Crayon Pop 2013

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call its name CRAYON POP: for it shall save the people from their sins.” — Matthew 1:21

It’s been a huge week for Crayon Pop. They’ve topped the Instiz iChart with “Bar Bar Bar,” reached No. 3 on the Gaon chart (and could go higher when the new ranking is unveiled tomorrow), been compared to PSY by The Wall Street Journal, signed a global record deal with Sony Music, and were even featured on Australia’s biggest news website in an article about their growing viral fame.

Now we have two more iconic moments to add to Slayon Pope’s expanding resume of slayage. Last week, they performed on Show Champion, and had none other than T-ara’s Eunjung –aka the most talented and beautiful woman in all of Asia– clumsily busting her way through the straight-five engine dance. The award-winning White: The Melody of The Curse actress even did something that’s never been done before by performing the difficult choreography while sitting down. Media analysts are now predicting that dancing to “Bar Bar Bar” while seated could soon become the hot new trend in Korea, and it’s all thanks to Eunjung.

When will your fave?

On top of Eunjung’s mesmerizing performance, Crayon Pop has officially shaken off their rookie status by beating the shit out of their former floppy girl group rivals — literally! The Holy Kweens of Korea were on Dream Team earlier this month where they faced off against Dal Shabet, Chocolat, and Jewelry in a vicious mud battle championship that saw them emerge victorious after laying waste to their pathetic competition.

You will not believe the shade Serri, Ah Young, and Ga Eun threw when pocket-rocket Soyul obliterated the 7ft Subin, or the heartbreaking tears that Jewelry’s Baby J shed after being wasted by Ellin. However, being the good sports that they are, the tantrums and pressedness from the lesser groups still didn’t stop Gummi from joining Chocolat’s Tia Juliane in the mud pit right after she defeated her, thus proving the noble character of Crayon Pop. Salty Serri could definitely learn a thing or two from the gorgeous Gummi, that’s for sure.

Check out all the action below, and be forever slayed by the Divine Five’s strength and nobility.

Ellin assaults Baby J and makes her cry

Gummi and one of the twins destroy Chocolat after Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun hurts Soyul

Gummi wastes Dal Shabet’s Serri to pay her back for what Ga Eun did to Soyul

David and Goliath: Soyul obliterates the gigantic Subin for the final win!