Nelly Get Like Me

What’s the deal with all these dusty pop flops from the early-to-mid 2000s suddenly becoming relevant again? Annie and Richard X are both back in business, Ciara’s charting again, the original Sugababes have reunited, and Pharell Williams is producing No. 1 hits again. The nostalgia is crazy, y’all.

The latest blast from the past is Nelly, who’s been back on the rise ever since releasing the radio-friendly crack known as “Hey Porsche” earlier this year. Now he’s teamed up with Pharrell for his second single, “Get Like Me,” which follows the same swaggy sparse production as Pharrell’s Robin Thicke mega-hit, “Blurred Lines.” It’s also got booty bongos, too.

Nicki Minaj –who’s a flawless feature creature despite being a crappy solo artist– guest stars to drag “Get Like Me” into 2013 while Pharrell name-drops “Flap Your Wings” and Nelly tries to convince us that he’s been making “250 errday” touring overseas (250 bucks, maybe).

I’m not throwing shade, though. I love me some Nelly and Pharrell, and stan for Nicki when she’s not a lead artist.

Check it out.