Rufus Atlas

There’s been a huge push down under to promote the release of Rufus’ debut album, Atlas. The trio’s had ads on Youtube (the annoying ones that come on whenever you try to watch a video), a front page feature on Spotify, and they even released a long snippet of the album’s flawless opener on Soundcloud, cut it off before it reached the best bit, and then made you pre-order Atlas to get the full song. It worked, because Atlas has been at the top of the Australian iTunes chart since its release late last week, and deservedly so. It’s sublime electronica of the best kind, and primarily responsible for the reason why I couldn’t give two fucks about Katy Perry’s new single.

Sonically, Atlas covers all the bases: it’s low-key enough to chill out to, but boppy enough to pop a pill to dance to. It’s indie, but there’s enough pop flavour to crossover and get on radio (that is, in Australia, where not everything has to be a watery Dr. Luke production to get on the airwaves). In other words, it’s basically everything.

Latest single, “Desert Night,” is one of the standouts (and most accessible numbers on the record), but I’m pretty addicted to the slinky “Sundream.” Unfortunately, the latter hasn’t been uploaded online anywhere, but you can hear a bit of it in the official album preview video from Youtube.

Enjoy, and praise Australia for this musical blessing.