Britney Spears Work Bitch
Just so we’re clear, we all laughed at Lady Gaga when she couldn’t get No. 1 on iTunes because of Katy Perry, right? Okay, good. I just wanted to get that out of the way before proceeding with this.

Britney Spears’ new single, “Flop Bitch,” is now following in the foosteps of “Applause” by crashing and burning on iTunes within the first few days of its release. Just like “Applause,” “Flop Bitch” reached No. 2 on the US iTunes chart before being blocked from the top spot by a formidable pop diva (in Britney’s case, it was Miley Cyrus). It’s now down to No. 5 after just three days on sale, and will probably be even lower by the time the weekend arrives.

Gasp Gif

Here’s the list of the songs currently outselling “Flop Bitch”: Milegend’s “Wrecking Ball,” Katy Perry’s “Roar,” Lorde’s “Royals,” and Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.”

This puts Britney in the group of major pop girls who have been unable to top the US iTunes chart with their new singles this year. This select currently contains Britney, Gaga, Mariah, J.Lo and Selena G. Over in the group of girls who did top the chart, we have Katy, Miley, Demi, Ariana, and Justin Timberlake.

Don’t worry just yet, though: I have complete and utter faith that “Flop Bitch” will reach No. 1 soon — on the Billboard club chart! And with all the amazing promo Britney is going to be doing, “Flop Bitch” will definitely pull an “Applause” and hang around on the charts for a while. Just this week we witnessed The Holy Spirit stand in the middle of the desert for almost three minutes and announce that she likes “the perfume song” from her new album, before high-tailing her ass right outta there and back to bed.

Your fave could never.

  • Mateo

    She’s the bad Bitch, the Bitch that Ya lovin on! Lol
    Keep servin Britney that free promotion Jacques ! I’m lovin it :)

  • Lin Misfits

    My problem with “Work Bitch” is that it was her first single. If it was like “Big Fat Bass” and she merely performed it without it being a single, I’d be all in and no one would complain. But again, it’s her first single, that causes problems.

    Also, disregarding Lady Gaga, what’s an ACTUAL example of a song flopping? I always thought Christina was a fine example of someone flopping, but has the definition now changed? Or are we just trash talking because we’re cynical and too critical?

    • We’re just having fun! “Applause” isn’t really a flop at all even though it under-performed by Gaga’s standards.

      • JacquesBeaverPie

        No, you’re just being a cunt.

  • Sharon

    This song is so generic. It sounds like a filler song. Should fire whoever produced this song for her bc it manages to sound like every other techno song out there.

  • SK

    i’m confused, how are you going to post this video and not the sit down interview she did with him??? she was actually animated in it!

    • Oh, the pre-taped interview? Lol. I can’t with all these safe vetted pre-taped interviews.

      • SK

        yeah but between that one and the one she just did with Extra…i don’t think you can say she’s as much as a robot as she was before! even in pre-taped interviews she used to be zombie-like non? now she seems to have a hint of her old self. or am i being too optimistic?lol

  • T.

    while gaga and xtina continue to be the biggest fan of themselves, fembotney couldn’t give two flying fucks about what’s going in her own career! I just love it!

    I also love how she now just have three emotions: bored, less bored and awkwardly semi-excited. gotta love androidney! <3

  • cde

    I live for the #Shade the #Shade I live for the SHade Shade, Shade, Shade…interviewing Britney is like interviewing yourself in front of a mirror you do all the talking.

  • I personally want to blame but I feel like that’s too easy.

    • Will-I-Am is the only one still kissing her ass….. of course she’s gonna let him produce her existence now

      • iAmAwesome

        Only one? Literally almost any producer and artist wants to work with Britney. Do you really fucking believe that a declining single on the iTunes Charts with no promo is gonna change their minds? Even fucking Azealia Banks wants to do a remix for the song and she hates EVERYONE!

        Please leave LOL!

        • Akie_Of_Winterfell

          Someone is still waiting for Floptina to get a Top 10 hit. Let them be, bb!

    • Blah

      Blame all the way. Bring back Max Martin. Or Pharrell.

      • Britney Lover

        OR DANJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • iAmAwesome

          Yeah remember when they said there working together and stuff. Will.u.stop better not pull a Dr. Luke-warm and fuck everything up with just his stuff.

