Girls' Generation Galaxy Supernova
As the most breathtakingly beautiful girl group in all of Asia (and the entire world), it’s only natural to see Girls’ Generation become the new models for Samantha Thavasa. The Japanese fashion label has created a new line of skinny jeans inspired by the angels of the east that comes in nine different colours. To do their bit in promoting the classy brand, the Divine Nine have turned the music video for their latest J-pop single, “Galaxy Supernova,” into a musical denim commercial.

Out of all the original Japanese singles that Girls’ Generation’s released so far, “Galaxy Supernova” is definitely the weakest. The bouncy dance-pop number isn’t nearly as spectacularly exciting as its intergalactic title suggests. It’s the kind of innocuous bop that would make a fun album filler, B-side, or bonus track, but as an official single it’s a let down — especially after the incredible “Love&Girls.” Although, considering the rather flat performance of “Love&Girls” on the Oricon charts, maybe this is the the kind of thing the Japanese public wants. The Samantha Thavasa deal should certainly help “Galaxy Supernova” sell a few copies, so that’s a plus.

There’s not much to say about the music video except that the girls look stunning and Sunny’s glamorous new hair is a game changer. It’s just a dance video that doubles as a denim commercial, so you can’t really expect much outside of gorgeous beauty, which it delivers in spades.

Nice try, SNSD, but for the time being, After School’s “Heaven” still remains the best Japanese song from a Korean girl group released in the past month.

  • Lin Misfits

    I’m just wondering how they lost so much leg weight.

  • Can we talk about how Hyoyeon is in the middle for more than a spilt second here?! :O

    • Marhaebwa

      YAS WE CAN!
      SM aren’t dashing her lyrics anymore but they’re getting to know she is the KWEEN of the line-up. Therefore, it’s only natural that she’s receiving that major shine like a plant going through photosynthesis.

    • Johnnyyy

      I literally screamed when she was in the middle ):

  • Dhruv Angrup

    after two great singles,flower power and love&girls which did’nt do well according to standards of snsd…i guess they just wanted to make quick bucks with this one and it can be easily seen that not much thought has been put into the pv or the song’s production…so i won’t be surprised if it does well since that’s the trend with all the j-pop hits…
    and also am i the only one here who thinks the quality of video in love&girls and galaxy supernova is quite poor…and by quality i mean the clarity of the video…what kind of cameras are they using?? u can literally see the pixels below 720p and it’s so blurry..

    • UncleFan

      This reason the video looks bad is because of all the flashing, moving light in the background. YouTube’s encoder doesn’t use a high enough bitrate to encode all that visual information properly, so it just becomes a mess of blurry blocks. What I try to do when this happens is to find a better version of the video that someone captured off their cable TV feed and then convert that to MP4 using a high bitrate.

  • Quang Phạm

    It’s a shame that Flower Power and Love&Girls didn’t do so well on Oricon. Those are pure gems.

    • Lin Misfits

      Flower Power? For me it’s a no. Animal was a gem.

      • Andi

        Flower Power & Reflection >>> Animal

  • KingBeaArthur

    Love&Girls was perfection! Shame on Japan for not realizing that.

    I was NOT prepared for Sunny’s new hair at all. Yuri’s goddess-like curves gave me everything.

  • Boops

    Do you really think this is their weakest j-single? I rather enjoyed it, it was much better than I was expecting!

  • Guest

    I solemnly do agree that this is by far one of their weaker J-singles (if not their weakest), still a banger..
    …but definitely more “Track-09-of-unnamed-Japanese-Album” than a lead single. At the end of the day, they got their jeans shine which they wanted so yeah…

    Cos that’s all they dash her…two lines. :'(

  • Marhaebwa

    I solemnly do agree that this is by far one of their weaker J-singles (if not their weakest), still a banger..
    …but definitely more “Track-09-of-unnamed-Japanese-Album” than a lead single. At the end of the day, they got their jeans shine which they wanted so yeah…

    Cos that’s all they dash her…two lines. :'(


    I’ll take a weak SNSD single over half the crap the music industry is force feeding us right now. Sunny’s hair is poppin. Yuri’s pony is poppin. Hyoyeon’s one line, poppin. Dem jeans also be poppin. Now lets get that Korean comeback moving along ladies.

