MKS Scala 2013

Mutya Keisha Siobhan got wind of Jade Ewen’s recent comments about wanting a joint Sugababes tour featuring all the members together. Here’s what they had to say.

Mutya: “That’s frigging hilarious, as it would never happen. Just no.”

And here’s what they think about Sugababes finally flatlining and calling it quits.

Keisha: “Honestly, we don’t care.”

And here’s what Siobhan thinks about the whole thing.


Siobhan said nothing because she’s a classy regal queen who leaves the shade to her bandmates.

Keisha Buchanan Boobs

[Daily Star via @Elderbatty)

  • ICONI3

    How well is their new single doing?

    • It’s not even out yet -_- Think they’re doing a lot of pre-promo so once it finally drops it goes No. 1

      • Patricia M.

        Can you do a review on I Got It by Ashanti? I’m getting some serious Tinashe vibes from that song. Ashanti never vocalizes like that.

    • #tag

      Its not gonna be give away for free like the sugbabes last single was thats for sure…

  • misterpolo


    • Jimmy Steele

      “I don’t wanna feel like I’m Heidi” – amazing.

    • T.


  • Abraxas


  • syhrn

    Keisha’s boobs tho

    • Luke

      *Boob job

  • Lee James

    I love MKS, and it may well be the case that they are a far superior group to Sugababes. But I don’t see the need for all this sourness and disrespect they have towards Heidi, Amelle and Jade. If you quit your job in a company, don’t complain that your replacement isn’t as good as you. YOU put them there.

    • misterpolo

      Keisha didn’t quit, she was kicked out. Also, if you can’t handle sourness and disrespect, you should probably never visit the comments section on the internet

      • Lee James

        Oh! Yes, sorry I totally forgot Keisha was kicked out. That makes things a little different, though there are obviously two sides to that story which, if I recall, Heidi and Amelle were gracious enough not to talk about. The problem is not that I can’t “handle” sourness and disrespect. I live in a world full of it! I’m just saying I like MKS and would respect them even more if they had a good and gracious attitude, or just tried to keep their personal spite to themselves for the sake of being professional. In any case, I like MKS…AND Sugababes. I think all 6 of those girls are great, regardless of the fighting.

        • Luke

          “Keeping the legacy burning” < I think you mean burning the legacy…

          • Lee James

            :D If it’s still burning then there’s still something left!

    • Luke

      It’s not a company though it’s a band… I don’t mind Heidi staying because even though she’s not an original to me she is a Sugababe BUT it’s the fact that since Mutya left the music / image just morphed into everything generic that the Sugababes were ever against and once Keisha left it was OVER… Sweet 7 was trash (minus “About a girl”)…

  • Gonçalo Fernandes


  • Guest

    And there you have it, Jade. Let MKS’ response, set you free.

    * Sings: “Free-ee-ee-ee-ee-DUM-DUM-DUM-DUM!” *

  • Mel

    And there you have it, Jade. Let MKS’ response, set you free.

    * Sings: “Free-ee-ee-ee-ee-DUM-DUM-DUM-DUMB!” *

  • Bluebeat

    Jade, sweety, just let the Sugababes fade away already and just continue with your solo career. Let’s not forgot that you’re the UK’s current record breaker at the Eurovision for reaching 5th place (since all their song entries so far have been garbage). If I were you I’d be taking advantage of that.

  • kom’ron

    Saw them perform Flatline on saturday. Absolutely SLAYED me.

  • Lee James

    OK, I have written a Music Video Treatment for the new single “Flatline”. Frankly I don’t think anyone could do better than this:

    The camera slowly tracks past each of the three girls, each singing separately, in close up, with a plain white background. That’s it.

    You remember that video for Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again? They should just rip that off. Plagiarism overload!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Aww Jade. Just go with dignity, baby girl.

  • Luke

    LOL love these girls… and I love that they all have their own personalities and that Siobhan is so classy.