galaxy”. I mean it’s catchier, more dynamic, and has a more distinct J-pop sound. My only problem is some of the girls’ pronunciation, particularly Hyoyeon’s. Her accent is so damn strong! Other than that, I think it’s great.
    And even though I prefer SNSD’s “1st Japan Album” sound more than any of their other styles (other than “I Got A Boy” of course), songs that are as good as “Do The Catwalk” are always welcome. Tracks like “MY J” are the ones that fucking kill me :/

    • Josh Chinnery

      I can’t stand 75% of the tracks off The Boys’ album; that aegyo pop filler crap is annoying -_-

  • Fawoo

    This doesn’t sound tooth ache-y at all. Especially when compared to their peers in the Japanese pop market, this song is FAR from it. It actually reminds me of the dreaminess from Chocolate Love and the hypnotic Visual Dreams.

    I actually like this sound, it’s cute without being in-your-face cute. SM & producers know exactly what they’re doing, and staying far away from over the edge cute pop that AKB48 dominates is what’s best for SNSD & SM (and their bottom line).

    Also this <<<<<< Galaxy Supernova. Supernova has the massive hook and is incredibly radio friendly without giving into the tooth ache-y oricon chart toppers.

    SNSD's B-sides and filler tracks will continue to dominate the market while T-ara struggle to even land a producer. #BlessSM

    • Kween T-ara had like fifty producers for their Banisuta album with all those solo tracks

      • Fawoo

        Oh yep, because those solo tracks were absolute pure brilliance.

        Jiyeon needs to pull Nicole and murder the other members before they completely ruin her potential. Well her and Eunjung.

        • Um, Eunjung’s “Two As One” was f-ing perfection! And Soyeon’s JYJ “In Heaven” rip-off was flawless, as was Boram’s “Maybe Maybe.” The other songs were either terrible or average though,

          • Fawoo

            ~Eunjung for Hillary Clinton’s affair 2016!~

          • truth

            are you kidding me , the only songs i liked were Jiyeon’s my sea and Hyomin love suggestion …the others were trash

    • truth

      looool you can NEVER compare T-ara master-pieces to the jke that snsd realease and their fans buy it like fools

  • Daniel

    Im sure Qween Hyo slays her 3 second line in that ;)

    • 364Leinad

      Hyocess is beyond singing. She finds performing for us peasants like a trained monkey degrading. She leaves that to her band-mates. When she feels we have appeased her enough she will bless us with 0.5 seconds of her heavenly voice.

      • Marhaebwa


  • KingBeaArthur

    No words! This unquestionably slays Galaxy imo!

  • James Smith III

    hyoyeon is center!!!!! yasss

  • Lee James

    Perfick song IMHO