    • Marhaebwa

      LOL That is the hairstyle that fit the cute sexy Sunny, not blue candy floss. Not about that life…

      …and my Kween Holyeon commanded those formations with her presence. Especially that one line. That one line was ERRTHANG!

      • MIKEE

        Lmao I liked the cotton candy hair! Really tho, that bitch can pull off any hairstyle. Hyoyeon is a true Kween, she doesn’t even need lines. All the other girls (that aren’t Kween Yurisus) be hatin’ that her flawless dance breaks be stealin’ their shine!

        • Marhaebwa

          Nah, if she wasn’t one of the cutest things out there, she was THIS close to becoming one of Willy Wonka’s lost Oompa-loompas. #minimumshade

          THEY BE HATIN’ HER SOUL, DAMMIT! She knows that SM will NEVAH give her more that 11 japanese syllables so her expression is in the damn dance, and she BRINGS IT!

          Also, in Yuri’s credit, that s-line keeps working anything she wears. Her in those jeans makes her curvaceous as.

          Yuri – 1. Sooyoung’s bony legs – 0.

          • hahah yuri is a matter of divinity. seriously, that woman could turn me into a straight man anytime. thank god she’s supposedly a lesbian lol

          • Marhaebwa

            Lol, she could be such a power lesbian.

          • Johnnyyy

            KWEEN HYOYEON ALWAYS SLAYS ): our goddess is prettier than anyone else.. love her so much. HOLYYEON forever ):

          • Marhaebwa

            *bows down to Hyomighty*

  • Allen Alexander

    I honestly love the song. I’m a little bitter and pressed that Hyoyeon got syllables for lines, but I like how they always keep the choreography fast and the formations moving. The only part I DON’T like is Jessica’s annoying english section, not onct that it exists but the way she delivers it. Other than that everyone looks great as usual!

  • twerkdol

    What kind of flaw-free denim commercial…your faves could NEVA.

    Lol I knew you wouldn’t like this. Maybe it’s my thirst for anything new from Legends Generation but I was instantly slayed. Love&Girls was cute but it didn’t feel like the right direction for them musically. I want Mature Goddess Shidae, no more of the cutesy crap. As for the rest of their Japanese singles, nothing will ever top Flower Power & Paparazzi for me, but this is an easily-digestible banger and I’m here for it.

    As for Sunny…I just….

  • The Great Escape will forever be their best japanese song tbh

  • emily

    what happen to them coming to usa ? Still have The boys on replay

  • Marhaebwa
  • While After School’s “Heaven” also owns, don’t forget that AS also had a Samantha Thavasa deal…LAST YEAR. After School hwaiting!!!!

  • oneclearnight

    After School slayed me with Heaven, but this is good too. I simply cannot help but like a new Soshi single. I wish they’d treat Sunny like the lead vocalist she supposedly is and stop giving Jessica awkward english parts, but I’m here for everything else.

    If this is a musical denim commercial, this is the best one I’ve ever seen.

    • hahaha jessica annoys the crap outta me with these english narrations.

      • Marhaebwa

        “ENGLISH NARRATIONS” ended me.

        Deliver that truth, tho.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Eventhough we recently have different taste in music (“Badflop” and the good “Crooked”), we’re on the same page for this!

    Galaxy is def a let down, especially with a title like that which is one of the most iconic song titles this year. And I think we’re the only people who stan for the incredible iconic “Love&Girls”, most people hate it lmfao.

    • i love love&girls guys! it’s a pity it was such a tiny and forgotten japanese release. that beautiful carnival with drag queens and all deserve a korean version!

  • agreed!

    and i demeand their korean comeback quickly because my ultimate bias queen hyoyeon is beyond forgotten on these japanese videos. u_u