G-Dragon Coup D'etat Music Video
As a massive BIGBANG fan, I’ve honestly tried to get into G-Dragon’s solo career, but I just can’t do it. As I’ve said a thousand times before, he’s the Will.i.am of BIGBANG. He’s incredible as the creative force and puppet master behind his group and the other artists he produces, but on his own he’s fucking unbearable. Not to mention that all his solo music is just a bad regurgitation of whatever happens to be popping off in America at the time, yet somehow it always managed to conquer the K-pop charts with total ease. Meanwhile, sex fiend Seungri and the unfairly maligned CL are flopping like there’s no tomorrow despite putting out the best music that YG Entertainment has had to offer.

Qri Sad GIF

G-Dragon new single, the embarrassingly-titled “Coup D’Etat,” is one of the few tracks that he didn’t produce himself. That “honour” goes to both Diplo and one-hit-wonder, Baaeur, who I’m guessing GD enlisted because he felt it’d give him some more cred in the States or something. The song is woozy, smouldering hip-hop that plays like a more sedated version of some of Diplo and Baaeur’s previous work. I’d like to lump it in the trendy hipster-hop category, but it’s too polished and uneventful for that.

We must remember that CL tackled this same genre with her ratchet alien hipster-hop anthem, “The Baddest Female,” which was infinitely more interesting and ahead-of-the-curve than “Coup D’Etat,” yet was endlessly criticized by the Korean public and K-pop fans for being too weird, too urban, and too-whatever-anyone-could-think-of-to-insult-it at the time. Now GD has come out with a watered-down version of the same song, yet the backlash seems minimal despite its current poor performance on the digital charts. It’s as if YG sacrificed CL to the public just to warm everyone up for GD’s solo album, which is both shady and seriously fucked up.

The funniest part about this is that a “Coup D’Etat” roughly means to overthrow an established government or power, which is rich coming from a serial bandwagoner like G-Dragon. If anyone is going to sing a song called “Coup D’Etat,” it should be someone rallying AGAINST someone like GD and the generic sludge he churns out on a regular basis.

If you want some good YG music, go listen to BIGBANG, CL, or Seungri, and throw G-Dragon’s album in the trash where it belongs (right next to 2NE1’s “Falling In Love”).

  • leesigh3

    I think GD is getting less backlash than CL because his MV is incredible. Also, watered down doesn’t necessarily equal worse.

    • Baddest Female MV was WAY better. GD’s videos are so predictable now. I like that he has his own signature style but it’s become really boring now. Some artists can do the same thing and it works (KARA), but others need to switch it up and GD is one of them.

      • leesigh3

        I kind of thought that the Baddest Female video was a rip off of GD’s swag filled One of a Kind video.

        • Dhruv Angrup

          it is….

      • jesus! i hate gd’s image… it’s a messy mix of bjork with lady gaga, but instead of curiosisty it mostly induces vomitting

      • twerkdol

        lmaoooooooooooo your avi

  • Nicole Naeun

    You and your obsession with The Trashiest Female…………

    Song is garbage just like CL’s, but the video is amazing. Though I still can’t believe this is outcharting KARA’s heartbreak anthem, Damaged Lady, which is gonna be the breakup song of the year!

    • It actually ISN’T anymore. It was outcharting it but now it’s not. It’s started flopping, but the non-singles from the album are selling lots. “Why Not?” hit the roof on Melon and is ranking #2, and that song with Jennie Kim has been ranking #2. KARA is behind those songs as well as Tasha’s OST ballad.

  • byoing~byoing.

    I’m just gonna plonk myself here and wait for the fan girls to come hoarding in saying you ‘just don’t get GD’s “artistry” so that’s why you’re hating’ or some generic, overused comment that boils down to unnecessarily convoluted comment because they wanna take a ride on his disco stick.


    • twerkdol

      the 2ne1/crayon pop post was a mess with all the trash ESL-yg stans

  • Akie_Of_Winterfell

    This song is not bad. I prefer this over CL’s although I do love “The Baddest Female”. K-Pop is all about being generic IMO. So, it is unfair to condemned this track as being generic while in my opinion it is waaayyyyy better than some of the releases this year.

  • Lin Misfits

    Highly doubt YG sacrificed CL to promote GD.