          • Britney Lover

            Ikr!!!!! I’m clutching my In The Zone and Blackout CDs and praying to Godney that she’ll see that Will.I.Not is the Judas in her holy supper…

          • iAmAwesome

            We must ligh vanilla candles and pray bb

          • Derick Lindsey

            THIS <3

  • Legend X

    Jacques you’re so shady!!

    • Josh Chinnery

      Don’t act like you don’t love it :P

      • Legend X

        Lmao I love for the shade shade live for jacques shady shade shade!

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m not surprised the song didn’t hit #1. “Work Bitch” did nothing for me. Good on her for the Vegas residency!

    December 3rd can’t come quickly enough!

  • The song is to far away from her niche market so this is no shocker! I don’t want to hear this song outside of the club or maybe in ear exercising and that is being generous!

  • Josh Chinnery

    I hope Androidney’s overlords kick to the corner, push back the album, and replaced everything he’s produced for it with superior material. Like seriously, I have no idea why *anybody* works with this guy anymore; he just doesn’t care anymore -_-

    • Scandalous

      Where is the love? :)
      Not going to lie, I jump up and down to the black eyed peas still and I like Will.I.Am, but he really doesn’t care anymore. That song he made for Usher just proved it, and I loved usher. I started being able to listen the song like last year, and that happened because of my friend. He needs to put some meaning back into his music and get rid of the trendy beat, and cool and OBVIOUS as Hell rap lyrics. So over those, way to go nicky minaj, and whoever the other one was

    • Blah

      I agree

  • Riley Biers

    Officially over this era already tbh

  • iAmAwesome

    Britney’s reaction to flopping:

    • Britney’s reaction to anything involving her career.

  • Kokokaykay
    • this GIF doesn’t even need words.

    • BLaine Kelley

      she Looks like Michael Jackson here

  • JACQUES. I could just bow at your feet right now…… The “ladies” that have topped the charts this year … “Katy, Miley, Demi, Ariana, and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE”. That shit is priceless!

    What I love about this piece of writing is that you’re going about it 100% the right way. Britney couldn’t give two fucks about performing anymore, OBVIOUSLY, so humor is really the only thing that can be derived from her joke of career right now. As ever, I still stan for homegirl, so I’ll keep the faith that ‘Britney – Piece of Me’, will actually deliver and last at least the first year, before being canceled. Better buy those tickets fast kiddies! And i’d make sure you see the first shows…. they could be the last!

    oh and PS i’m just gonna say it, cuz it’s sad… I’ve already forgotten about ‘Work Bitch’, and on an even sadder note, replaced it with Katy’s phenomenally catchy (and totally HOOD, duh, cuz it’s like a thing for white girls to be gangster right now) ‘Dark Horse’….. GET THEM HITS KATY.

    still praying for Britney’s show tbh….. can’t wait for February 2014…. front row bitches!

  • XXX

    I really like dark horse and while hearing it, I just thought Britney could have really worked that song and made it an atomic hit.
    But as I feared, Will.I.Cant will destroy Britney’s career…

  • I actually had already forgotten this song was out. The video better serve some Bikiney realness.

  • Bobs

    In NYC Applause is on non stop power rotation on all pop station. I heard the song at least 6 times in one hour yesterday!! Roar , not once. And def not Flop Bitch. The irony of a song called Work Bitch from someone who does absolute minimum as performer and producer who executes entire productions in a bargain suite at the QuAlity Inn.

    This flopped harder than applause tho because sales are not as strong this week. Wrecking Balls naked moment of sales glory was last week.

  • I was so hyped when I saw the single cover, and the song had loads of attitude. Then the GMA non-event rolled around and showed it’s the same old disinterestedney and has not mentioned Work Bitch in any interview.

    Just give me the album and store her back in the closet.

  • Blah

    LOL this is why I stan for her now. Girl doesn’t give a shit, it’s hilarious tbh.

    That being said, hate the song. Doesn’t surprise me, is obsolete. If only she stuck with those who made her career (Max Martin and Pharrell Williams).
    I’m all for her writing her own material. When it comes to personal songs, “My Baby” is one of my fave songs ever. However, don’t make her write a pop lead single, or at least she could use some help from Bonnie McKee. Or Claude Kelly, Ester Dean, SAVAN KOTECHA, KERI HILSON (bring her back from the dead) – these guys are the ones inside the making of Britney’s pop radio persona.

    I’m looking forward her Naughty Boy collaboration.

  • Blah

    She does sound cute on the song. Beat sounds CHEESY AS FUCK!!!
    Proper cheese, Jersey Shore fist pump and bad odor in the club.

