FAKY Better Without You

Remember that awful pan-Asian girl group, Blush? Well, if Blush didn’t suck, they’d be FAKY.

Created by J-pop super label, AVEX, and comprised of biracial members with easy-to-remember names like “Tina” and “Lil’ Fang” (smh), FAKY’s one of Japan’s first major attempts at going K-pop by creating a girl group with global appeal. In other words, FAKY’s a Japanese girl group that looks like a K-pop group but sounds like a Euro-pop group.

FAKY’s massive first single, “Better Without You,” mixes popular American EDM trends, like “Party Rock Anthem” synths and frivolous brostep, with Cascada-style Eurodance. It’s loud and anthemic, and way better than anything I’ve heard from any non-MKS Western girl group this year.

Japan really embraced the hi-NRG genre back in the ’90s and has stuck with it, on and off, ever since, so “Better Without You” sounds like a nod to both J-pop’s past and Europop’s present. You can guarantee that if it was released by a German or Russian girl group, it’d be a big hit.

J-pop purists will complain that FAKY’s too K-pop, but that’s a narrow-minded approach. FAKY’s K-pop, American pop, European pop, and J-pop all rolled into one, and unlike the poorly-executed Blush, FAKY actually pulls it off. Plus, isn’t it about time that Japan had at least one girl group that isn’t a total J-pop niche act?

Note to Fifth Harmony and Little Mix: Y’all can fuck off now, coz FAKY’s in da house!