Lady Gaga Applause Music Video
I’d like to say that it’s sad and pathetic how all you non-fans and CRITICS are hating on Lady Gaga and her new career-ending flop, “Applause,” but it just means more Gaga for moi. While y’all jerk ya dicks to Katy Perry’s lifeless Sara Bareilles remix, I’m putting my hands up, making them touch, banging the gong, and worshipping Mother Monster inside the Electric Chapel of Artpop.

Stay pressed.

Fresh from dropping the best bop of the past week, the Kween of Kunsts has now followed up with the best music video since MKS released “Flatline” a few hours ago. Gaga gets her theatrical swag on in the clip and dresses up as all kinds of artsy shit on stage. That’s it, and it’s everything. She’s having fun, her face is pretty, her body is bodacious, her pussy is freshly shaved … she’s perfect, and so is this video.

Now that Gaga’s having social media meltdowns because everyone hates her guts after finally realizing what an unbearably pretentious twat she is (something I’ve been saying since The Fame, FYI), I’m starting to stan the fuck out of her. I no longer need to get frustrated at people taking her mindless mumbo jumbo seriously since nobody is now, leaving me free to love her without any boundaries or restrictions. It also helps that “Applause” is amazing, but it’s Stefani Germanotta’s slow transformation into Amanda Bynes part II that’s really sealed the deal for me.