Bang Yongguk Instagram
It was a sad day for music (and all of mankind tbh) when B.A.P’s talented and handsome leader, Bang Yongguk, deleted his Instagram account back in June.

Unlike most K-pop idols –who only use social media to post fifty million stupid selcas of themselves– King Yongguk used his account to share things he was genuinely interested in, which often included a lot of obscure art references. Needless to say, most K-pop fans and their tiny brains were confused and frightened by the photos, and often voiced their discomfort in the comments section of Yongguk’s posts. After one ridiculously over-the-top fangirl backlash to a photo of SECRET’s Ji Eun performing “YooHoo,” Yongguk finally deleted his account for good, and then almost stopped tweeting altogether, too.

But now the King has returned.

Using the clever and flawless username, ‘bangstergram,’ Yongguk rejoined Instagramland last night with a black & white video of him playing a few depressing notes on a piano. The video was simply titled, “3:00 AM,” indicating that the B.A.P beauty was up late composing music like any true tortured artiste would.

What kind of creative genius…

Crying GIF