Christina Aguilera Maxim
Remember last year when Christina Aguilera took time off The Voice so she could promote Lotus, and then she just sat around on her ass eating doughnuts and doing nothing? She put out one single, “Your Body,” performed it once, and that was it. Aggie didn’t even bother to get in shape for the album: Everything was wibblin’ and wobblin’ all over the place, and while she looked fabulously bootylicious at times, it’s probably part of the reason why she scored no major magazine covers that era.

Now the new season of The Voice is about to start and the bitch is all skinny and smoking hot on the cover of Maxim magazine. Not to mention that she just put out that “Let There Be Love” music video, too.

Girl, can you please start promoting your music with this much gusto? I know that The Voice is probably forcing you to do all this shit and that you’re only doing it because of the fat cheques from NBC, but pop fans like myself would appreciate seeing you plug a single or something. Just because Lotus was your worst album ever is no excuse. Most of J.Lo’s new stuff isn’t very good, and she still gets out there and hocks it like a good little pop diva should.

It’s not too late to make “Let There Be Love” happen. Perform that shit, honey!

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  • Kris

    “Just because Lotus was your worst album ever is no excuse.”

    I guess Bi-Flop-ic never happened…

    • Bionic is WAY better than Lotus.

      • Evan

        Totally agree. Bionic actually had a few good songs. Unfortunately, a couple of them, like “Birds of Prey,” were only bonus tracks on the deluxe edition and the album was WAY too long to begin with. I thought some of the production was good and interesting, but the I think the lyrics really dragged the album down. Lotus, on the other hand, was just generic and unmemorable. I’ll take a polarizing album with some embarrassing lyrics over one that’s safe and unmemorable any day. Also, she performed “Let There Be Love” at the AMA’s, but it was super gay and camp, and not in a good way. More like a tacky mess. It was gayer than a pink flamingo at a pride parade. Plus, she looked like a mess.

        • Lol I know I said she performed it once, meaning the AMAs. And yes that performance was a tacky mess!

          • Andrew Rod

            she actually peformed twice, one at the AMA’s and other time at “The Voice” with two of her finalist.

          • compared top her past era’s, it seems like she didn’t performed anything at all. All of the performances were forgettable. Atleast Bionic had that hope for haiti performance and that heart on her crotch moment. xD

      • I seem to Remember there being ANSOLUTELY no love for ‘Bionic’ on the Prophet Blog, but thank GOD Arcadey has some more sense ;)

        ‘Lotus’ had moments, but it was a generic mess overall. BIONIC, though over-bloated at 18 tracks, had at least 12 that were fucking flawless.

        But enough about the past, poor management, poor decisions, poor promotions … Blah blah.

        CAN WE PLEASE just take a minute to bow down to that iconic rack? Praise the high heavens Lady X has returned to form! Ahhhhhhhh! That ass, those legs… That platinum weave…. GET THAT PROMO GIRL!

        • TWELVE FLAWLESS songs is a bit of a stretch!!!

          The thing is that Bionic was a mess at the time, but when you revisit it it holds up okay. Whereas Lotus seemed hot at first, but became so old so fast. Lotus sounds REALLY cheap upon relistens now!

          • Haha…

            1. Elastic Love
            2. Glam
            3. Primma Donna
            4. Monday Morning
            5. Birds of Prey
            6. You Lost Me
            7. Stronger than Ever
            8. I Am
            9. Desnudate
            10. All I Need
            11. My Girls (cuz Peaches … Duh)
            12. Vanity (cuz only Lady X could nail this one)

            And don’t judge me, but I actually Stan for ‘Woohoo’… Step off Rihanna, Lady X sang about cake eating first!
            I agree though… Bionic was a grower… Initially I loved Lotus, but now there’s only about 5 or 6 tracks I actually like…

    • Baidar

      Bionic is much better than Lotus!

      • Kris

        She hasn’t been good since Back To Basics

  • T.

    I’m guessing that christina “I’m taking time off for my music” aguilera is officially just a tv personality now. it’s sad, but score a reality gig on bravo, guuurl!! make “what xtina wants?!” happen!!

  • KingBeaArthur

    I LOVE that picture of her in the two piece at the door <3

  • “Just because Lotus was your worst album ever is no excuse.”

    her Christmas album though <<<<<<<<

    • Mel R

      OMG gurl, you just opened up the door for me to discuss just how much I HATE that album. I work retail and let me tell you that EVERY damn year they play that album, where the theme seems to be “Fuck the classics, let me run through my vocal range, put a run on every syllable, throw a random whistle here, and a high falsetto there”. I would rather have 2012 Beanbaguleira sit on me and suffocate me to death then listen to that dreadful album another year. What I would give to attend one of her shows and chuck that shitty album right at her head. *Rant Over*

      • KingBeaArthur

        “Beanbaguleira” dying!!

  • Andrew Rod

    Two words: THEM BOOBS

  • Trey

    I’ve said this before, I don’t think her record label wanted to and don’t want to put money behind her for promotion. They saw “Bionic” floped and likely didn’t want to waste money on “Lotus.” I am awaiting for her contract to end and her record label to not resign. That being said “Your Body” in my opinion was amazballs. Along with multiple tracks off Bionic. Girl is just cashing in those NBC checks and awaiting hook girl oppratunities.

  • SerferTJ

    “Christina Aguilera took time off The Voice so she could promote Lotus, and then she just sat around on her ass eating doughnuts and doing nothing?”

    Gurl, she clearly hasn’t been eating that many doughnuts, and has at least been going to the gym. lol
    Legendary Queen of Sex has returned!!!


    She looks hot and all but this pisses me off. First of all I don’t even watch the voice. Second I actually buy this bitches albums (yes I bought physical copies of both Bionic and Lotus, u mad?). All I’m saying is a little effort into her music career wouldn’t hurt.

  • misteriousveiwerwoman

    The Voice is the only way she can make Cash-Money now. She HAS to prmote it and make people love her again!

  • Legend X

    My queen looks so hot! I wish she was as motivated about the voice as her own music career though.

  • DJacob

    Scrap Lotus, get some new music out Xtina. We want some fierce pop/r&b songs, no more “Sit on my finger” or “empowering” ballads. Get out there and release a great pop/edgy album like stripped………..

  • God why do I stan for lessers when the pop princess is here before our eyes? Christina and Madonna should guest host on The View together and just shade all their lessors.

  • Guest

    haha couldn’t care less.

    until we see dem body on live tv she’s on the same group as cher and madonna on photoshopness.

  • haha couldn’t care less!

    until i see that body on live tv she remains on the group of most airbrushed and photoshoped ladies along with cher and madonna

  • jamiepeters333

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