  • Bluebeat

    Not really a flop since its still in the Top 5. It would be a real flop if it actually charted outside the Top 10. Anyways, I really didn’t like it that much. It is on my iPod right now but there’s heaps of other songs that sound like Work Bitch in the charts at the moment. So I’m not surprised..if she really wants her new album to be a hit she needs to cut down on those generic club beats and do something fresh like ‘Roar’ or ‘Wrecking Ball’. Heck, even Ohh La La is better than this.

    • Memz Herfer

      Not it’s outside the top 10, so I would call it a flop.

  • Gaga reached #2……how the f***k does that describe as “flop” ???? flop would be anything past #15. second place is definitely not flop, and it stayed #2 for a while.
    Britney on the other hand ..idk.

    • Jackson Furst

      These idiots here are calling it a “Flop” because they are jealous haters who desperately want that. Sorry, wanting it doesn’t make it true. “Applause” is a smash, it may even crack Top 5 next week and could reach #1. As for “Work Bitch”, this single is in it’s early stages. The video doesn’t even hit until Oct 1st, and it’s pretty certain that this beat heavy song will be accompanied by a slick and sexy dance video. There are those even calling Miley Cyrus a “flop” since the VMA’s, meanwhile she’s had 2 #1’s off of a CD that hasn’t even been released yet. Haters gonna hate, but it won’t stop the pop princesses of 2013 from churning out hit music.

      • Cranky Crab

        A year later, we can safely say that it was a flop and that you can’t use punctuation safely.

  • Kris

    I love all the pressed Britney fans are using the she didn’t promo it yet to explain it not hitting #1. She did the same thing for HIAM and didn’t that debut at #1?

  • ethan_de_vil

    standby for shitty remix ft.

    Go GET those youtube streams, gurl!

  • Maor Hajj

    Bitter much pepole

  • AlanaKang

    Over in the group of girls who did top the chart, we have Katy, Miley, Demi, Ariana, and Justin Timberlake.


    lmao @ JT being included with the girls

  • Alexander Enzian

    well at least gaga is gonna make it to top 10 britney flop is urgent of another manager her acrrear is goind DOWN flopping is her secodn name

  • Jackson Furst

    You morons writing this shit don’t know jack about the music business. First off, Lady Gaga’s “Applause” is hardly a flop, nor could any song be that makes the Top 10 on the Billboard “Hot 100” (a combination of sales and radio airplay) chart. “Applause” is currently at #8 and climbing. As for “Work Bitch”, it entered the chart at #12 with no video yet (it hits Tuesday, Oct 1st) and little radio airplay because radio was resisting the excessive use of the word “bitch”. Britney has since reworked the single for CHR/pop radio as “Work Work” and the single is now in heavy rotation. Once the video hits, “Work Bitch” is virtually a shoe-in as a Top 5 record, if not a #1. So now go F yourselves.

    • Kevin Little

      If so, it will be the first time a song has peaked at No. 12 and plunged as low as No. 41 and then re-routed itself back up the chart to reach No. 1. I think Top 20 would be a huge stretch.

  • Gabriel

    what the fuck do you know about anything…….Jacques shame probably as poor as a jack ass dreaming of the expense of others……

  • Patrick O’Brien

    She never flops…………she has too many die hard fans and the world cant NOT watch what she does. She is a legend.

  • Ronaldo NYC

    Oh come on, Applause has been in the top ten Hot 100 Chart (the one that counts as a real chart) for 7 str8 weeks! Hardly a flop! Has sold over 1.3M to date in US, nearly 800K in addition WW!!
    Now Britney went from 12 to 41 in a week, now that’s a flop!

  • AzalĂ©e Dubois : Sorry, but Gaga,s Applause peaked at number 1 for 4 days on iTunes World Wide charts and 62 days later is still in the top 10 at number 6 (making it her longest top ten since 2010). Spears Work Bitch peaked at 4 and is now at number 16, 28 days later. I don’t know why people are describing Applause as a flop, as it is her third biggest radio success behind Bad Romance and Poker Face. Oh, and it is now certified platinum in US. Such a flop yeah…

  • david

    Haha .. idiot people. You can’t compare Applause and Work bitch…

    Applause did very well. It didn’t hit #1 but it is 7-8 weeks in top 10.
    Work bitch didn’t even hit top 10.. And now it’s completely out of billboards