Miley Cyrus officially solidifies her status as the biggest pop star on the planet right now by bagging her first Rolling Stone cover (’bout time!). In true Miley style, she’s topless with her tongue out lookin’ like the punk rock remix of Christina Aguilera’s 2003 Maxim cover shoot.

Best cover I’ve seen in a long time, but the accompanying interview is even better. Here’s the four best bits.

Miley’s accurate assessment of fucked up American censorship:

“America is just so weird in what they think is right and wrong,” she continues. “Like, I was watching Breaking Bad the other day, and they were cooking meth. I could literally cook meth because of that show. It’s a how-to. And then they bleeped out the word ‘fuck.’ And I’m like, really? They killed a guy, and disintegrated his body in acid, but you’re not allowed to say ‘fuck’? It’s like when they bleeped ‘molly’ at the VMAs. Look what I’m doing up here right now, and you’re going to bleep out ‘molly’? Whatever.”

Miley explains her iconic VMAs performance in a down to earth, self-deprecating fashion:

Miley isn’t bothered by people who called her performance a disaster. “I wasn’t trying to be sexy,” she says. “If I was trying to be sexy, I could have been sexy. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing.” She knows sticking her tongue out isn’t hot and that those weird stubby pigtails aren’t flattering (“I look like a little creature”). And she even knows it’s ridiculous for her to twerk. “People are like, ‘Miley thinks she’s a black girl, but she’s got the flattest ass ever,'” she says. “I’m like, I’m 108 pounds! I know! Now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time. I’ll probably never do that shit again.”

Miley being an independent woman in control of her own life and career:

Miley has since hired Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, but she’s still the one in control. Her life is remarkably handler-free – no publicists hanging around, no minders telling her what she can and can’t do. “I hung out with way too many adults when I was a kid,” she says. “So now I don’t want to hang out with any adults. I’ve already done all the hard work. Now I can kind of fuck off.”

Miley living the kind of life we could only ever dream of:

We stay until the club shuts down, and then some. Miley spends the whole night dancing on a banquette and drinking Malibu. Afterward, Cheyne orders a couple of Uber cars, and about a dozen of Miley’s friends pile in and head to their friend Ryan’s house in the Hollywood Hills. The afterparty feels like something out of Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” video: a bunch of hip, pretty young people partying in a house that’s way too nice. Suddenly, Miley gets excited. “This is actually the house!” she says. “The ‘This is our house, this is our roof’ house – this is the place! And these are the homies!” She can’t stop smiling. “We’re really living that life!”

God, she’s so fucking amazing.

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Head to Rolling Stone to read the rest of the article which includes interesting bits and pieces about Kanye, Bieber, Demi Moore, and Steve Carell.