Christina Aguilera Maxim
Remember last year when Christina Aguilera took time off The Voice so she could promote Lotus, and then she just sat around on her ass eating doughnuts and doing nothing? She put out one single, “Your Body,” performed it once, and that was it. Aggie didn’t even bother to get in shape for the album: Everything was wibblin’ and wobblin’ all over the place, and while she looked fabulously bootylicious at times, it’s probably part of the reason why she scored no major magazine covers that era.

Now the new season of The Voice is about to start and the bitch is all skinny and smoking hot on the cover of Maxim magazine. Not to mention that she just put out that “Let There Be Love” music video, too.

Girl, can you please start promoting your music with this much gusto? I know that The Voice is probably forcing you to do all this shit and that you’re only doing it because of the fat cheques from NBC, but pop fans like myself would appreciate seeing you plug a single or something. Just because Lotus was your worst album ever is no excuse. Most of J.Lo’s new stuff isn’t very good, and she still gets out there and hocks it like a good little pop diva should.

It’s not too late to make “Let There Be Love” happen. Perform that shit, honey!

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