TVXQ Scream Feature

Whenever I write about TVXQ, I feel like I’m always saying the same thing over and over, but it’s hard not to repeat myself when it comes to the kings. Max and Yunho are like genetically-engineered pop stars that are perfect in every single way. Their music is perfect, their visuals are perfect, and their performances are the most perfect of any pop act on the planet — east, west, solo, or group. Even when they occasionally release a less than epic song, they themselves are so devoid of flaws that it doesn’t even matter. Luckily that’s not the case for the duo’s latest Japanese single, “Scream,” which is just about as good as one of their post-DB5K K-pop hits.

With “Scream” being used as the title track for the latest sequel to The Ring in Japan, TVXQ have taken the opportunity to throw the rulebook out the window and get a little darker and more experimental than their generally safe J-pop releases. Aggressive industrial drums bang loudly over the top of distorted electric shocks, while angry guitar riffs pop in and out to add to the cacophony as the song builds. Sadly, this is the dreaded “short PV” version of the single, so we only get to hear about half the song before what I suspect is probably one hell of a noisy bridge or breakdown comes crashing in. But there’s enough of “Scream” available to get the big picture. (I can already hear it playing in my head as the credits roll on Sadako 3D 2.)

As for the music video, it’s Max and Yunho dancing in dungeons and graveyards with their biceps exposed by leather vests. ‘Nuff said.

Horny Gif