Amiaya Star Line PV
In America you have reality TV stars and Disney actresses trying to start pop careers, but lately in Japan, it’s the style icons that have been moving into music. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Mademoiselle Yulia are two of the most prominent fashionistas to do so, but now some fresh meat has hit the scene in the form of sister act, AMIAYA.

AMIAYA first came to attention as teenager tastemakers hanging out in the Harajuku district of Japan. They parleyed that into a modelling career and quickly became sought-after socialites, then creative directors for the trendy Japanese label, jouetie, and then DJs after that. This past January, at the age of 23, they finally made the leap into full J-pop territory by releasing their first EP, Tokyo Pop. According to an interview they gave to MTV, “Tokyo Pop” is the name they’ve given their fashion-infused musical movement, which they’re hoping will reinvent J-pop and return it to the same relevancy that it experienced during its peak.

Earlier this month, the girls released an amazing double A-side single called “Star Line” / “DIO.” On the twinkly “Star Line,” the pair slur in high-pitched voices over the top of palpitating euro-dance beats. They sound somewhere in the middle being bored and being wasted: a sentiment that’s echoed in the video as they aimlessly wave blurry nightsticks around against a backdrop of the night sky. Both musically and visually, you get the sense that they’ve just eaten a few shrooms and are off tripping out in their own magical little world.

The electronic dance-rock of “DIO” is a lot darker, containing a real sense of urgency and a vocal delivery from AMIAYA that conveys some genuine emotion. The hazy music video is a performance art piece that sees the pair reaching for one another while surrounded by broken mannequins that spring to life during the chorus. It’s the kind of visual that makes you wish you could understand what they were singing about to really understand the entire concept.

Check it all out, below!