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I previously posted about how Lady Gaga’s iconic “Applause” was a huge flop and not giving people the thing that they love, but following Mother Monster’s show-stopping VMAs performance (second best of the night after JT, obviously), the anthem of our generation has stopped free-falling down U.S. iTunes and is now back on the rise!

“Applause” is currently back to No. 3 on the chart, behind Katy Perry’s atrocious “Roar” (gets worse with every listen tbh) and Miley’s spectacular power ballad, “Wrecking Ball.”

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Sadly, “Applause” is still flopping on every other iTunes chart in the world, where it’s being beaten by the likes of Katy, Avicii, and even Ellie Goulding over in the UK. Japan is the only place that’s really buying it, which is no surprise considering the country’s amazing taste in foreign pop stars (Avril Lavigne, I’m looking at you!).

Speaking of Avril Lavigne, “Rock N Roll” received no post-VMAs sales boost since Avril WASN’T EVEN INVITED TO THE DAMN SHOW!!! The song actually isn’t even on iTunes yet, but I’m sure Avril would’ve pushed the date up had MTV let her perform it.

#JusticeForAvril #JusticeForApplause

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