Cassie OVO

Cassie’s been on the comeback attack since the release of her critically-acclaimed RockaByeBaby mixtape, and things just keep gettin’ better for the hip-hop style icon. Not only is Le Youth’s “Me & U”-sampling “C O O L” on course to debut in the top forty of the UK charts, but Cassie’s now rumoured to have signed with Drake’s OVO Sound.

Drizzy’s been making major moves to get OVO off the ground, first inking a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records, and then signing the buzzed-about PartyNextDoor as his first artist. Now Necole Bitchie’s reporting that Cassie’s OVO’s newest signee. We won’t know if it’s legit until we hear it whispered out of Cassie’s own mouth, but there are a few pics of Cass and Diddy hanging out with Drake and The Weeknd at OVO Fest the other day.

No word on what the deal is with Cassie’s Bad Boy/Interscope deal, so don’t ask. All I know is that OVO’s the P E R F E C T fit for Cass, so the rumours better be true.

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the success of Le Youth’s “C O O L.” Seven years later, and “Me & U” is still slaying the charts. When will your fave one-hit-wonder?

  • DenverSean

    I love C O O L. A testament to how dope ‘Me & U’ truly is….and I hear the news is true, but hasn’t actually been finalized….yet.

  • Paur

    Praying it’s true, she needs and deserves this! I want that second album!!


    Agreed, perfect pairing. If this truly goes through, this will be the best career move Cassie has made thus far. I will NEVER give up on this girl, never.

  • JoLiLi

    I love Cassie but i’m quite disappointed that she doesn’t perform a lot. She as an artist disappoints me. The only thing she does is hosting some clubs. I actually want to see her in concerts, performing her songs. Her last performance was a year ago at 106&Park w/ King of Hearts. I’m really upset about the promo of Bad Boy/Interscope.

    I hope the OVO rumour is true. Idk but I think Bad Boy is not a good label, they always delay her album since 2008. SMFFH!!! I hope OVO Sound release her album as soon as possible when the rumour is true.

    • Paur

      Yea, maybe if she’s under another label and team they will support more and push her to perform. She always says how she wants to go out and perform (she said it with RockaByeBaby promo interviews) but it ends up never happening… who knows if she could even pop up on stage at the 2014 OVO Fest instead of just being backstage like this year?! :D

      • JoLiLi

        Yes her performances are never happening :( damn smh-___- Hopefully the OVO Rumour is true and Cassie can perform at the OVO Fest :) I hope she’ll perform sometimes this or next year -___- *fingers crossed*

        • Paur

          Really praying that happens

  • iAmAwesome

    Hopefully she won’t be fucking Drake like she was with Diddy and get stuck as a fuck toy rather than the forefront artist she can be. However, she still remains one of the prettiest bitches out there.

    • Paur

      She’s still dating Diddy though, and since he’s too busy with his TV channel these days I’m sure if this deal does happen it will be 100% about the music which is fantastic.

  • 364Leinad

    Fuck, she’s easy on the eye.

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    I love how she fucking slays them bitches with only one hit song…that Me&You reign just won’t let up!!! xD Now I just hope she sticks to that indie-electropop/r&b sound she’s been serving lately cause even if she doesn’t sell a million albums at least she’ll get some awards and the critics praise :-)

  • SerferTJ

    Here for this!!! Hopefully this means we can actually get an album out. But this does give me 2 concerns…

    1. I hope the album’s not ALL R&B (though she slays the genre anyways) and we get to hear the ska & dance references she was talking about. Don’t want her stuck with all Mike-Will-Made-It productions.

    2. I don’t 100% trust Drake. Cassie, if Drake tries to get you to wear the Aaliyah “One In A Million” racing suit…GIRL RUN!!!

  • Tea

    Bloop. Another L for Jhene Hokio.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    omg I hope this is true KWEEN KASSIE needs every help she can!!!

  • Diddy had literally fucked her for years so time to release her and hope some success can still happen while young!

  • Anastasia

    Diddy would never let that happen. He is extremely possessive. You really think he would let his girlfriend leave his label to join Drake’s? Nah. She was probably just hanging out with French (who is also signed to Diddy).