mademoiselle yulia harajuku wander music video
You don’t understand how badly I was looking forward to hardcore stanning for Mademoiselle Yulia’s Whatever Harajuku era. As a style icon, she’s absolutely everything and more, and her 2011 debut, Mademoworld, proved that she can work just as well as a pop star, too.

Sadly, her new single, “Harajuku Wander,” is not the J-pop knockout that it should be. The punk-infused dance-pop of the excellent “Gimme Gimme” is out the window, and in its place is decidedly bland electro. It’s not bad, but it is average for a lead single, and average is not a word that should ever be used to describe one of Japan’s fiercest fashionistas. Where’s the edge and originality of Mademoworld gone?

Yulia kind of makes up for it with the music video, though. It’s fairly low budget, but the candy-coated Harajuku fashion on display is mind-bogglingly amazing. Yulia’s basically the Japanese Rihanna, as in that even when the music isn’t up to par, the visuals are never anything less than an 11/10. (For a more in-depth look at the video, check out the HQ promo photos from the set over at Tokyo Dandy.)

Also out now is an audio preview of the Whatever Harajuku album, which officially hits stores on September 18. It’s obvious that Yulia’s been spending way too much time with Jeremy Scott and the whole YG crew, but the album still sounds like it’s hiding a few gems amid all the electro babble.

Check it all out, below.