Lady GaGa Don't Buy Applause

When I gave Lady Gaga’s “Applause” a shady but positive review, some of her fans told me it was the kiss of death. Apparently, every time I like a Gaga song, it flops: “Judas” flopped, “Marry The Night” FLOPPED, and now “Applause” is going to flop.

Billboard just released their latest first-week sales forecast for Katy Perry and the living Kunst, and “Roar” is currently on track to sell DOUBLE the downloads of “Applause.” According to BB, “Roar” will sell around 525-550k copies, while Gaga will do about half of that with about 200-225k. Additionally, Katy’s predicted sales have actually increased by 100k over the past few days, whereas Gaga’s have remained stagnant.

I love “Applause” and still can’t see myself getting into “Roar” in the near future, but these first-week sales are hardly a shock. “Roar” just sounds like the typical banal shit that gets flogged to death on radio and sells billions of copies, whereas “Applause” was never going to appeal to everyone: The vocal delivery is too left-field for the mainstream, nobody can relate to the lyrics, and the production is outdated for American radio right now. Not to mention that Gaga’s public image is awful at the moment, while Katy’s couldn’t be any better (not even the Sara Bareilles drama could hurt her).

“Applause” is already down to No. 7 on iTunes, so don’t be surprised if it keeps slipping while “Roar” remains at the top and becomes every bit as inescapable as any one of Teenage Dream hits.

Oh well. Gaga doesn’t care about record sales or commercial success, so this shouldn’t bother her at all. I’m sure she’ll enjoy sitting with Cyndi Lauper, Christina Aguilera, and Ke$ha at lunch from now on.