  • lildarien

    This sounds like they’ve just taken baddest female and slowed it down to half speed. I kept seeing her doing a slow version of that leg thing. This is a little too “born this way” era for me :S

  • byoing~byoing.

    True story/unnecessary anecdote time:
    I have no friends who actually like K-Pop so I get pretty excited and try and make best friends with them whenever I come across who likes it irl. Anywho, every time I come across someone irl who likes K-Pop they seem obsessed with GD and label him as an ‘artist’ rather than an ‘idol’. When I try and explain that K-Pop artist are a successful business puppets, I get the world of hate thrown at me and then proceed to eat my feelings.

    I cannot stress that despite what ‘creative’ input you think your little idols have, they’re still manufactured, generic pop divas who wouldn’t succeed in the music industry without the careful media training that the Top 3 company instill in their trainees since day 1 they’re recruited. Yes, some artists are a tad more creative than some other artists, but at the end of the day – if you’re going to praise anyone for these types of songs/music videos – you should be heaping it on YG first.

    • you have a friend and companion on me! really, let’s make a club!

      and YES they should be heaping YG, especially because it is the most efficient kpop agency in brainwashing its stans into believing the supposed artistry of their acts.

    • Nora Haven


    • leesigh3

      I think your friends don’t like K-Pop because you keep saying stuff like this to them! I’m not sure I even like K-Pop anymore after reading what you had to say.

      • byoing~byoing.

        No… My friends don’t listen to pop music, period. If they do it’s top 40 nonsense that everyone listens to.

        I listen to K-Pop all the time, more so than any other music. There’s absolutely nothing with K-Pop at all, it’s just a successfully ran business and I highly appreciate that fact. The west could learn a lot from how the top 3 manage their artists as we would have a lot more suitable role models in the media.

        As for the music, a lot of western artists aren’t singer/song writers and often work with a lot of successful producers to sing songs they’ve had 0 creative input on. There’s some credibility in being a singer however, I don’t think any idol is an artist, same as I think any top 40 pop singer in the west is an artist.

  • Quang Phạm

    YG has been a fucked up business since they day they decided to delay their SNSD-like girl group debut. And WTF with all the new artists in process? It’s like Yang Hyun Suk was drugged when he signed them. Is he trying to make YG an SM-sized company?

  • hahahah THANK GOD there’s arcadey where we can get true jacques reviews! i’m totally with you here, GD is so fucking ridiculously pretentious and delusional that he makes lady gaga seem like an austere and sober popstar.

    when i read the english translation of this song i felt like vomiting. i know i shouldnt take kpop so seriously, but i live in brasil, kpoppers here really take YG seriously and gawd that annoys me lol

  • Miauminzy

    I love you I love you I love you I LOVE YOU

    Literally I said ALL of this with my friends. To how CL and Seungri are coming out with AMAZING singles and the one that gets popular is this?? This gloomy song sounds like a slowed-down version of any other song out there honestly.

    All I’ve gotten is criticism for not liking this song because “GD is amazing.” and “he is too artistic and creative for your to understand.” No, YG is too talented at brainwashing you into thinking that G-Dragon is anything other than another manufactured idol. Maybe in his personal life he’s someone else, but his music is not a creative masterpiece.

    I was SUCH a huge GD fan but he has truly disappointed me in the past two years. Maybe I’m shallow for wanting music I can sing or dance to, but I’d rather be shallow than consider this song some sort of masterpiece. Though- the video is stunning!

  • Sunny

    Finally some true tea about GD and his flop single. His fans are even worse when they try to justify how original he is and how hes above all idols when i blatantly say i hate the song. I mean, the random english in the song sounds like he heard it in an american hip hop song and decided to put it in without knowing the meaning. Just like most idol songs basically (not that there is anything wrong with that, i’m just making a point). He even has the gall to say other idols embarrass him. Has he looked in mirror lately? (yes, i read it myself in his interview which made me cringe)

    I mean his whole style in the video is atrocious. Its screaming “look at me now please!!! I NEED ATTENTION” and not in a good way.

    What i don’t like about his music in general is that his voice is soooo grating and obnoxious that its annoying to listen to.


