Cassie OVO

Cassie’s been on the comeback attack since the release of her critically-acclaimed RockaByeBaby mixtape, and things just keep gettin’ better for the hip-hop style icon. Not only is Le Youth’s “Me & U”-sampling “C O O L” on course to debut in the top forty of the UK charts, but Cassie’s now rumoured to have signed with Drake’s OVO Sound.

Drizzy’s been making major moves to get OVO off the ground, first inking a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records, and then signing the buzzed-about PartyNextDoor as his first artist. Now Necole Bitchie’s reporting that Cassie’s OVO’s newest signee. We won’t know if it’s legit until we hear it whispered out of Cassie’s own mouth, but there are a few pics of Cass and Diddy hanging out with Drake and The Weeknd at OVO Fest the other day.

No word on what the deal is with Cassie’s Bad Boy/Interscope deal, so don’t ask. All I know is that OVO’s the P E R F E C T fit for Cass, so the rumours better be true.

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the success of Le Youth’s “C O O L.” Seven years later, and “Me & U” is still slaying the charts. When will your fave one-hit-wonder?