B.A.P Warrior Japanese
There’s been a few debut Japanese K-pop singles over the past three years that are memorable for all the right reasons. KARA’s “Mister” is a classic and clearly the best of the bunch, but T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” also sounded better in Japanese than it did in Korean, and 2PM’s cheesily amazing “Take Off” is also worth mentioning, despite being an original song.

Although the Hallyu wave in Japan has definitely died down, the serially-overworked B.A.P recently inked a Japanese record deal with King Records (home of MEG and Momoiro Clover Z) to release a local version of “Warrior”. My expectations for their J-debut were low considering how tacky a lot of K-pop in Japan’s been, but B.A.P’s actually delivered one of the best Japanese K-pop releases I’ve ever seen.

Yongguk Fire GIF

I have no idea if they’re pronunciation or accents are correct, but phonetically the song sounds perfect to my Caucasian ears. There’s a smooth flow and no awkward moments to interrupt the blistering intensity of the song (although Japanese speakers may beg to differ). Besides sounding more polished, the rest of the “Warrior” is left intact (no need to mess with perfection!).

The music video is an upgraded version of the original. It looks sleeker and more expensive, and instead of B.A.P doing their dance break on boring old cement like before, they now do it in shallow water so everything splashes and looks extra awesome. Since it’s been over a year-and-a-half since they debuted, it’s fun to see the boys revisit their first (and possibly best) single while sporting their current image. For starters, you can actually tell them apart now without the blonde dye jobs, and secondly, they look more confident and self-assured this time around.

Now, can we talk about HOW F-CKING HOT THEY LOOK? Scrawny Yongguk carrying the hammer made me drool, Youngjae literally has the face of an angel, and Zelo… Well, he’s underage, so I’m gonna shut up now before I end up in jail.

I seriously can’t believe that B.A.P hasn’t become the biggest new boy band around yet. They’ve got epic music, great visuals, original and distinctive sound and concept, powerful performances, and a leader who actually writes and produces their music. Not to mention that they’ve been performing at a top tier level since the day they debuted. Yet somehow it’s EXO who just managed to win 14 (!!!) trophies for “Growl.”

B.A.P Dead GIF

What’s B.A.P gotta do to get a first place win around here?