F-ve Dolls Performances

F-ve Dolls comeback single, “Soulmate #1,” is perfect pop if you’re still into hearing recycled versions of “Roly Poly” (and really, who isn’t?), but the accompanying music video is total rubbish. I already mentioned how inaccurate and unoriginal it is in my initial post on the disco throwback, but I didn’t cover the cheap Windows Movie Maker special effects or the complete and utter lack of charisma from all six of the F-ve Dolls because I was too busy raving about my love for the song.

Anyway, it looks like I spoke too soon when crowning F-ve Dolls the new Gangkiz, because the girls have actually been slaying their comeback stages like you wouldn’t believe. I know, I was shocked too, but these “Soulmate #1” performances really are everything. And the Dolls are fucking cute, too! (Yes, even Eunkyo.)

The choreography they’ve cooked up for this is one of the few routines that covers a variety of concepts. It’s cute and aegyo-ish, it’s fun and upbeat, and it’s even sexy in parts. When the Dolls take their jackets off and incorporate them into the choreography, it’s a wrap!

I hate to say this, but T-ara could neh-vah.

F-ve Kweens need to yank the “Soulmate #1” MV off Youtube and replace it with a dance version, ASAP.