FAKY Better Without You

Remember that awful pan-Asian girl group, Blush? Well, if Blush didn’t suck, they’d be FAKY.

Created by J-pop super label, AVEX, and comprised of biracial members with easy-to-remember names like “Tina” and “Lil’ Fang” (smh), FAKY’s one of Japan’s first major attempts at going K-pop by creating a girl group with global appeal. In other words, FAKY’s a Japanese girl group that looks like a K-pop group but sounds like a Euro-pop group.

FAKY’s massive first single, “Better Without You,” mixes popular American EDM trends, like “Party Rock Anthem” synths and frivolous brostep, with Cascada-style Eurodance. It’s loud and anthemic, and way better than anything I’ve heard from any non-MKS Western girl group this year.

Japan really embraced the hi-NRG genre back in the ’90s and has stuck with it, on and off, ever since, so “Better Without You” sounds like a nod to both J-pop’s past and Europop’s present. You can guarantee that if it was released by a German or Russian girl group, it’d be a big hit.

J-pop purists will complain that FAKY’s too K-pop, but that’s a narrow-minded approach. FAKY’s K-pop, American pop, European pop, and J-pop all rolled into one, and unlike the poorly-executed Blush, FAKY actually pulls it off. Plus, isn’t it about time that Japan had at least one girl group that isn’t a total J-pop niche act?

Note to Fifth Harmony and Little Mix: Y’all can fuck off now, coz FAKY’s in da house!

  • flop kpop groups trying to break into the US market, this is how it’s done! fuck off bitches!

  • twinkle9

    There is so many awesome jpop groups and singers that the same japanese dont pay attention. love it.

  • youmuffin123 .

    Wow! Slayed! This wil be my top played this week!

    I keep watching but why does the red head get no lines? all she does is look flawless

  • UncleFan

    Dayum….. those girls are DOPE! I hope they find a way to turn “global appeal” into global sales. That’s always the tricky part, isn’t it?

    • There will never be a global Asian girl group because people in general are too racist and hate Asians, and that probably won’t change any time soon.

      But I hope FAKY gets success across Asia. K-pop groups are able to tour and sell records right across Asia because they have a universal sound and image, whereas J-pop acts are generally too niche to be able to do that. If FAKY takes off, hopefully they’ll be able to successfully promote across Asia.

      • Markus

        Why do people always say everybody is racist and hates Asians? Nobody hates Asians. I just think that they can’t break the American market because, honestly, Asians are… different. Nobody is into music groups anyways. Snsd has 9 members.. like wtf.

        You know what I’ll just come right out with it.. Asians are cheesy. They’re really cheesy. They think they can just come in all cocky because they’re fans over here put all those lies in their heads and they end up being unsuccessful. Poor things.. Do you really think those big record labels are gonna put they’re money into those cheesy k-pop songs? LOL NO. (that’s what happened with snsd btw)

        It’s gonna take for a Asian to be mixed with European, African, Spanish, Caribbean something to have that grittiness/hardness to them, know what I mean… that international star quality.

        You know what… this explains it better


        • Well first of all, this is a Japanese song, not a K-pop song… And it’s not trying to break the American market, it’s in Japanese lol. The label just made this group with a more Western style, but that doesn’t mean they’re releasing music in America or anywhere else outside of Japan.

          Secondly, PSY already broke the American market and he is probably the “cheesiest” (in your words) K-pop act around.

          Also, One Direction is the biggest pop act on the planet right now and they’re a group. Little Mix is also huge in UK and Australia. Pop groups are coming back into fashion.

          And how can you say K-pop songs are cheesy? Have you heard Western pop songs? They are every bit as “cheesy.” All you need to do is turn on top forty radio to hear that.

          And if by Asians being different you mean look different, then duh. As for different in any other way, that is a no. SNSD’s Tiffany and Ailee are both from the States and they had to go to Korea just to get record deals because the Western music industry rarely accepts Asians, which is sad since Ailee is one of the prettiest and most vocally talented pop acts in the world right now.

          And sorry to Asians out there, but people do hate Asians. There is so much racism towards Asians (and Indians as well) that it’s insane. Me being Caucasian, I can’t believe how many derogatory comments I hear casually directed towards Asians from non-asians. Even if you log onto any gay dating site every second profile says “NO ASIANS”. The world is a very racist place. Of course other races get discriminated against a lot too, like Middle Eastern people ever since 9/11, and Indians in general, but in my experience Asians get it the worst (at least in Australia where I’m from).

