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I previously posted about how Lady Gaga’s iconic “Applause” was a huge flop and not giving people the thing that they love, but following Mother Monster’s show-stopping VMAs performance (second best of the night after JT, obviously), the anthem of our generation has stopped free-falling down U.S. iTunes and is now back on the rise!

“Applause” is currently back to No. 3 on the chart, behind Katy Perry’s atrocious “Roar” (gets worse with every listen tbh) and Miley’s spectacular power ballad, “Wrecking Ball.”

Lady Gaga VMAs GIF

Sadly, “Applause” is still flopping on every other iTunes chart in the world, where it’s being beaten by the likes of Katy, Avicii, and even Ellie Goulding over in the UK. Japan is the only place that’s really buying it, which is no surprise considering the country’s amazing taste in foreign pop stars (Avril Lavigne, I’m looking at you!).

Speaking of Avril Lavigne, “Rock N Roll” received no post-VMAs sales boost since Avril WASN’T EVEN INVITED TO THE DAMN SHOW!!! The song actually isn’t even on iTunes yet, but I’m sure Avril would’ve pushed the date up had MTV let her perform it.

#JusticeForAvril #JusticeForApplause

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  • Kris

    The fact that the song is still growing on me is something amazing. This is the first non-Asian song that has slayed me to bits and pieces and last night’s campy Liza Minnelli tribute did it for me.

  • Michael Curd

    JUSTICE FOR AVRIL!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Fawoo

    Jacques now you damn know GaGa’s performance wasn’t show stopping at all. Milegend takes that cake. Heck Ariana’s performance PRE SHOW was even more entertaining than Gaga. Girl she’s just missing everything this era.

    I’ll just sit here giving you the Rihanna.

    • SerferTJ

      I’m sorry, but are you trying to imply that Molly’s “performance” was better than…anything?????? Shit, even Britney’s “Gimmie More” ‘performance’ >>>>>>>
      You may hate me, but I ain’t lying…

      • Fawoo

        Gimme more was the best performance of the decade.

        Also I don’t hate anyone boo!

      • UncleFan

        That GIF should be modified to show the other 4 guys dropping into a black pit full of sharks and snakes like they did on the VMAs.

        It’s like JT pressed a button on his mic and those dudes were just like… POOF! Gone.

    • Akie_Of_Winterfell

      I agreed with you about Mother Nose-ther’s performance being tacky and lame. But about Vyruz’s, NO.

  • UncleFan

    Lady GaGa’s backup dancers were incredible, like friggin’ NINJAS. Totally sold the performance, if you ask me. If I had seen all THAT from the beginning, it wouldn’t have taken Applause so long to grow on me.

  • Andrew Rod

    I was backing foward loving her actitude last night, she show support to One Direction for the booing that was cute and she was enjoyng quietly the show and not been like a bored bitch trying to be like “I’m more awesome than anyone else because I’m an A-R-T-I-S-T” like past shows…then it was a gif of her not wanting to open her own car door, so yeah lol, by the way did you see the comparations of the hot mess of Miley’s flat ass and her ass…I never tought that I would say it but Gaga looked “fuckable” with her bikini-aphrodite thing.

  • Nicole Naeun

    DEAD @ the last gif! Yay @ Applause climbing up iTunes!

  • SerferTJ

    Good. Cuz after last night, I can’t be bothered with another thing from Katy or Molly. I don’t understand how people pay for things from those embarrassments…

    Now GaGa better keep working them yams off and get Tamar & Vince that money!!!

  • Can we just take a minute to comment on the disaster that was Miley Cyrus?

    • 364Leinad

      That “disaster” upstaged everyone else at the VMAs with her trashy-but legendary performance. Robin Thicke was absolutely terrified singing with her.

      • Lol… That’s cute. Robin Thicke just ended his career

      • Akie_Of_Winterfell

        Miley Vyruz got what she wanted, ATTENTION.

    • Lin Misfits

      It was legendary in its own right.

      I was slayed by her performance and I was jumping up and down. If you find it cheap and disgusting, that’s fine, but I don’t share that view.

      • FreakyFlyBri

        I actually feel the same way. I don’t get where all the “That was terrible” bullshit is coming from. Yeah, it was trashy, and Miley hammed it up, but in a way I kinda think that was the whole gimmick…Miley was doing the most at the VMA’s, which is what she was shooting for. The only thing I saw wrong with the performance was dat azz, which looked like it needed some serious toning, especially if you’re going to try pulling off booty shorts.