    Not only is he all over CL’s metaphorical dick with “Coup D’Etat” but trying to be T.O.P in “Black” and ripping off Seungri in “Who You.” As for “Niliria,” lez be honest here, the best part of that song is Missy. His attempt at a Get Ur Freak On 2.0 failed miserably. I just cant stand his ass! I’m hoping this sparks a new Missy album because she proved she still got it at KCON. Also I’m dreaming of my sexy T.O.P slay pussies across the globe with a comeback! I hate you GD.

  • Bluebeat

    Do a review on Ariana Grande’s new album, Yours Truly :-D

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    The concept is a over the top mess like Contrived-Dragon himself! Can’t stand him.

    And am I the only one still shocked Diplo made this fucking shitty tune? like really???

    The Baddest Female shits all over this obviously!

  • Dhruv Angrup

    ‘baddest female’ is as generic as coup d’etat….the only difference:gd got a much better music video and does’nt have extremely annoying voice like cl(it is only when she raps..love it when she sings)…plus you can’t judge a whole album based on one song…there are some good songs in the album like black and r.o.d….but yeah seungri’s album is still the shit i’m gonna listen to more……

  • phil

    I’m here for that Qri gif

    • DaLu Nairn Alayza

      yeah wtf with Qri?

  • tiggles

    Wow. This is atrocious.

  • Song Jing Khor

    Eh. Wish Taeyang will just come out with a new album and slay us all again. GD has had enough time in the sun.

    • Ex10

      Too bad his has been delayed because he insist on waiting for the best producers like Teddy and Choice37 who are busy making GD’s album…..

    • MariaJosé Cordova Vzla

      maybe because he is AWESOME , and now teayang has a new song ringa linga

      • kellerrrrr

        ringa linga was written by gd

  • Justy

    Seungri solo >>>>> GD solo >>>>> CL solo. While “Coup E’tat” is really not my cup of tea, it’s still at least more “creative” (for lack of a better term) and interesting than “The Baddest Female”, which lbr, is just a poor imitation of American trap music with choppy dubstep thrown in. Almost all YG artists regurgitate American trends/sounds, especially as of late (Michi Go, TBF, Gentlemen, Do You Love Me, and now this mess). At least Seungri’s music comes off as more genuine and shows growth, even if I wasn’t feeling “Gotta Talk To U” that much.

    As for GD’s album, “Black” is pretty good, and “Niliria” is catchy, but it’s not enough for me to stan him. I can’t believe people are calling him some “artistic” or “musical genius” that goes against the grain when at the end of the day, he’s still a pretentious idol making generic pop music for the masses. That will never change.

    • meh

      My problem with Seungri’s solo: “My new sound is the same BigBang” “I spent years observing GD producing so I can make similar” (basically it is not he being him, but he wanting to sell). Not to mention the slut-shaming that he did (the facebook post). GD said in his concert “buy if you only like”. So for him it’s okay if it does not sell. Sorry my broken english.

    • Ex10

      The funny thing is my favorite songs from this album isn’t even made by GD, Black is fully Teddy’s work and R.O.D. I can’t remember, but still not his. One thing I’ll say tho is that GD is really good at grasping what will be popular ever since the beginning of his career, he himself kind of defines the word POPULAR in Kpop. I mean he is artsy, but all his works are group effort. Even he agrees that his talent is overrated and hyped by media. For Seungri, I don’t get the hype about his work on all these blogs, its good but kind of the imitation of western pop, justin timberlake and all that. The only song I like is GG Be, which he wrote the lyrics himself. Its really interesting by creating sort of a musical scene with him mocking how the girl calls her so called dad oppa (I just love that line). Gotta talk to you is also good, but the hustlin part just totally throw me off…..I mean repeating same meaningless english word is what always throws me off in Kpop. Just please, KPOP and JPOP really need to stop making 30-50% their lyrics english when it doesn’t even make sense to build up a whole sentence.

      • abcd1234

        But if you check the album alive’s tracklists for bigbang and his previous mini solo tracklists, there are many songs are written lyrics by GD.

        • Ex10

          Not saying there aren’t, just saying those that grasp me isn’t his work…I think he is extremely talented as a lyricist, but I’m just not very into the recent work…..However, Stay With Me with Taeyang is great….

