G-Dragon Coup D'etat Music Video
As a massive BIGBANG fan, I’ve honestly tried to get into G-Dragon’s solo career, but I just can’t do it. As I’ve said a thousand times before, he’s the Will.i.am of BIGBANG. He’s incredible as the creative force and puppet master behind his group and the other artists he produces, but on his own he’s fucking unbearable. Not to mention that all his solo music is just a bad regurgitation of whatever happens to be popping off in America at the time, yet somehow it always managed to conquer the K-pop charts with total ease. Meanwhile, sex fiend Seungri and the unfairly maligned CL are flopping like there’s no tomorrow despite putting out the best music that YG Entertainment has had to offer.

Qri Sad GIF

G-Dragon new single, the embarrassingly-titled “Coup D’Etat,” is one of the few tracks that he didn’t produce himself. That “honour” goes to both Diplo and one-hit-wonder, Baaeur, who I’m guessing GD enlisted because he felt it’d give him some more cred in the States or something. The song is woozy, smouldering hip-hop that plays like a more sedated version of some of Diplo and Baaeur’s previous work. I’d like to lump it in the trendy hipster-hop category, but it’s too polished and uneventful for that.

We must remember that CL tackled this same genre with her ratchet alien hipster-hop anthem, “The Baddest Female,” which was infinitely more interesting and ahead-of-the-curve than “Coup D’Etat,” yet was endlessly criticized by the Korean public and K-pop fans for being too weird, too urban, and too-whatever-anyone-could-think-of-to-insult-it at the time. Now GD has come out with a watered-down version of the same song, yet the backlash seems minimal despite its current poor performance on the digital charts. It’s as if YG sacrificed CL to the public just to warm everyone up for GD’s solo album, which is both shady and seriously fucked up.

The funniest part about this is that a “Coup D’Etat” roughly means to overthrow an established government or power, which is rich coming from a serial bandwagoner like G-Dragon. If anyone is going to sing a song called “Coup D’Etat,” it should be someone rallying AGAINST someone like GD and the generic sludge he churns out on a regular basis.

If you want some good YG music, go listen to BIGBANG, CL, or Seungri, and throw G-Dragon’s album in the trash where it belongs (right next to 2NE1’s “Falling In Love”).