MiChi INdependeNt GiRL
A couple of weeks ago we heard the first half of MiChi’s new double A-side single, “INdependeNt GiRL? / Saturday Night.” Now the rest of it has arrived, complete with a really fucking cool music video.

MiChi went for a post-disco dance-pop sound on “Saturday Night,” but “INdependeNt GiRL?” is the total opposite. MiChi swans her way through jazzy R&B, big band beats, and jukebox soul on the track, which plays a lot like a J-poppified answer to Amy Winehouse. Meanwhile, the accompanying video is a big bunch of pretty randomness that includes skateboarding, rattling machine guns, bottles poppin’, and a few pink flamingos.┬áThere’s also some great fashion on display, too. It’s all super fly, but practical and attainable. There’s none of that unaffordable Namie Amuro designer swag or brain-bending Pamyu Pamyu gear.

I’m sooooo stealing her blue suit.