      • MariaJosé Cordova Vzla

        thats true but the hustlin part means; force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction, and he wants to talk to her that’s why he says hustlin or hustling because he has to hurry and go talk to her

  • Nora Haven

    Wow, im sorry but i have to farkin disagree on this. Hes doing impressively well on his own for a reason.

  • Lily Quinn

    This place is truly yours (and CL stan, I see), but seeing you allow disqus here I’ll excuse myself to give my opinion.

    I really like reading honest reviews from whoever listening to this album. But this is just a total butthurt post. It’s a bad song and you don’t like it? You can kindly explain why. Instead the focus of this post is why CL flop and GD succeed when they both give similar product. I can’t take your view seriously because you are so blinded by your hatred for GD. Do you know that hate can also make you biased? “Throw this album in the trash where it belong?” Lol.

    Anyway, if your purpose in posting this was to pent up your frustration about TBF’s flop, please ignore this.

  • Apparently this isn’t even the title track so fucks knows why it got an MV. I really expected more from his collab with Diplo so I’m disappointed. The MV has some really interesting imagery though.

    After a few plays I’m finding the song… ok. Hope part 2 of the album is better.

  • Stacie

    As much as I agree with you about GD, CL did the same damn thing with her solo track. Shit was just a remastered track of the same hip hop BS rappers are doing over here in the states. I could hear “All gold everything” all through CL’s song, and then that random EDM dance break that was thrown in…child please. Seungri killed the both of them with his shit

  • wildfire

    You did like That XX. Do you view that single as separate from his usual (like a one time occurrence) or did it wear down?

  • KingBeaArthur

    I wish he had released “R.O.D” instead. I think it would have made a better promo track.

  • 364Leinad

    I am utterly confused by the fact that he managed to mispronounce Coup D’etat when the hangul for it is 쿠데타 (Koo De Ta) and yet he pronounces it “Coop De Tot”. He is literally going an extra mile to make himself look uneducated and ignorant.

  • contranova

    Can somebody please explain what is original about the last couple of releases from G-Yawn? If you are stanning for him, PLEASE explain to what about his songs are original.. especially from one another. (Crayon, One of Kind, Michi-Go and this..etc) The boy needs to take break and think of fresh ideas. I know he is talented, but he is wearing himself out. And this is coming from a BigBang fan.

    • leesigh3

      I think this song sounds much more ominous than the other GD songs you mention as far as the production goes. I also think it’s pretty different to throw a french phrase into the chorus. Also, the trend in k-pop this year has been to make songs with very complex structure that sound like several songs in one (I Got a Boy, Hurricane, Wolf, Fiestar’s We Won’t Stop, Is It Popping?, etc.) . “Coup D’Etat”, conversely, is stripped down and minimal.

  • mira

    Throw his album in the trash where it belongs? Trust me. With that album, he’s going to earn a lot of money while we are bashing him and hating him. Even without that album, he already have enough money to live until he die. For someone who’s still under 30, he’s sure make a lot of money.

  • sian_nua

    I agree with you. Many fans who are strong supporters of BIG BANG and YG artists can’t accept it, but I think what you said are quite true. I used to love BIG BANG music all the way till alive album and even GD previous album some of it I still like it. But something just snaps when he gets increasingly “artistic”. For those who have been in constant contact with western music, his recent music has lost the uniqueness and too western influenced. I might as well listen to the various great black artists if I want to listen to good hip hop music.

  • MariaJosé Cordova Vzla

    look if you dont like him; shut up and leave him alone i bet if someone talked bad about someone you like you would get mad so please stop hating~ for real .

    • keller


  • BB fan

    you guys really suck man…. , the reason why gd is number 1 is because hes different. come on seungri new music is not bad but just ok . g dragon new music are creative and widely acceptble but i have to admit coupdeta and crooked werent my favourite but when i saw him performing it live it was awsome . something that seungri and cl dont have its stage presense and overwhelming confidence . king seungri bitch please…. long live king gd and i do agree about the queen cl too.. i like her alot . but if she wants to be queen she has to fight boa for it.

  • jasmine burdett

    fuck you

  • keller

    whoever wrote this needs to go die in a hole i mean whatever this guy says wont affect GD’S popularity since his album is already a success

  • keller

    oh yeah found his name which is apparently “jacques”

  • keller

    GD inferior to seungri??? pfft
    and i dont even like CL’s song