Sky Ferreira i-D

Sometimes I forget that Sky Ferreira is a model, and sometimes I forget that she’s a singer. She seems to do everything and nothing at the same time, so it’s easy to forget what she actually is. Don’t you wish you had her life, though? Just hanging out at parties, having your photo taken, doing tonnes of coke, and making music?


Anyway, here she is looking great and pretty and all that stuff on the cover of i-D magazine. Loving the roots and panda eyes and polka dots and cute lil’ teeth.

Sky’s debut album drops next year some time, but she’s got her third EP coming out in September. Ariel Rechtshaid apparently produced the whole thing. He co-produced the perfect “Everything Is Embarrassing,” as well as some of the new Haim and Charli XCX stuff, so you know it’s gonna be amazing.

People give Sky shit for not releasing her album, but at least she puts out a new EP every year without fail. When will Christina Milian?

Sky Ferreira i-D spread