          • Markus

            Wait a minute now.. i’m a mixture of african and native american and I don’t hate asians and I don’t know anyone around me that does. I actually love asian people and their cultures (expect for Korea because they’re boring and copy from everyone else) and I would like to visit countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand one day.

            You think that I said k-pop is different because of the way asians “look”? No, I was talking about the music and the fandoms.

            One Direction is popular because of the genre of music they make and because all the members are cute and their voices sound similar. Just because they got lucky and made it doesn’t mean another group can. And Little Mix?? Are you kidding me? They’re definitely aren’t going to make it.

            Don’t try to tell me about K-pop, C-pop, or J-pop. Like I didn’t know Jessica, Tiffany, Krystal, or Ailee are from the US. I know all about K-pop.

            PSY? Yeah. Like I said electro-pop techno whatever kind of music that is probably the only song a k-pop artist can do.Or whatever group did that Bad Boy song, but that completely Western. Anyways, most of my friends thought PSY was spanish or something. Barely anyone know what k-pop is.

            I don’t really listen to mainstream music, but when I do I hear people singing about stuff like love, sex, money, drugs, partying. you know. a little bit of something for everybody to relate to. It’s not like they’re comparing a relationship to wisdom teeth (that’s SO lame btw)

            And asians have it bad?? Have you heard of the Trayvon Martin case? When a asian gets shot and killed for walking down the street being asian then you can tell me asians have it bad.

          • Just by this response it seems you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            I hate Little Mix personally, but they’re really big. They’re really popular in UK and Australia, and their album made chart history in the US, debuting in the top five and breaking a record that was previously held by Spice Girls.

            If you say electro techno is the only genre K-pop artists can do then clearly you don’t know much K-pop at all. K-pop is known for doing lots of genre mashing.

            You say you don’t listen to mainstream music, yet praise generic lyrical subjects like drinking and partying, and then diss something interesting and creative like f(x)’s wisdom teeth lyrics. A lot of indie and alternative music is actually about that kind of stuff and uses strange metaphors, whereas the American top forty stuff is always the same kind of lyrics about relationships and partying, always written in the exact same way. But I’d love to know your definition of music that isn’t mainstream because I’m sure it will be a good laugh.

            Of course I know the Trayvon case. But there’s super successful black celebrities in movies, music, and television, but barely ANY Asians. And America has a black president too. The racism towards African-Americans is more of a American thing. People outside of America will have no problems buying music by black artists or watching movies headlined by black actors, like Will Smith, Halle, Denzel etc, but you’ll never see a big blockbuster movie come out headlined by an Asian. People wouldn’t watch it. Even when Hollywood was considering doing an Akira remake they were going to make the star white instead of Japanese. For V magazine’s “Asian issue” they wouldn’t even put an Asian on the cover.

            Just look at how a lot of Americans reacted to the hit movie, Olympus Has Fallen: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/entertainment/2013/04/olympus-has-fallen-anti-asian-slurs/63742/

          • Markus

            It’s was 2 a.m. when I wrote that so it’s going to seem like I don’t know what i’m talking about.

            What i’m saying is k-pop isn’t doing anything that nobody has done or isn’t doing.

            “Genre mashing”? Who cares??? What is that anyway? K-pop sounds just like regular pop music. music producers make cool enough beats without having to do “genre mashing”. Especially in hip-hop and r&b music. (Ex. 2chainz, the neptunes)

            I don’t praise mainstream music. I like to keep myself updated on what everybody else around me is listening to. Popular music is aimed at teenagers and young adults and what they do. The reason the lyrics are the same is because it’s the same people writing and producing music for different popular artists. Popular music is music that will sell.

            Ok so a few immature people tweeted they wanted to kill a Korean because of a movie. I’ve lived in a lot of different multi-racial places and people are very accepting of asians.

            Asians aren’t the only race in the world that face racism.

            What does successful black entertainers have to do with the justice system which is filled with old racist white people that still believe their race should rule over all other races. Lets just pretend Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li never existed.

            I’m done.

          • find_nothing_here

            I agree and disagree with both of you. Proph, the reason that you don’t see a load of Asian people on TV in the US is that they’re a comparatively small part of our population. That’s not to say Asians in the United States aren’t subject to ridicule, stereotypes or racism. It’s just that the stereotypes associated with them are fairly harmless.

            Racism happens everywhere to practically everyone. In fact, it happens within the traditional bounds of what we consider “race” (see Africa now; World War II basically everywhere). We should acknowledge it when we see it, but this game of one-upsmanship where we argue who is the most oppressed is pointless.

