Arcade Fire The Reflektor
The smashing new Arcade Fire single, “Reflektor,” prematurely leaked online this past weekend, but I was holding out for predictably artsy “indie band” music video to drop before posting.

Produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and featuring backing vocals from David Bowie, “Reflektor” sounds exactly how you’d expect a collaboration between these three artists to sound: Driving indie-rock mixed with synthy electronica and topped off with dollops of disco glam.

The song clocks in at almost eight minutes, but it never once feels too long. Arcade Fire pace themselves well, adding groovy guitar riffs and even some some baroque rock into the mix to keep things exciting as the lengthy running time reaches its final act.

I feel like this new Arcade Fire album is going to be, ‘The Suburbs: Disco Dance Remix Edition,’ and I fucking love it.

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