Perfume LEVEL3 1mm
See the stunning vision above? That’s a new promo photo from Perfume’s upcoming fourth album, LEVEL3. The trio’s also released the album’s covers, tracklist, and a brand new promotional song called “1mm.”

Following the cutesy crap of “Mirai no Museam” and the bright “Magic of Love,” Perfume’s shifted back into more alt-electro territory for “1mm.” Sonically, the song slots somewhere between Daft Punk’s Discover and Human After All, which is funny because After School just channelled “Get Lucky”-era Daft Punk on “Heaven.” You can never have too much Daft Punk or too much J-pop, so this is pretty awesome and hopefully the start of a hot new trend that will last for the rest of the year.

As for the album covers, one of them is the cheapest Windows Paint job I’ve ever seen, and the other is a blessing for the eyes that sees Kween Kashiyuka brush her bangs away to reveal her glorious forehead to the world.

With the exception of “Mirai no Museum,” the tracklisting is really strong: All the great singles and their accompanying b-sides are on there, plus seven brand new songs. Additionally, “Magic of Love,” “Spring of Life,” and “Spending All My Time” have all received the Nakata “album-mix” treatment, and there’s a special DVD containing a music video for “1mm.”

My body is ready to be elevated to LEVEL3 on October 2.

Perfume Level 3 Cover Art

01. Enter the Sphere
02. Spring of Life (Album-mix)
03. Magic of Love (Album-mix)
04. Clockwork
05. 1mm
06. 未来のミュージアム (Mirai no Museum)
07. Party Maker
08. ふりかえるといるよ (Furikaeru to iru yo)
09. ポイント (Point)
10. だいじょばない (Daijobanai)
11. Handy Man
12. Sleeping Beauty
13. Spending all my time (Album-mix)
14. Dream Land

Perfume Level3 Cover Art[Perfume Disco]