      • AlanaKang

        Ok being of Asian descent I wish people would stop saying that shit about everybody hates Asians.

        Hello? Far east movement had 2 of the biggest hits these past couple of years with like a g6 and rocketeer.

        The problem is when asian artists come to the states they leave everything that they are known for “back home” and they try to conform to other american artists instead of doing the same things that helped them reached their status in their homelands.

        Another thing is marketing and having the backing of a record label also helps out a lot! Sure there are american kpop fans of every race and gender but to really break out into the masses these groups will need the full support of a “machine”.

        2ne1 might have had a chance to really break in but will.i.am didnt strike when the iron was hot when they were making flawless music like cant nobody/iam the best. I feel like they wanted to long to really try to crack the american market.

        Maybe CL still has a chance if she leaves teddy in hongdae and works with fresh new producers here in the states and gets a big time rapper to back her a la iggy azaela/nicki minaj but yeah…rant over.

        • Andi

          What Jacques is trying to point out to you nimrods who have obviously never even read a sentence of social theory, is that there are systems of racism deeply engrained into society that cause a lack of recognition of certain races/types of people. It’s not that people necessarily “hate” Asians, it’s that they don’t take them seriously/ignore them.

          Take for example all those “hottest/most beautiful women/men in the world” lists that publications release; notice how there are barely ever any Asian men or women in them (if any), let alone are they ever #1 (despite the fact the blandest, most beige looking people like Gwenyth Paltrow and Ryan Reynolds are given top spots).

          Even Latino artists can’t make it unless they’re super white-washed or play up stereotypes for laughs (i.e. Selena Gomez and Sofia Vergara). It’s not that people go around consciously hating Asians or Latinos (though they often do and your stupid if you don’t realize that), but they’re taught to look at them differently; this even happens among minorities (look at the animosity between latinos and blacks in the US). White privilege is real and yes, it does affect every aspect of society, even music industry.

          • AlanaKang

            Muthafcuker DUH!

            But what im saying is that people need to stop all that bullshit about “we cant or i cant do this because of society” fuck that!

            if everybody had that mindset people here in the states would still be living in the jim crow era

          • Andi

            That would be great and dandy, in a perfect world. Sadly, most people are complacent with their ignorance and don’t care to do anything about social injustices. Like, did you know about the hate crime wave in the US? I’m guessing probably not since the media says jack shit about it. Hate crimes (specifically those against LGBTQ people) have gone up 70% since 2011. Will people think “hey, let’s stop committing/hiding hate crimes because FUCK SOCIETY;” no, they won’t. Same goes for deeply ingrained racism.

        • According to you, the problem is Asian artists trying to conform to US standards, but you mention counter-examples like “Like a G6”, “Rocketeer” (does music get any more Western than that?), “Can’t Nobody” and “I Am The Best” (which also sound very Western, minus the language)?

        • norimix

          Far East movement’s G6 was a hit in clubs first.. No one knew they were Asian until it was too late.. Hence, no follow up hits..

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Lets be real these girls will never make it in US cause they are just fucking narrow minded in general (much love to u all who are not).
    But yeah I hope they manage to be successful somewhere in Asia, they deserve it cause this song is HAWT.

  • Josh Chinnery

    This song isn’t doing it for me right now, but that can change in the future. These girls have what it’s takes to make it in Asian, so hopefully Avex sees them as worth while. Because I want to see more of them and less of Ayu :D

  • Johnnyyy

    Do you know when this is being released?

  • Sunny

    The video is like so awesome. Although i’m not totally in love with them yet. I agree that Blush was an awful group. Bad music and bad visual’s were Blush’s downfall. I could go on and on about how terrible that group is.

    FAKY has really good english speakers, i think they might have a chance.

  • AlanaKang

    Finally a jpop girl group that isnt some weirdo pedo-bear school girl crap.

    but fifth harmony and little mix dont even do the same music as this group especially fifth harmony.

    • Minaal Zahid

      Have you even listened to E-Girls? Plenty of j-pop girl groups aren’t kawaii and shit y’know

  • AlanaKang

    Hmmm I just might keep an eye out for these girls. Love that half of them can already speak english and were either born in the states or are half american

    Twitter @Mikako_FAKY
    Date of Birth: 1994.6.7
    Blood Type: A
    Language: Japanese, currently studying English
    Hobby: shopping, going on car trips with her friends

    「The typically “cute” Japanese girl who is an atypically powerful performer」

    Born in Fukuoka, Japan.
    Mikako always sets a positive vibe but has the “heart of a lion” with her unrelenting approach to elevating her performance. Setting high standards for herself, Mikako is always hard at work honing her performance, but constantly manages to maintain her “lovable character” under any situation. She is known for her “edgy” dance moves and poppy vocals garnering the respect and trust of the FAKY members.

