Britney Spears Work Bitch Music Video
I haven’t really listened to Britney’s “Work Bitch” since it came out because it’s not very good and doesn’t have a chorus, but there’s a high chance that the official music video might salvage the song a bit.

The Holy Spearit just dropped a brief teaser of the clip, and it’s actually kind of amazing. Unlike the sad, glassy-eyed transvestite from the “Hold It Against Me” video, Godney looks hot, coherent, and alive.

Sure, it basically looks like a glossy commercial for her Vegas residency, but so what? At least it’s a good commercial.

  • HausofJuanito


    • Akie_Of_Winterfell

      She will never be the same as ITZ, but she might do better than Circus/Femme Fatale.

      • HausofJuanito

        I wouldn’t mind Circus effort but nothing less ;_;

  • Memz Herfer

    The Holy Spearit has given a meaning to my miserable life. No elephants, jungle or hammers, just Godney.

    • Akie_Of_Winterfell

      You are blessed, child. Now get ready for the second coming.

      • Memz Herfer

        Viderorgasm on the way!

  • SerferTJ

    “Godney looks hot, coherent, and alive.”

    Isn’t it kinda sad when you have to start praising people for looking coherent and alive? Especially when you call that person a “God”? Hahaha!
    (I couldn’t resist, #SorryBoutIt)

    Anyways, looks like it’ll be hot video :)

    • Oh trust me, I know. I say it in the context of this video overall looking great. Not like normal Britney stans who make a huge fuss because she managed to answer a question properly in an interview or was seen laughing in a photo.

      That’s part of the reason I kind disconnected myself from the Britney standom. When you’re getting excited just because someone looks vaguely human, you know it’s time to get out.

      • Legend X

        It’s pretty fucked up for you to say this on so many levels. You’re generalizing first of all, every standom has its extremists.. Not every Britney fan praises her for every little conquest she makes. Regardless yeah Britney Stan’s are happy when she’s talkative in interviews because she’s a woman with anxiety issues that make her so relatable to her many Stan’s and people in general. Whatever illness she has is hard on her and downplaying any progress she makes with it is absolutely messed up. It’s not even about pity it’s about realism and realistically she seems to be at her healthiest and happiest than she has been in years. So yeah her looking “vaguely human” is great.

        Anyway I hope the video is good. It looks good so far and can hopefully save the song!

        • Girl, you are overreacting. Most Britney fans DO praise her for the smallest things, like, “omg she looks alive did you see her new interview!” And saying this kind of thing SHOULD be weird. You shouldn’t have to be excited just because someone is acting normal for once.

          I’m not downplaying her progress, I just think IF she is so mentally ill or suffering from something then she shouldn’t even be out in the spotlight touring and doing shows and promoting albums. She has enough money to live comfortably and I’m sure she has many interests outside of being a big pop star that she could pursue without having to be so actively in the limelight and under the microscope. Of course, legally she has no control over her money or any legal decisions, so it’s hard to know what she even wants since most of the statements put out to the public about what Britney loves are from people who AREN’T Britney, like her managers or vocal coaches or choreographers.

          Honestly I don’t care what she does as long as she’s happy and healthy. If she’s happy and healthy doing what she’s doing now, then good for her, and there should be no problem in me acknowledging how her stans flip out every time she does something “normal”. If she’s completely fine, she’ll eventually erase the image of medicated Robotney and nobody will have to point out when she’s acting normal. If she ISN’T happy or healthy, then she shouldn’t be out in the spotlight like this and should be off doing something else, whether her fans like it or not. Either way, I said nothing wrong or false.

    • Legend X

      You’re absolutely disgusting. Seriously the most embarrassing xtina fan out there.

    • Akie_Of_Winterfell

      Buy #Don’tTellMe on iTunes.

  • gotgotgone

    Work Bitch is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart and the video looks just as good, I just hope she brings it with the dancing but like you said at least she doesn’t look dead. She needs to show all the other bitches how its really done. Fuck not having a chorus when the whole song is hook after hook.

    • Bubblegum Bitch.

      ^ My thoughts exactly.

    • Hook after hook…

      All it is is “you better work bitch.” I guess it’s a hooky in a kind LOL-pop way.

      • gotgotgone


        • tiny hands, yes that’s you

          • gotgotgone

            I cant tell if that’s some subliminal shade or what but I like to pretend that song doesn’t exist.

          • DIE!!!


          • justemry

            omfg noooooo jacques

          • Well unlike most Britney “fans” I’m more interested in hearing her sing songs about her life and things she’s interested in rather than just being sexy and “playing a character” (her words, not mine).

          • justemry

            Um I absolutely agree but “My Baby” is FAR from flawless compared to songs like “Someday (I Will Understand),” “Everytime,” and “Unusual You.” #ismellurbreath #itmakesmecry

          • Diogo Santos

            Well since she completly wrote 2 songs on her new album and co-wrote everything else, you’ll prob get ur stan card again this era

          • Akie_Of_Winterfell

            I will kill you if you ever denied the existence of My Baby again.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The song still hasn’t connected with me, but the mv looks like it’ll be EXACTLY what I needed from her!!

  • Bluebeat

    You’re right. I really love the production. So many new scenes going on. With proper promotion (apart from her Las Vegas stint) she might reach Top 10 with this song.

  • Akie_Of_Winterfell

    Getting ready for a slayage. Holding tight to my mangina because this is just too much. I might gonna need an extensive mangina rejuvenation surgeries after this. Why is she always doing this to me? I cannot stop dying. My mangina still not healed yet by the previous rupture during the interview, and now it is going to burst again. :(

    • You should really have that checked.

      • Akie_Of_Winterfell

        Already did, hun. But they said they can do nothing about it. :(

  • SK

    Work bitch is actually a great song to workout to at the gym!

  • Ahmed Heart-shapes


  • I’m with Jacques 100% on this song, and as a fan, I just want to see her healthy and happy… But hey, If she really is healthy and happy, then I’m pumped! This song was a snooze, but visually it’s looking up… REGARDLESS of how this show goes, I’m still pumped to have my ‘Piece of Me’ tickets!

  • LizzyG

    I will not let my hopes up until I see the dance moves. I can’t believe I’m saying this, despite myself, the song is growing on me *hides face* so if she can crack it out of the park with this video, I may get on board, MAYBE, big maybe..
    when I heard her say in that interview that she feels weird trying to be sexy and fierce, UGH has that seriously been the problem?! I mean she used to do that sht naturally, easily. And isn’t she supposed to be an “actress” too. Hello, put your game face on. But she can’t and so we now have awkward Britney. yay.

    I hate to be judy because this is more than I can do myself but I’m not trying to be a pop star either. She is, so now I expect her to pop. Pop, btch.

    • LizzyG

      Also, I like the “Say You’ll Be There” feel. It can’t be bad if it’s Spice Girls inspired right? Right?? Hope on hope on hope..

      • LizzyG

        Also, do we have premiere date? Must be close I guess?

        • Diogo Santos

          October 1st

  • iAmAwesome
  • norimix

    Meh.. Not feeling it :/