Avril Lavigne 2013
While Miley Cyrus was able to successfully follow the likes of Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce to become this year’s post-VMAs thinkpiece, the real issue that everyone should be talking about is the suspicious absence of Avril Lavigne. The underground rock icon has a new single out and an album on the way, making her the perfect candidate to take the VMAs stage, but I guess the MTV powers that be felt that Avril was no longer VMA material after her indie singer-songwriter masterpiece, Goodbye Lullaby, flopped on mainstream music charts.

Never one to bite her tongue over anything, the outspoken musician addressed the snub of the century during an interview on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show yesterday.

Obviously you were at the VMAs thing, right?” asked Kyle after hearing that Queen Lavigne was calling in from New York.

No I wasn’t,” Avril responded flatly.

Why didn’t you go!?,” gasped a shocked Jackie in disbelief.

I didn’t go this year. I wasn’t performing, so, I didn’t go,” she said coolly as she tried to hide her frustration.

The interviewers then started quizzing an unimpressed Avril on twerking, to which she replied : “What exactly is it? It’s a dance? Like a sexy move?

See, while everyone else is jumping on the twerk trend and joining the #ratchetmovement, Avrilegend remains disinterested with trashy fads and continues to honour the art of ~Rock N Roll~ like the true artist that she is.

Speaking of ~Rock N Roll~, please go purchase Avril’s new single on iTunes now. It recently made history by entering the top thirty of the iTunes’ chart in just 24 hours, and is currently on its way to becoming the biggest rock hit of the year, so don’t be late to the party — buy now!