    Twitter @Lil’Fang_FAKY
    Date of Birth: 1993.11.29
    Blood Type: B
    Language: Japanese, currently studying English
    Hobby: baking

    「A “true artist” with powerful vocals and artistic sensibility」

    Born in Tokyo, Japan.
    “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Do not be fooled by Lil’ Fang’s small stature as she will run you over with her powerful vocals. Born and raised in Tokyo, Lil’ Fang honed her vocal skills in the clubs of Tokyo touted as a singer who only comes along “once in a decade” as she included both English and Japanese songs in her live performances. True to her name “Lil’ Fang (derived from “little fang”)”, her performances are aggressive, fearless and dynamic.

    Twitter @Tina_FAKY
    Date of Birth: 1996.12.18
    Blood Type: A
    Language: Japanese, English
    Hobby: movies, sports, books

    「The youngest, “bohemian” free-wheeling prodigy」

    Born in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.).
    Half Japanese, half American high school student in Tokyo.
    Having been a cheerleader at her high school, Tina is a natural performer who wears her heart on her sleeve. She has an outstanding presence on stage despite being the youngest of the group. She got acclaim as a talented vocalist when she performed at the opening ceremony of the US-Japan professional baseball game to sing both the American and Japanese national anthem.

    Twitter @Anna_FAKY
    Date of Birth: 1992.6.11
    Blood Type: A
    Language: Japanese, English
    Hobby: music, movies

    「The leader of FAKY and a “class act” who consistently maintains her own style」

    Born in New Zealand.
    Anna is perfectly bilingual and is a great all-round performer who is respected by the members of the group for her intelligence and leadership skills. With her stunning “Asian beauty”, bilingual communication skills and her diverse career starting as a child actor, which includes a role in a Hollywood movie, Anna truly represents what FAKY is all about. Was in the American movie, Ninja Assassin.

    Twitter @Diane_FAKY
    Date of Birth: 1996.1.28
    Blood Type: O
    Language: Japanese, English
    Hobby: piano, singing

    「A dedicated performer who won the “avex audition MAX 2013”」

    Born in Okinawa, Japan.
    Half Japanese, half American bilingual Okinawan beauty.
    The “Cinderella Story”, coming out of nowhere to win the “avex audition MAX 2013”. Working as a student model in Okinawa, Diane brings a breath of fresh air with her Okinawan beauty and melodic vocals. She is set to make her debut in 2013 as a member of FAKY, realizing her long-time dream of becoming a major label artist.

  • Igor Felipe Machado

    the music is kinda cool and the mv is great but their voices… idk, something bothers me.

  • Guest

    I think the race thing all comes down to sexual attraction, which is obviously what the music industry is based on. People tend to be more attracted to their own race. I will spend much more time watching a girl group whose race is more similar to my own. It just feels more natural. Being mixed race, there is no one country where the girls are perfect for me, but Korea comes pretty close, hence I am mad about kpop. I think white American girls and black girls are quite ugly in general so I go less crazy about them.

    • Guest

      This is why you have “black music”, and “black communities” in America, because people naturally tend to have a greater affection for people of their own race. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Olivia

      I understand what you’re saying. Although i don’t have a spec of Asian in me, i love Kpop and Jpop and many other genres of asian music. Although i don’t like being generalized as ugly because of my race….

  • Lee James

    It makes perfect sense to me that America has little interest in Asian music acts.

    Putting aside the language issue, a big part of it is sexual attraction, which the music industry is based on. People tend to be more attracted to their own race. I will spend much more time watching a girl group whose race is more similar to my own. It just feels more natural. This is why you have “black music”, and whole “black communities” in America, because people tend to have a greater affection and/or attraction for people of their own race. Nothing wrong with that, it’s natural.

    For me, being mixed race, there is no one country where the girls are perfectly beautiful, but Korea comes pretty close, hence I am mad about kpop. I am not generally very keen on Japanese, white American, or black girls, and I have less interest in their music accordingly.

