MiChi Saturday Night
MiChi is an British-Japanese pop star who came to prominence a few years ago with a couple of top twenty hits, but her presence on the Oricon charts has dimmed with each subsequent release. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped her from putting out a steady stream of good music. Like a lot of great J-pop, Michi’s sound is both commercial and diverse, and she’s taken advantage of her biracial background to record a number of English-language songs. Her latest single, “Saturday Night,” is one of those, so you’ll be able to sing along to the lyrics for once. (And trust me, you’re gonna wanna sing along to this.)

After experimenting with electro and dubstep on last year’s Therapy, “Saturday Night” sees MiChi going full post-disco dance-pop with stunning results. It’s a feel-good get-drunk-and-party kinda song with a bit of an early-2000s sound — think the love child of Saffron Hill’s “My Love Is Always,” Atomic Kitten’s “Be With You,” and some alcohol-soaked LMFAO hit.

The double A-side single officially drops early September, but hopefully the other half of it leaks before then. Judging by how great “Saturday Night” is, “INdependeNt GiRL?” must be pretty awesome, too.