Blood Orange Chamakay
Dev Hynes has been putting out music for years, but it wasn’t until recently that the mainstream discovered him thanks to his high-profile productions for Solange Knowles, Sky Ferreira, and MKS. In between working on tracks for the new Jessie Ware album (yass!), Dev Hynes is back under his solo artist moniker, Blood Orange, with a new single, “Chamakay.”

Like most of the songs from the last Blood Orange album, “Chamakay” is hazy and wonderfully directionless. In the music video, a celestial Dev dances in the streets of Guyana like he’s blissfully lost in his own world, which is exactly what one wants to do when listening to “Chamakay.” Marimbas, sax, and exotic rhythms float by as Dev utters almost every lyric in a breathy coo; Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek serves as featured vocalist, with her striking voice occasionally resembling one of the many instruments.

But as absolutely beautiful and ethereal and amazing as this song is, I think I’m more slayed by the fact that Dev looks like Janet Jackson circa “Because of Love” in the music video. I see the Queen of Pop is still setting trends for the new generation of singers and artists.