    • I know what you’re saying regarding sexual attraction, but I think a lot of that comes from ingrained racism, like Andi said before. I believe if the mainstream media had a more diverse range of races and beauty, then people in general would be more open minded. Blacks, Asians, and other races are often portrayed in a stereotypical way or treated as secondary to white people, so people grow up believing that because it’s ingrained into them.

      Personally I’m attracted to all races: hot is hot, right? Of course i have my preferences, but I’d never rule one out completely. White is actually one of the ones I’m LEAST attracted to. I’m white myself, so other white guys are just boring to me. I want something different.

      • Lee James

        I have never been to America so I don’t know what it’s like there. Here in the UK there is no sense of “ingrained racism” that I am aware of. I have never personally witnessed racism or seen any attitudes that non-whites are inferior in any way (I believe it goes on but is very rare). Yet Asian music is not promoted in the UK, (apart from Psy). So I really think it comes down to language and sexual attraction.

        You ask “Hot is hot, right?” Well, (this may be getting way off topic but I think it’s interesting to note) on a personal level Jaques I think you and I are probably quite different in terms of attitudes to sex. For me “hot” is NOT attractive. I really can’t stand sluttiness, obviousness, or sexual promiscuity. I would say about 50% of all music videos these days, I find quite horrible, and that figure is rising. People seem to want more and more perverted things. Abuse, disrespect and aggression. See, I don’t want an “exciting” girl, I am just attracted to natural, gentle, soft, feminine beauty. I want a loyal, sweet, submissive, humble wife who is 100% loving, respectful and dedicated to me, who will yield herself and her body completely to me and me alone. That is the ultimate definition of sexy. I have no desire for “hot”, for exotic thrills, for strange and sordid experiences. I’m not looking for what is “wrong” in bed, I am looking for a natural, lovely, loving relationship. I REALLY WANT something many people would call “boring”. To me, that is the most beautiful and satisfying kind of relationship. Just sharing my thoughts :)

  • KingBeaArthur

    Proph, you can take every seat available! BLUSH slay your faves from every corner of the globe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtdFYo8Mwe0 those vocals… yaaaaaayeeeewwwwwwww? Ew.

    I’m already loving FAKY! Definitely interested in what they’ll deliver in the future!

    • Josh Chinnery

      Those girls need to be arrested for assaulting my ears Y_Y

  • AlanaKang

    their name stands for: Five Ass Kicking Youngsters
    love it!!!

  • Trent Perry

    Wow! This may actually be the first JPop/KPop song that I actually love!!
    Pretty impressive.

  • Jeff

    is Blush still a thing?

  • Nicole Naeun



    Gay clubs across America will be begging these girls to perform for them. I’m in love!

  • RiEA

    What the hell is up with that title?? How the hell do they look like a Kpop group? Does Korea own the image and concept of girl groups!?! Its so pathetic that some ppl always bring in kpop for every dance/vocal group that isn’t from korea! Other countries have girl groups to u know! Its not just Korea! Ur just being ignorant with that kind of thought!

    • kotakoni

      I can cut my wrists with those edges.

    • rukia oyama

      exactly !!!
      korea don’t own this fashion or this style, it actually japanese fashion and music

  • starlightshimmers

    OKAY you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

    BLUSH is currently being managed by Quincy Jones. They haven’t released a full album yet.

  • Wolf McCoolio

    Sorry but this song is not as good as you all think it is. Although we can all sit around and say how amazing it is that a Jpop group is doing Europop style, then I ask is it really a Jpop group? If we actually compare this to current popular Europop music then it does not stand out, it is about as good as any other europop. There is nothing really Kpop about this group either, their style is, I think quite normal for a euro/Jpop group, if a little dated.
    All in all though it is good to see variety coming into Japanese music which has been the same for a very long time.

  • djcdjcx

    OK! First, Jpop doesn’t even look like kpop but kpop looks like like jpop cause kmusic stole then jmusic style and genre, so please stop with kpop groupie ‘s thoughts.
    I am not defending Japan but it’s obvious that korean stole everythings about music on that country but also US.
    Secondly, this group does not even sound like a euro group, for sure you never listened to euro group, jmusic have always been like that, maybe kpop have big influence on you ;;; Then I am sorry..
    Please stop judging cause it’s pathetic, Jmusic have it own style and genre, kmusic, it, doesn”t have it proper genre and style so they have to copy on white and japanese music to mix all and get kpop…

  • Shriya

    In my prespective, this is a very biased article. In korean bands girls or boys it is not diverse in nationality whereas in J-Pop bands like: Generations, Bananalemon, etc are all groups which have a diverse culture. The world is changing and so should your opinions.