    • SerferTJ

      No, we can’t.
      Do you honestly think that desert thirsty heffer deserves any more attention after making a complete (flat) ass of herself on TV?

      • KingBeaArthur

        I love you.

      • Can we just make out? You took those words right out of my mouth

      • Justin Timberlake obviously had the best performance of the night (perhaps one of the best in VMA history) yet EVERYONE is talking about Miley. Miley did what you’re supposed to at the VMAs: Got everyone talking. People are shocking, people are arguing, people are writing in-depth articles on her performance and what it means for her and pop culture. Any publicity is good publicity. Miley’s performance will go down as one of the most remembered in VMA history. She’s winning right now, and this publicity will only help her further.

        • Andi

          I don’t mind Miley (or any pop artists for that matter) being trashy and “slutty”, but I will not stand by her distasteful appropriation of black culture and the way she’s made it into a complete joke. White people just never learn…

          • Fawoo

            Yeah because black people are doing such a great job not making black culture into a joke.

            Oh wait, lemme go catch that Harriet Tubman parody sex tape…….

          • UncleFan

            Yeah, because ratchet/ghetto culture is a precious national treasure that must be defended at all costs! LOL, hip-hop was BUILT on appropriation. Don’t you remember all the sampling scandals (and lawsuits) of the 90’s?

            Let’s be real. Every social justice blogger and black studies professor on the planet should be sending Miley a royalty check for all the millions of words they’re going to spew off the back her tongue-twerking performance art.

  • Fajar Zakhri

    Good for her, I guess? The song is pretty good, it still doesn’t warrant repeated listens, even after the performance, which wasn’t all that, but it was solid.

    Anyways, what’s with all this Roar hate?! I don’t get it. To me it’s superior to Brave (Katy has a more engaging voice compared to Sara), it’s anthemic, it’s uplifting, it’s soaring… and yes, it may be generic or derivative, but bad it isn’t. When I look back on 2013 in years to come, I’ll remember Roar, not Applause.

    And yes, Avril should have totally performed. #JusticeForAvril

    • vjx89

      Only in your dreams Roar can be superior to Brave. Roar is a lazy song overall. Lazy lyrics (“I got the eye of the tiger”, really?); lazy production; lazy vocal delivery. I agree with Jacques, Roar gets worse with every listen.

      • Fajar Zakhri

        That’s actually my favourite line of the song!

      • Christopher Bubb

        Kind of slays me how everyone is getting their pants in a knot over the similarity of “Roar” and “Brave” when “Brave” is itself sonically a ripoff of Pink’s “Just Give Me A Reason.” Sorry, but I also prefer “Roar.”

        NOTHING is completely original these days.

    • MissG

      Pfff Sara> Katy

      • Fajar Zakhri

        They’re equally great. But singing-wise, I prefer Katy

  • Lin Misfits

    “…the anthem of our generation”

    Really Jacques?!

  • iAmAwesome

    I’m just here enjoying the fact that Katy and Molly Virus are shitting all over the “biggest pop star in the world.”

    • Akie_Of_Winterfell

      IKR. I personally thought Mother Nose-ther’s performance last night was some kinda joke, a parody for her supposedly “artsy” era. It looks like a performance on some tacky high school talent show.

      Now leave it to Godney not to attend the award but still got the media talking about her. #TrueQueen

      • MissG

        If Gaga was tacky i don’t even want to imagine what Miley was, i already knew she was trailer trash but damn she took it further

        • Akie_Of_Winterfell

          Miley is disgusting. People can get AIDS just by watching at the performance.

          • MissG

            She thinks she’s Gwen, and no bitch you aint no Gwen.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Good for her!

  • Bluebeat

    Justin Bieber wasn’t on the VMAs this year either (I think?)…lol but Danity Kane was?
    Hmm maybe it all comes down to management. Avril should switch then because I’m worried that she’ll slip into irrelevance.

  • Akie_Of_Winterfell

    I think this might be due to the fact that some of the 1Directioners help buying her single on iTunes after she backed up the boys for being booed on the stage.

    Meanwhile I am still drooling over Austin Mahone. Kbye.

  • Bobs

    LOVED IT and MILEY. I only wish there were a couple naked boys w/ hairy legs poking Justin Timberlake with their erections in the cutaway shots.

  • Mandy

    And just like that it starts to climb down again

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Some facts:

    a) I couldnt care less for Applauzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    b) I couldnt care less for Snore
    c) But Aplauzzz performance >>> Snore performance, so theres that.