Jesse McCartney Back Together

This is really funny. While everyone has become incontinent from the sheer pandemonium of having new singles from both Katy Perry and Lady GaGa out at the same time, Jesse McCartney has blind-sided us all by making the best comeback of the bunch. His latest tune, “Back Together,” is definitely better than “Roar,” and at the very least, equal to “Applause” (but probably better).

While GaGa’s returned to the commercial dance-pop of The Fame and Katy’s giving us Teenage Dream 1.5, Jesse’s turned the clock right back to the early ’80s. The snappy disco-funk of “Back Together” is pure Prince and Michael Jackson, while the falsetto and shiny bits of bubblegum are straight out of the Timberlake playbook.¬†Jesse first started playing around with funk on 2006’s spectacular “Right Where You Want Me,” so it’s nice to see him fully embracing it all these years later. It also helps that the sound is back in fashion now, but Jesse’s execution is so perfect that it doesn’t sound like trend-hopping one bit.

Also, props to Jesse for the song’s anecdotal lyrics, which are a total knock-out. The first few lines are especially great: “Lipstick on my cigarette / how you used to hog the bed / the little shit that I can’t forget.

Amazing. J-Mac has slayed the almighty pop divas, and he probably wasn’t even trying to.